BZTAT's Rescue Kitten Needs Help with Her First VET Visit

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Sometimes a cat walks into your life, and it's not the most convenient thing for you to attend to, but you don't have the heart to look the other way. That happened to me last weekend. 

I rescued a little calico kitten who was frightened and seemingly all alone in the world. Wandering behind my apartment, she was cold and hungry and terrified of the bigger and more streetwise cats in the area. I couldn't take her into my home with my 4 cats, so she has been bunking in a wire crate in a friend's garage until she becomes a little more socialized.

At first, she was so scared, she snarled and hissed and lashed out viciously at us with her tiny paws. We gave her a soft bed, a space heater, a litter box and some kitten chow, and slowly, she started getting used to having humans in her life. I suspect that this little cat has had no real human contact, so this is all a new experience for her.

I have socialized street cats before, but each one is a little different. It takes patience and slow steps to gradually become less threatening to them. I and my friend have been working with her, and she is letting us pet her. She is still very skittish, and each time we have to work up to easing her fears, but once she feels safe, she purrs and relaxes into the affection.

It is going to take some time, but I believe she will become a great pet for someone. We think she will be ready to visit the vet next week for her kitten shots and de-worming. After that, we can look at bringing her inside and possibly introducing her to other cats. Eventually, we will see about getting her ready for adoption when she seems ready for it.

I really am not in a good financial position to take on the veterinary care of new cat. I am a self supporting artist and I don't have a big budget for such things. I am still paying off the bills of my beloved Brewskie, whom I lost in June. Any help that I can get to help this little girl towards a permanent and loving home will be greatly appreciated. Funds raised will go towards her kitten work-up, which will be around $150, spay, and any other unforeseen costs.

I will share her progress here, but you can also follow along as I photo-document her progress on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. She is soooooo photogenic!

She does not yet have a name, as I believe that a cat has to reveal her name to you as you get to know her. You will know once that name is revealed.

Thanks for any financial support that you can offer!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 4, 2017


Posted on December 4, 2017

Thank you to all who have contributed to my little rescue kitten's care! We have an appointment scheduled for her on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 to get her kitten workup with the vet. We met our initial funding goal - yeah! I raised the goal a bit so that we can add the FLV test and vaccine, spay (to be scheduled later), Revolution, and to be prepared for any unforeseen issues. 

Her socialization process is going VERY well. She is beginning to trust me and my friend whose house she is staying at more and more each day. Although she is apprehensive at the beginning of each visit, she is letting us pet her and hold her after a warming up process. She actually allowed me to pet her belly last night! You can watch the video here.

We are keeping her in a crate until she is vetted and cleared of any parasites that could affect other pets. She seems content with this. She seems to like the boundaries that help her feel secure. She was in the garage, but now she is on an enclosed porch. She loves the soft bed that we gave her and the space heater that keeps her warm. Once she is vetted, we will let her explore the porch. Then I will take her to my home and gradually introduce her to my other cats.

She still has not been named. A few names have emerged with potential, but we are waiting until the vet confirms that she is a she. We are assuming this since she is a calico, and haven't looked too close, but we want to verify before giving her name. 

Thanks again for your interest and support for this little cat. She sure is adorable, and seems grateful for being introduced to a new life. I am very grateful as well. :)

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BZTAT's Rescue Kitten Needs Help with Her First VET Visit

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