Church Fundraising Ideas

Churches often have new and ongoing projects in the works which can only continue with the funds to support them, and many of these faith-based organizations strongly rely on donations from their members to help cover the costs. It might be a youth group that is trying to raise money for a field trip or summer camp, a new addition or renovations to the church building, or assisting with funds to send a family to another country for a mission trip - churches will always need unique and creative ways to raise donations.

Church Fundraising Ideas

Why fundraise for your church online?

When it comes to crowdfunding, today's technology makes it fast and easy to create a fundraiser online, spread the word and promote your campaign through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and email. The ability to easily accept donations online, directly into a bank account, is also more organized and streamlined as opposed to the traditional ways that churches collect funds via cash and check donations. There are three additional advantages to fundraising online.

  • YouCaring’s fundraising platform is 100% free and will not take a penny from your church’s donations.
  • Our Customer Relations team is available seven days a week to answer questions and provide support for your campaign’s success.
  • You can hold offline fundraising events and then integrate it with your online fundraiser to collect the donations.

Five Great Church Fundraising Ideas

  1. Apparel Fundraiser

    Apparel Fundraiser

    Creating custom t-shirts or sweatshirts. with your church’s name or logo on them is a great way to get your community and church members involved in your campaign. You can use your online fundraiser to post pictures of the items available to support your cause and then sell them as specific donation amounts through your fundraising page. Since these custom designs will be specifically for your fundraiser, we also suggest adding your fundraiser URL to the design to direct so that it will be a walking promotion for your campaign.

  2. Church Golf Tournament

    Church Golf Tournament

    Organize a fundraising golf tournament with your local golf course and then invite church members, friends and family, and local businesses to come play for your cause. This is a great way to raise awareness for your campaign and bring members of the church and community together to talk about what you are raising funds for, as this shows transparency and helps build trust with your donors. You can set a specific donation amount for the admission fee and then participants can make their donations to your online fundraiser.

  3. Choir Performance

    Choir Performance

    If your church has a choir, ask them to put on a special performance to benefit your church’s fundraiser. You can hold the concert at your church, local school, or a local community center and then create flyers to pass out as well. Post an announcement on your church’s bulletin board and be sure to promote it on your fundraiser as well, along with the set donations you will be requiring for admission to the performance.

  4. Charity Breakfast

    Charity Breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So why not organize a delicious breakfast to raise donations for your fundraiser? Have your church’s youth group put together a breakfast menu, and then ask church members who can volunteer to help cook and bring items from the store. Hold the breakfast at your church and invite members, family members, friends, etc and ask that tickets be purchased through your online fundraiser for a set donation amount.

  5. Bike-A-Thon


    Encourage members of your church to get involved in a Bike-a-thon fundraiser. Post flyers at your church and community center, advertise on your church’s website, and promote it through social media channels through your fundraising page. Coordinate the event a few weeks in advance so that everyone interested will have ample time to plan and attend, and then ask donors to make pledges to support a certain bike rider in the event by making a donation to your fundraiser.

Start Raising Funds Today

By utilizing one or more of our church fundraising ideas or coming up with your own great strategies, you can run a successful and rewarding campaign on YouCaring for your church or organization. If you haven't already creating your campaign, launch one for your church or mission trip today.