Fundraising Ideas for Community Projects

Community-based fundraising is a fantastic way to rally your neighbors and community and get them working together for a great cause. It can be difficult to fund community projects without the help of large grants, so turning to online crowdfunding provides a simple and effective way to raise funds for these plans. Fundraising for your community also provides opportunity for creativity, fun, and collaboration, with many possibilities to enrich your neighborhood. When you ask neighbors to participate in fundraising for the community, you’re asking them to contribute to something that will benefit them directly. The more community members you involve in your fundraiser, the more successful your current and future projects will be.

Organize Ongoing Campaigns

Come together as a community to figure out your fundraising projects and goals, and then organize and create several ongoing YouCaring fundraisers to best meet the needs of your community as they arise. There are many reasons to fundraise for community projects, such as harvesting a community garden, building a new playground at a local park, helping a neighbor who is struggling with financial difficulties and updating your community center. You can also reach out to local businesses, corporations, or even government agencies for contributions and additional community support.

  • Community projects will help to create awareness about important matters and specific needs within your community.
  • Developing important and lasting relationships between neighbors and members of the community when they come together.
  • Building a credible presence locally and creating trust will gain greater community involvement in future events.

Six Great Community Fundraising Ideas

  1. Create and Share Your Online Campaign

    Create your online campaign to start raising funds for your community project. Be sure to tell a compelling story detailing why you are raising funds, what they will be applied toward, and how this project is going to directly benefit your community. Once complete, you can now easily share your online fundraiser to Facebook, Twitter, and via email to quickly spread the word and promote your campaign.

  2. Offline Fundraising Events

    Hosting offline fundraising events such as car washes, bake sale and benefit dinners will help you earn donations and also assist you with raising awareness for your campaign. Successful events will require some planning and a lot of organization, and several people who are committed to helping you put these events together. You can tie in the offline events with your online fundraiser by asking that donations for your events be made directly to the campaign.

  3. Donation Matching

    Reach out to local businesses within your community to see if they would be willing to participate in a program where they will match contributions made to your fundraiser. Donation matching is often dollar-for-dollar, but some companies may be willing to give double or even triple the original donation! This will help you to maximize the amount of donations you can receive as well as get your project noticed by local businesses and members of your community.

  4. Sponsored Events

    Sponsored events such as walkathons, runs or bike rides are very popular and successful methods of fundraising. Organize the event on a weekend when most people are available, and encourage everyone in the community to participate in the event as well. Pass out promotional materials such as flyers to raise awareness, and ask that donations from your sponsors be made directly to your online campaign. Be sure to spread the word about the success of the event by adding an update on your fundraiser!

  5. Community Auction

    Organize an auction to take place at your local community center and ask local businesses (or any willing community members) if they are able to donate "gifts" to be auctioned off for donations toward your project or cause. You can then auction off these gifts at the event for certain amounts, and request that all of the payments from the winners are made directly to your fundraiser. Be sure to ask your city council if they will promote the auction on their homepage to raise additional support.

  6. School Fundraising

    Involving students in your fundraising project is not only about their ability to raise donations, but will also help them to develop an understanding for your cause and involve their families and the wider community as well. With the school's permission, put together some educational material about your project to pass out to students at local schools and ask them to help collect donations from family, friends and neighbors. Ask if the schools would also be willing to have a "donation jar" in their front offices if anyone would like to make a contribution.

Kick-Start a Community Project

Now that you’re equipped with several great ideas and the YouCaring fundraising platform to support you, get out there and start making an impact on your community today so you can help build a brighter tomorrow! Start your free YouCaring fundraiser and being raising funds.