Charities for Women

Women are notable contributors to society, making up about half of the population. In order to aid and protect this portion of the population, there are thousands of charities dedicated to providing resources and support to women in need. The United Nations recently unfurled their sustainable development initiative and in it is a goal dedicated to achieving gender equality and promoting women empowerment. Individuals should echo this goal across the globe. With the help of crowdfunding, any individual can make a contribution towards making the lives of women better.

Be Empowering

Fundraising for your favorite women’s charity just got easier. When you match crowdfunding with compassionate people the result is a downpour of support for humanitarian causes. The convenience of the crowdfunding platform makes it ideal for any individual interested in rallying support around a good cause. The United Nations made a big step towards equality and you can follow suit by creating a campaign for a women’s charity.
  • According to the Women’s Philanthropy Institute, women are more charitable than men, so let's give them a hand this time.
  • With YouCaring’s free platform you can rest assured that all of your funds go to the cause of your choice.
  • Don’t forget to include a catchy description and eye-catching photos in your campaign to guarantee success.

Eight Great Charities for Women

  1. Dress For Success

    Dedicated to helping women become financially independent, this organization wants to see the world where no women live in poverty. By providing professional attire and equipping them with knowledge about career development, Dress For Less helps women prepare for a career and independence. Ultimately, this nonprofit promotes self-sustainability as a means of empowering women.
  2. Catalyst

    This nonprofit uses research to prove that diversity in the workplace can be beneficial for any company. In their goal to change business culture to be more inclusive for women, they are simultaneously enabling more women to succeed in the workplace. This global force hopes to impact the lives of women by changing the way people do business.
  3. Girls on the Run

    With the goal of teaching girls that they have the potential to pursue their dreams, this nonprofit provides lessons for girls taught by trained coaches that help them learn to value themselves, relationships and teamwork as well as understand how they help shape the world around them. Through running, the nonprofit aims to encourage healthy lifestyles and foster confidence so that girls can learn to thrive.
  4. EngenderHealth

    According to this nonprofit, the key to a better life is health care, which is why they aim to improve the landscape of women’s health. By partnering with governments and training health care professionals, they provide both family planning and sexual and reproductive health services for women in need.
  5. Women for Women International

    Since the poverty rates of women are substantially above that of men’s, this charity provides women living in poverty with tools and resources needed to become financially independent. With programs spanning across eight different countries, they aim to strengthen women with job skills and knowledge. After 20 years of experience, they have successfully helped empower many marginalized women both socially and economically.
  6. Ricks Oberoi Foundation

    The Ricks Oberoi Foundation was founded with the wish to improve the lives of those living in challenged communities. The nonprofit’s focus is to improve the well-being of individuals living in communities that don’t have access to proper health care, specifically the lives of women living with breast cancer. They use the wishbone as their symbol to signify good luck.
  7. Girls Not Brides

    This organization is built on global partnerships from over 70 countries that all are committed to empowering women by ending child marriage. The organization maintains that every woman have a right to her own life and they won't stop advocating for women’s rights until there have been laws passed and programs implemented that ensure women will have a fulfilling future.
  8. Susan G. Komen

    Started in 1980, the Susan G. Komen organization is built on a promise that Nancy Brinker made to her sister Susan, to end breast cancer. Fast-forward 35 years and the nonprofit grew up, making notable contributions towards the cure. To date, it operates in over 30 countries and they have donated $2.6 billion towards research.

The Next Steps to Getting Involved

Team up with a women’s charity to help make another woman feel empowered, to promote gender equality and contribute to the greater good. With YouCaring’s fast and simple sign up process, you can have a campaign for a women’s charity set up in minutes. Why wait? Launch your free campaign today!