Environmental Charities

Our planet is awe-inspiring in its abilities. Mother earth has sustained the life of plants and animals for millions of years. Yet today it has become evident that human beings are large contributors to environmental changes. In fact, half of the world’s tropical and temperate forests are gone due to deforestation. However, as more and more people begin to nurture the environment’s needs there are more signs of positive change. There are a number of noteworthy environmental charities that are making big strides towards preserving and protecting our environment with the ultimate goal of keeping mother earth healthy for future generations.

Helping the Planet Thrive

If you’re itching to help out mother earth then consider utilizing the crowdfunding model. With your passion to help the environment coupled with crowdfunding’s ability to reach expansive networks of potential donors, your campaign could have the potential to make a big difference. Recent findings regarding environmental changes speak to the environment’s need for help.

  • A study found that by 2100 the Persian Gulf will be unlivable for humans due to extremely high temperatures.
  • It is predicated that as temperatures continue to warm, the dead zones lining coastal regions will increase in size and number.
  • According to National Geographic, environmental changes are harming animal populations, most notably polar bears, frogs, and coral reefs.

Eight Great Charities Dedicated to the Environment

  1. Living Lands & Waters

    What started as one man cleaning up the Mississippi in 1998 has grown into a notable nonprofit that spends nine months of each year traveling and living on a barge to host river cleanups, watershed conservation initiates and other conservation efforts. In their first year the crew removed 400,000 pounds of garbage along the Mississippi. Throughout the years they expanded their efforts to other rivers, and their current goal is to remove one million pounds of garbage from the Ohio River.

  2. Union of Concerned Scientists

    This environmental charity aims to gather scientific research in order to help solve environmental and social issues. This collaboration of over 17,000 scientists across the globe produces research on the world’s most pressing problems in order to help establish successful solutions. In using scientific facts to guide their conclusions, they aim to combat global warming by helping forge sustainable ways to live.

  3. WildAid

    WildAid takes on the mission to put an end to the illegal trade of wildlife. The first step to fulfilling this goal is to decrease the demand for products like elephant ivory and rhino horn by persuading consumers to stop buying them. With an impressive portfolio of celebrity ambassadors this nonprofit is gaining momentum with their message reaching about one billion people every week.

  4. Greenpeace Fund

    Through research and educational programs the Greenpeace Fund focuses on establishing more widespread public awareness and understanding of environmental issues. They believe that technology can advance with the environment to create renewable and sustainable ways for the human population to live. Since 1971, the Greenpeace Fund has tirelessly worked towards developing solutions for the future.

  5. Beyond Pesticides

    Beyond Pesticide’s mission is to eliminate the use of toxic pesticides on our earth. In providing information to the public about pesticides and potential alternatives, Beyond Pesticides hopes that people will begin to protect themselves and the environment from the harmful effects attributed to the use of pesticides. They aim to spark a movement in local communities to rethink pesticide use in order to protect future generation’s air, land, water and food.

  6. Coral Reef Alliance

    The lives of coral reefs are being threatened due to human intervention like overfishing and bad water quality, and it is becoming more apparent that coral reefs may be losing their resilience as a result of the stress. To combat these threats the Coral Reed Alliance partners with communities living nearest to the reefs and works towards improving reef management, ensuring sustainable tourism and promoting awareness.

  7. EarthJustice

    This environmental nonprofit uses the law to its advantage. As The United States largest nonprofit environmental law organization, EarthJustice has years of experience fighting for the environment to create lasting and positive changes. By holding those who break environmental laws accountable this charity aids in preserving the wild and promoting healthy communities and a healthy climate.

  8. Natural Resources Defense Council

    This environmental action group unites over 2 million members of scientists, lawyers and other activists to protect our environment from pollution and corporate greed. Since 1970 the Natural Resources Defense Council had made strides towards creating clean energy sources, preventing pollution, protecting wildlife and oceans and providing safe water.

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