Crowdfunding for Climate Change

Evidence of climate change is all around us. From rising sea levels to increasing temperatures, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, ocean acidification and glacial retreats, the environmental impact of climate change is becoming devastating. Observable effects include ice melting faster, animal habitats shifting, an influx of intense heat waves, extreme droughts and massive floods, ultimately compromising our environment and ecosystems. Most scientists have come to the consensus that climate change is the result of human activity altering the earth’s natural atmospheric greenhouse. Our modern culture relies upon industrial activities that unfortunately produce unwanted greenhouse gasses. As reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, these human activities have raised carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere in the last 150 years from 280 parts per million to 379 parts per million.

From Homegrown to Global

As humans we are all guilty of contributing to greenhouse gas emissions in our environment. However, as humans we also have an unparalleled desire to help. There are various ways to cut back on your personal carbon footprint such as composting or investing in renewable energy sources like solar power, but there is also a way for you to get involved on a greater scale: crowdfunding for climate change. Creating an online fundraising campaign for environmentally sustainable projects or nonprofits devoted to saving the environment is a step in the direction of global change. 

  • NASA confirms that increased global temperatures are causing oceans to warm, resulting in the land ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica to lose metric tons in mass each year.
  • According to the World Health Organization, climate change possess risks for clean air and food and water supplies, especially in developing countries.
  • People are becoming more conscious of where they get their energy. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that by 2040, 25 percent of the world's electricity be from renewable sources.

Six great climate change campaign ideas

  1. Help Regions Hit The Hardest

    Climate change is a global phenomenon that no one is immune to, however developing countries will experience more significant devastation. Any recent progress in battling poverty, disease and hunger will be hindered by increased changes to our environment, causing disasters such as floods, droughts, wildfires and waves of extreme temperatures. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, in the years 2000 to 2009 the world experienced three times as many climate-related disasters than the 10 previous years. You can help by launching a crowdfunding campaign to aid a nonprofit in its efforts to rebuild areas struck by climate-related disasters.

  2. Amplify Your Ambitions

    If you have big aspirations, crowdfunding is the perfect way to get others to back them. Create a fundraiser with the goal of establishing a fully sustainable nonprofit geared toward helping to reduce climate change. Your nonprofit can start by organizing projects to maintain our natural ecosystems. One area to address is the burning of fossil fuels to create energy, which is emitting such high levels of greenhouse gases that it's damaging our environment. With programs and projects focused on preservation and sustainability, your nonprofit will help bring the planet one step closer to a healthier state.

  3. Protect Local Environments

    Take the initiative to set a good example for your community while simultaneously beautifying your neighborhood through a community project fundraiser. Raise money for supplies to clean up a river or lake, for example, in an effort to restore and protect the health of local bodies of water. Climate change is affecting both the quality and quantity of water everywhere and maintaining the natural state of our local habitats is crucial for wildlife that depends on clean water to survive. Rallying your community around a cause like climate change is feasible through crowdfunding. Individuals can offer to volunteer their time, donate money or both.

  4. Create Happy Campers

    Teachers can create a fundraiser to give their class the opportunity to experience science camp as a way to learn about sustainable energy. Current renewable energy sources include hydropower, biomass wood, wind, biomass biofuels, and geothermal and solar power, but not many people understand how these sources create energy in a way where it can replenish itself faster than it is consumed. Children are the future, so teaching them about renewable energy sources at a young age will ensure that the next generation will advocate for widespread use of sustainable energy sources instead of those that damage our atmosphere.

  5. Get Moving 

    There are simple steps to help lessen your carbon footprint and luckily most of them will save you money and improve your health. Using alternatives to driving, eating locally and recycling are just a few examples. If your enthusiasm runs deep, then help spread awareness for ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Have sponsors fund your effort to bike across an expansive area such as a long stretch of coastline to raise both awareness for climate change and funds for your favorite environmental charity. According to a study done by Transportation Alternatives, if 5 percent of New Yorkers switched from driving to biking to work then they would save 150 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Lead by example in your active efforts to combat climate change.

  6. Inspire Change Through Art

    Documentaries can be empowering for individuals looking to create a legacy of change. Raise funds to create a documentary that educates others on how to conserve energy and implement sustainable energy practices at home, work, school or everywhere else. Spark a social movement through your art, your story telling and your compassion about the devastating effects of climate change. Engaging documentaries can be sources of motivation for individuals looking to get involved in a monumental cause, leading to widespread global changes. 

Lead the Charge

Whether you utilize one of our ideas or brainstorm one of your own, anyone has the ability to assist in saving our planet by creating a campaign on YouCaring. Showcase your compassion for climate change by launching a fundraiser today.