Charity Fundraising Ideas

The realm of charity fundraising has been changing due to the rise in fundraising technology like crowdfunding. The increased prevalence of crowdfunding has made fundraising initiatives more successful and time efficient for charities while presenting donors with a simple way to give back. When asked about the changing landscape of fundraising Jenna Casey from local San Francisco charity Mission Graduates stated that, “technology allows people to connect where the money is,” referencing how crowdfunding extends your reach for potential, willing donors exponentially. And fortunately, more people are giving. According to Atlas of Giving’s U.S. Charitable Giving 2014 Results, total charitable giving increased 9.3 percent between 2013 and 2014.

Making Giving Easier

When it comes to fundraising options there are several approaches to take like fundraising events, selling merchandise or even seeking donations from corporate sponsors with donation letters. Whichever road you take to fundraise, crowdfunding provides a platform to organize all of your donors, donations, fundraiser information and charity goals in one, easily accessible place.
  • Charities can ask repeat donors if they would be willing to create a fundraising campaign with the charity as the beneficiary to reach new potential donors.
  • Play into the charity’s mission. Food Runners, a charity dedicated to delivering excess food from businesses to those in need, hosts cooking classes to fundraise.
  • Offer something of value. Summer Search provides young leadership events to raise funds to help low-income teenagers pave their path to college.

Six Great Ideas for Charity Fundraising

  1. Donation Matching

    In your fundraising pursuits it can be beneficial to contact a business, big or small, to ask if they would be interested in partnering with your charity by matching the final donation amount on your online campaign. Many businesses are generous in their giving. In your efforts you should seek out a company that has similar values or goals as the charity you are representing. For example, a solar panel company may be interested in donating to a charity dedicated to funding renewable energy sources.
  2. Drive-In Movie

    As a change of pace to cramped and stuffy movie theaters, offer an outdoor screening of a local favorite film. The starry backdrop and fresh air can set the mood for relaxation. People can purchase their movie ticket through your online campaign. Make sure to remind people to bring chairs and blankets to lounge on. For this event you will need an outdoor space, like a park, as well as a movie projector. You can offer snacks at the event like popcorn for an extra donation amount. Remember to utilize your social networks to spreads the word about your event online.
  3. Guest Speaker

    Organize an event with a guest speaker about a topic related to your charity itself or a local hot topic. Sell tickets via your online campaign to any interested listeners. You can hold the event at your local community center. Reach out to celebrated members of your community or maybe even a member of the charity who can speak about an inspiring topic. We all have an inspirational story to tell and this is an opportunity to provide a platform for people to inspire others in the name of your cause.
  4. Kite Competition

    Host a fun event for the whole family to participate. Ask individuals to design their own kite and bring it for a picnic with their family and friends. You can appoint judges to decide the winning kite designs and even ask local businesses to provide small prizes like $5 gift cards to give to winners. You should require participants to sign up for the competition with a donation to your online campaign. Make note that you can also sell picnic food like sandwiches at the event itself to bring in even more funds to your online fundraiser.
  5. A Mosaic Display

    One way to highlight the generosity of your donors while bringing in funds is to sell tiles adorned with donor’s names in order to create a mosaic to display at the charity’s home base. Each tile can be sold for a predetermined donation amount to your online campaign. You can seek out donations by advertising to past and potential donors by sharing your campaign’s link on social media outlets. Many donors might be interested in being memorialized for their contribution and this is the perfect way to do so.
  6. Gardening Party

    Ask your friends with a green thumb if they would be willing to donate some of their time to teach a group about gardening. You can even narrow it down to a specific topic like how to garden in a drought, decorative succulents or growing herbs in an apartment, depending on what the participants are interested in. Individuals can sign up for the class with a donation to your online campaign and in the comments they can even make a suggestion as to what topic will be covered. You can hold the class at a local park or even in a backyard. Don’t forget to advertise the event with emails and social media posts.

The Next Steps in Starting Your Charity Fundraiser

Charities are leaders in philanthropic endeavors in their pursuit to raise money to fund projects that benefit those in need. The funds needed to operate these noble charities often come from various fundraising initiatives and events, all which can be funneled through your online campaign on YouCaring. We hope that these charity fundraising ideas spark your desire to create a campaign today. Launch a free charity fundraiser today!