Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

Being part of a fraternity is expensive! While there are many large fraternities that don’t have issues when it comes to bringing in donations, there are smaller fraternities that don’t have these funds available and must resort to crowdfunding to help cover the costs of their yearly activities. Some of the things your fraternity may need to raise funds for include annual membership fees (usually several hundred dollars), fraternity lettered clothing, social events, frat parties, and the costs associated with the pledging process. So why not make things fast and simple by creating a free online fundraiser to coincide with your fraternity fundraising events?

Making A Plan

Start the fundraising process by getting your frat brothers together to sit down and determine what your group can afford to spend on setting up activities, and what kind of resources you have readily available. We also suggest setting up a fundraising committee within your group to find out everyone’s abilities and see who would best fit into different roles for your campaign such as promoting, organizing, advertising, decorating, and so on. You’ll find there are numerous advantages of online fundraising.

  • Your fraternity can easily collect donations online which will be directly to a linked and deposited to a bank account rather than the hassle of depositing checks and cash.
  • An online campaign is far more organized than a traditional fundraiser with your ability to have photos, videos, funds, and your story all in one place.
  • Promote your fundraiser across social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter to your network of fraternities, family, and friends.

Five Great Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

  1. Golf Tournament

    Organize a fraternity golf tournament with a set donation amount to be made to your online fundraiser in order to play. Guys always love playing golf as it is, so this is a great way to get out in the community for a good cause and to hone up on those golfing skills. Add additional ideas to gain donations, such as on-the-course contests or asking local businesses to sponsor a player for a donation.

  2. Shirtless or Dress Up Car Wash

    Car washes are one of the most common and popular types of fundraisers as we all know. Rather than the traditional car wash fundraiser, why not shake things up a bit and have a bunch of shirtless frat guys out washing cars for donations? If that isn’t an option, then have everyone dress up in pink instead so you can have fun and get a good laugh. You can collect donations to your online fundraiser for the purchase of a car wash.

  3. Sports Tournament

    A fraternity sports event would be a fun way to rally your community and faculty members to play for a great cause. Set up basketball, baseball, soccer or football teams and then ask participants to make donations to your online campaign for their spot to play. You can also sell admission to the event as donations to your online campaign, and be sure to set up a small concession stand at the event for donations as well. You can also ask non-participants to sponsor a team and make a donation for a certain amount should their team win. 

  4. Alumni Night

    Host an alumni night fundraiser at your fraternity, complete with a musician, preferably a fraternity member. Many alumni will want to show their love and support for the fraternity that they were a member of during college years. This also allows alumni to meet up with members from their past and with current members, and get an update on current initiatives of the fraternity. Ask everyone who would like to attend to make a donation to your online campaign, and include drinks, appetizers and speeches or story-telling sessions as part of the event.

  5. Designated Driver

    A fraternity designated driver fundraiser would be a great way to raise donations and help save a brother's life at the same time. Ask several of your fraternity members to volunteer for a night of driving other students who attend your college home from local bars and restaurants. Ask that donations of a set amount be made to your online fundraiser for the cost of the ride. This will help promote safety at your school, and would e a great recurring fundraiser to have several times per month.

Lead the Charge

Of course there are plenty of other fun fraternity fundraising ideas that work well for raising money fast, but hopefully these ideas will help give you a nice start. If you haven't already started your free fundraising campaign, create one now and start raising money for your group.