Healthy Fundraising Ideas

Healthy fundraisers are especially empowering because they manage to do good in multiple ways at once. Raise money for your cause while also encouraging healthy living by holding an event that encourages people to take care of themselves.

Gaining Momentum

By holding a healthy fundraiser, you promote a more active lifestyle in your community, and your events may lead people to make more nutritious choices for themselves and their families. Wholesome food, exercise and overall well-being are great themes to incorporate and build upon during your campaign. The President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition recently released the following facts about the health crisis in the U.S. 

  • Overweight adolescents face a 70 percent chance of becoming overweight or obese adults.
  • 6.5 million Americans living in food deserts (areas more than one mile away from a supermarket) are children.
  • By 2018, obesity is expected to account for 21 percent of total U.S. health care costs—$344 billion annually.

Six Wholesome and Healthy Fundraising Ideas

  1. Cookbook Fundraisers

    Ask members of a community to contribute a healthy family recipe or one of their own personal specialties, and compile the entries into book form. These popular items provide a great opportunity to inform readers of healthy cooking options and encourage the use of sustainable ingredients. Consider inviting guest writers such as local chefs to contribute as well, and use their name to gain publicity. Publicize the book on your crowdfunding page, and ask for a suggested donation in exchange for a copy.

  2. Fruit Sales

    This is a particularly simple healthy fundraising idea, and it can be an especially positive switch for schools used to holding cookie dough or bake sales to raise funds. Instead of spending hours making unhealthy snacks, simply pick up some healthy fruit from a market. Or put together fruit salad to sell as a lunch item. Post about your fruit sale on your campaign page and have a laptop with your campaign page up at the sale so people can donate to your cause.

  3. Sports Events or Tournaments

    What better way to encourage a healthy lifestyle than by holding an event in which people have to get outside and work out? These can also be great community builders, even for the less athletically inclined. Ask fans for a donation via your online campaign page to watch the game, and ask players to look for potential donors who would be willing to pledge a sum based on points scored. Whether it's a soccer tournament, a flag football game or a field game such as capture the flag, try to hold multiple matches so that all genders and ages can compete.

  4. Plant Sales

    Improve the health of Mother Earth as well as the air quality of your neighborhood by selling indoor and outdoor potted plants, trees, and seeds or bulbs. It's just one of the ways to crowdfund for climate changeat the local level. Consider taking a poll before your sale kicks off to find out which flower and plant varieties are most attractive to potential customers. Publicize the event on your campaign page and through social media, and ask for payment in the form of a contribution to your online campaign.

  5. Active Adventures

    Get active outdoors while also raising money for your campaign via events like a 5-kilometer or 10-kilometer run, a long-distance bicycle ride, a hiking trip or a walk-a-thon. You can have participants make a donation to your campaign page for entrance to the event, and encourage them to collect pledges from their community for every mile completed. Following the event, those who pledged can make donations to your online fundraiser.

  6. First Aid Kits

    In exchange for donations of a certain amount on your campaign page, offer to provide first aid kits. They come in all shapes and sizes, and even if a family already keeps one at home, remind them that a kit in their glove compartment can prove vital in the case of emergency. Contact offices in your neighborhood, and ask them if their first aid supplies need expanding or replacing. This campaign can be especially successful when marketed to parents who want to ensure their kids' preparedness.

Take the First Step

Healthy fundraising events are among the many unique ideas to enliven crowdfunding campaigns. Ready to incorporate some healthy choices that are sure to benefit and persuade potential donors? If you haven't already kicked off your campaign for a great cause, create one today!