Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

  • You can raise money quickly and safely online, and funds can be deposited directly into the beneficiary’s bank account.
  • Easily share your fundraiser and news about offline fundraising events to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • Donations can be raised for a personal campaign or to raise awareness for breast cancer and donate to an organization.

Six Great Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

  1. Race or Walk-a-Thon

    Race or Walk-athon

    This is likely the most popular type of breast cancer fundraising event. Hosting a race or walk-a-thon is a very effective way to gather members of your community to get together for a wonderful cause and a good excuse to exercise at the same time. Be sure to schedule the event in advance so participants have an ample amount of time to train, if necessary, and ask everyone to make a donation to your online fundraiser for their admission.

  2. Luncheon or Tea Party

    Luncheon or Tea Party

    Host a pink-themed luncheon or tea party and gather the girls to enjoy an afternoon of yummy pink pastries and tea. You could request that everyone dress up in something fancy to add some fun, or even make it a mother-daughter themed event. You can host the event at someone's house, a restaurant or tea house, and ask that everyone make a donation to your fundraiser as their ticket to the event.

  3. Haircut Party

    Haircut Party

    Most women have a go-to-person that does their hair at their local salon. A unique idea for raising funds would be to ask your hairstylist or a friend’s hair stylist, if they would be willing to talk to the others at their salon about putting together a haircut party. With the haircut party, the salon would offer flat-rate haircuts for a day with all of the proceeds going to your breast cancer fundraiser. Ask the salon if you could leave flyers promoting your event.

  4. Pink Treats Bake Sale

    Pink Treats Bake Sale

    Bake sales are always successful ways to raise funds for a cause. Everybody loves baked goods, and who could resist if they are all adorable and pink? Ask a few friends and family members if they can each bake one pink treat and decorate them accordingly, such as using breast cancer ribbons on the bags. Set up your stand at a sporting event or local school, and complement the treats with pink lemonade and fruit punch.

  5. Guys-in-Pink Car Wash

    Guys-in-Pink Car Wash

    It’s well-known that car washes are one of the most common types of fundraising events. While this isn’t a creative fundraising idea on it’s own, we’ve thought of a way you can make it unique and set it apart from your typical car wash fundraiser. Ask a group of guy friends and guy family members if they’d be willing to dress up in pink and wash cars for your event. This is sure to add some fun for a great cause, and donations can be made directly to your fundraiser.

  6. Bowling for Breast Cancer

    Bowling for Breast Cancer

    Reach out to your local bowling alley to see if they would be willing to donate the use of several lanes for you to host a fundraiser bowling event. Invite friends, family members, coworkers and local community members to come and bowl for breast cancer, and encourage them to show up wearing pink for support. For participation in the event, come up with a suggested donation amount that can be made to your online fundraiser or at the bowling alley.

Get Started

Now that you’re equipped with several fundraising ideas to utilize, you can create your free YouCaring fundraiser for breast cancer if you haven't already done so and start raising money today. At YouCaring, we truly care about you and what you’re going through, and we want you to know we’re here to show our full support and assist you with making your fundraiser a success. Launch your fundraiser today.