Cheerleading Fundraiser

Cheerleading is an expensive activity; members of competitive squads can easily wind up spending thousands per year. From uniforms to practice and warm-up clothes to tumbling classes to registration and travel expenses, costs for competitive cheerleaders can limit some athletes ability to compete. And even school cheerleading teams are rarely free for participants. More expensive than many other school sports, OmniCheer estimates that joining a high school cheerleading team costs a new member $700 to $1,000. Many schools don't cover incidental expenses, and some actually charge a fee in addition to the costs of uniforms and other necessities.

Cheerleaders benefit the school community

Despite the financial commitment that cheerleading often requires, cheerleaders have an important influence on the school's culture and inject positive energy into their environment. These teams encourage school spirit and support athletes, and yet they often don't get support financial support for their own endeavors. By launching a crowdfunding campaign for your squad, you can ask your community to give back and show their appreciation for all that you do.
  • Active Marketing Group reports that cheerleading has one of the highest rates of frequent participation among sports.
  • They also estimate that 83 percent of cheerleaders carry at least a “B” average and are leaders of student organizations.
  • 3.7 million young people in the U.S. participate in cheer, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Seven Great Ideas for Cheerleader Fundraisers

  1. Sell School Merchandise

    Talk to school administrators about selling t-shirts, mugs, mini pompoms, or other spirit items in school colors as part of your fundraiser. Look into screen printing options in your city; by designing a logo or message yourself and buying the plain tee shirts en mass on your own, you can save a lot of money on production. Students or supporters can purchase an item by donating a predetermined amount to your crowdfunding campaign and describing their chosen product in the comments section. Ask your community to show its spirit by sporting your school colors and supporting their rally squad!
  2. Hold a Camp for Elementary or Middle School Students

    Organize a cheerleading clinic run by members of your squad for elementary or middle school students. This can be a great opportunity for your squad members to take on leadership roles. Break up campers into small groups based on age and experience level, and assign each cheerleader a group. They can organize get-to-know-you games or head straight into exercises, drills, cheers and choreography. Challenge the teams to come up with their own original routine, and at the end of the week, have the campers perform in front of the group. Campers can register for the clinic by donating to your crowdfunding page.
  3. Host a Pep Rally Fundraiser

    Choose an evening at the beginning of the school year when the field or another major gathering place on campus is free, and host a spirit night. Ask the band to help out by providing music for the occasion, and invite the student body to a back-to-school celebration that features food, drinks, and entertainment. Charge an entrance fee paid through your online campaign, and consider selling tickets that can be redeemed for dinner, refreshments or carnival games. Choreograph a routine to perform at the end of the night, and encourage support for campus groups by announcing the upcoming week's lineup of sports games and on-campus events.
  4. Hold a Cheer Challenge

    A “Cheer-a-Thon,” is an event in which families and local companies sponsor a team for cheering continuously for as long as possible. Supporters pledge a certain amount per hour that the team cheers, and when a participant stops cheering, he or she has to drop out. You can also adapt this fundraiser to include members of the community who aren't on the squad. Have people participate by collecting pledges individually, and at the end of the night, ask supporters to donate the money their sponsored participant earned to your crowdfunding account. Be sure to publicize the event on social networks beforehand because this could make a fun outing for audience members!
  5. Babysit with Your Squad or Host a Kids Day to Give Parents Time Off

    Your cheerleaders could either donate their time by babysitting families on their own, or you could hold a more organized day event in which parents drop off their young children for some “time off.” Give them a chance to go out to coffee, get some shopping done, work out, or just relax for a few hours. A day event should be supervised closely by coaches and assistant coaches, and make sure your team is ready for the responsibility it involves. Ask parents to make a donation to your online fundraiser.
  6. Selling Off Old Uniforms and Apparel

    Some schools may have outdated uniforms and school gear hiding away in a storage closet. If your school is still holding onto decades-old uniforms, see if you can auction them off as vintage items. Or if you have shirts from seasons past, sell them to students for a discounted price. Old sweaters and bows might be lucrative specialty items. Selling old items is a great way to clear out space in storage and put unused apparel to good use! It's also an environmentally-friendly alternative to making new clothes or merchandise.
  7. Host an Invitational Tournament at Your School

    Cheerleaders spend hours a week supporting other teams and campus organizations, so host a cheerleading competition and provide an opportunity for them to show off their hard work, athleticism and skill. Charge other high school teams a fee to compete, and charge spectators for admission and concessions. This fundraiser is ideal for schools with large facilities that can afford to take safety measures such as providing mats. Make sure all participants sign liability waivers, and find a panel of qualified, unbiased judges.

Cheer for Fundraising!

Cheerleaders are some of the most energetic, charismatic people on campus, so their personalities and interests naturally lend themselves to successful fundraising. By bringing your enthusiasm and school pride to your crowdfunding campaign, you can raise the money to keep your squad in the competition. If you haven't already started a campaign, launch one today.