Elementary School Fundraising

While many elementary school fundraisers focus on meeting the school's financial needs, for school districts with ample funding, consider using a crowdfunding campaign to give back instead. Launching a charitable crowdfunding campaign can provide amazing opportunities for children's' personal growth by fostering a sense of compassion, giving them responsibility for a project, and requiring creativity for success. Teachers can also use them as opportunities to encourage behaviors that advance students' engagement with current curriculum and empower kids to show compassion both within and outside the classroom.

Teach Children to Be Compassionate

The sooner kids are exposed to online resources for doing good, the faster they become comfortable with the rapidly shifting mediums of communication and marketing. By starting a crowdfunding campaign with your children or students, you equip them with talents that will benefit them down the road, while promoting values that will positively shape the future of our society.

  • Fundraisers that benefit children are among the most talked-about on social media, reports Nonprofit Tech For Good.
  • According to a survey cited by AFRDS, 71 percent of U.S. parents said their children sold at least one product in the last year for a fundraising campaign.
  • The Center For Public Education reported that 65 percent of parents surveyed said they participate in school fundraising.

Six Great Ideas for Elementary School Fundraising

  1. Fundraise for Endangered Animals

    If your child is an animal lover, encourage that appreciation for wildlife by helping set up a crowdfunding campaign to benefit the preservation of a native species or a natural habitat. Local organizations or the World Wildlife Organization might be appropriate recipients. Ask your city zoo or a nearby school if it's willing to offer its facilities for a fundraising event. If your child is studying endangered species in school, consider working with teachers to get a class-wide effort going. When children take a hands-on role in fundraising for a cause close their hearts, they gain leadership qualities, teamwork experience, and a sense of social responsibility.

  2. Support Worthy Causes the Class Chooses

    Teachers who want to encourage empathy in students may consider making a crowdfunding campaign with their class. It can be a great educational experience for students who are willing to take on an active role by selling homemade goods or crafts, and it helps open kids' eyes to social inequities that are often shielded from them. Consider partnering up with a “sister school” that needs help paying for school supplies or other necessities. Or raise money for a nearby children's hospital and have kids make cards and collect toys for their sick peers. Encourage pupils to use their critical thinking skills and creativity to come up with a fundraising strategy.

  3. Hold a Mock Game Show Night

    Hold a fundraiser in your auditorium, and invite parents or families to participate in a quiz-like game show contest in which they form teams and make a donation to compete. Ask a local business to donate the top prize and an outgoing staff member to MC. Set up a trivia competition like Jeopardy!, but with a twist: focus on information that relates to your school or town history, and provide breaks in the competition for snacks and socializing. Have a station where guests can make a suggested donation, and publicize the event on social media. This is a great opportunity for teachers and parents to work together to give back!

  4. Host a Recycling-Themed Fundraiser

    Organize a waste reduction project with your son or daughter! Raise money for a worthy cause, and encourage kids to start making sustainable choices early. This could entail an e-waste drive in which supporters donate money to your crowdfunding campaign, and in return, you pick up and safely recycle their electronic waste. Other options include collecting pledges for the distance covered in a park or beach clean or for the amount of energy or water saved within a certain time frame. For double the impact, donate the funds to an organization that works to address the effects of climate change.

  5. Host a Performances for Charity Night

    By holding a “coffee house” event, you encourage kids to put themselves out there and express themselves creatively. Use the night of musical performances to celebrate the talents of your students, and invite the school choir to perform as well. Sell snacks and drinks, and ask for a donations from non-student members of the audience. You can also expand this fundraising idea to apply to a formal talent show, raising money for your crowdfunding campaign through ticket sales.

  6. Organize a Read-A-Thon 

    Ask your class to gather pledges in a “read-a-thon” fundraising event; for every page read, sponsors agree to donate a certain amount of money to the class's crowdfunding campaign. This a great way to encourage your students to read while also raising money for a cause! Have them record the number of pages they've read, as well as the names of the books and a short synopsis of each. This exercise will help improve their reading comprehension. You can even collect some of their summaries and post them online! Set a goal number of pages at the outset, and at the end of your campaign, donate the funds to an organization that promotes child literacy!

The Road to a Better World

Children are the future, and by instilling in them an appreciation for the greater good and being compassionate, we help fund hope for a better tomorrow for people, animals and communities around the world. If you haven't already started a fundraiser with your children or students, get together with them, pick a cause they're passionate about and start giving back by launching a fundraiser today

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