Fundraising Ideas for Cancer

As reported by the National Cancer Institute, in 2015 it is estimated that 1,658,370 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. alone. From this startling statistic it is evident that the number of individuals affected by cancer is considerable. Within this community of survivors, relatives and friends people have learned to lean on one another for moral support. When it comes to raising funds for cancer research it can be beneficial to tap into this already existing community and create a fundraising team. Your teammates will provide support and encouragement while also making your fundraising efforts more efficient.

Team Spirit

The value of having a team is immeasurable. With various skill sets, each team member can contribute something different to your efforts. If you have a team member who has a big social media following, then have them spread buzz about your campaign online or if you have a team member who is crafty, then they can design team shirts. Play into your teammate’s talents and expertise.

  • By tapping into each of your team members’ online and offline networks, crowdfunding can amplify your reach of potential donors.
  • Creating a campaign helps frame your team’s purpose and passion for the cause with a description, photos, videos and updates.
  • With crowdfunding your team can gather all of the funds raised in one place that is easily accessible on a daily basis.

Seven Great Ideas for Every Step

  1. Team Name

    Whether you are banning together with a group to participate in a race against cancer or simply organizing a campaign page to benefit an individual or cancer related cause, it is important to develop a team name, which can also serve as your campaign name. Your team name will serve as an indicator to potential donors that inform them as to why you are raising funds and who or what the funds are for. If you are looking for more inspiration for your team name then read over these funny cancer fundraising team names.

  2. Race to the Finish

    With the help of your team members you can design a race to spread awareness and bring in funds for your specific cancer related cause. Races come in all shapes and sizes so your team will need to decide on the transportation medium, like walking, hiking or biking, as well as the course, like a park, a track or a mountain. Individuals can either donate to your campaign to participate in the race or raise funds of their own for your cause by locking down pledges for every mile they complete.

  3. Pre-Race Ideas

    For teams who are participating in a race, walk, hike or bike against cancer there are several offline fundraising efforts that can compliment your online campaign to bring in more donations before the race itself. Gather your teammates and spark their creative juices! One suggestion is to purchase several wooden chairs from a thrift store and have each team member decorate a chair. Once the chairs are finished you can auction or raffle them off via your campaign page.

  4. During the Race

    Even if some of your teammates don’t participate in the race itself, they can still help raise money for your cause during the race on the sidelines. One idea is to set up a photo booth during a race. You can use a big piece of cardboard to cut out a frame and make sure to bring in fun props for people to embellish their photos. You can charge a small donation per photo.

  5. A Splash of Color

    For fundraising teams that are not participating in a race against cancer, there are still several fundraising ideas that work best with a group effort. With more helping hands, teams can produce more items to sell for the campaign. For example, your teammates can get together to make several tie dyed t-shirts, bracelets or even hats to sell to potential donors via your campaign page.

  6. Beating the Cancer Bug

    One benefit of working with a team is being able to pool together money to fund the fundraiser itself, if your idea requires some upfront costs. For instance, your team could purchase a junk car, preferably a Volkswagen bug, and place it in an open space and invite people to grab a bat and beat the cancer bug. It is a great way to help your community relieve stress while reiterating the message of your campaign: literally to beat cancer.

  7. A Different Route

    Have each team member pick a new type of transportation like walking, biking, rollerblading or scooter to work or school. Then have each team member find sponsors to pledge a donation amount for each day that they take the alternative to driving. With each of your group members bringing in their own funds, your donations will start to pile up. Not to mention you will be lowering your carbon footprint in the process all while promoting an active lifestyle.

Teaming Up Against Cancer

Whether you decide to raise funds on your own or work with a team, there are several fundraising ideas for cancer that can bring in the big bucks for cancer research. With the help of YouCaring’s simple campaign set-up and stress free user interface, our crowdfunding platform will be your tool to success. Start your free cancer fundraiser today!