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The Story

Hello, this is Briac Barthes (24) from Lausanne.

Briac is a passionated volunteer. He is helping poor people in Tanzania from June till July 2017 and supports 3 awesome projects:

During this time, he is trying to find out if it is possible to produce electricity of plastic waste found by the street youth. Electricity is rare and helping young people in the meantime with a job, is a great combination. 

Secondly, Briac wants to do research for a new possibility of reducing smoke, caused by the open fire of forest wood, while the women are cooking. This way of cooking is very unhealthy and makes the women sick.

Last but not least, Briac is also volunteering at a homeless shelter for babies.

All these projects will and could have a huge positive impact for the people from Tanzania. Off course "Volunteer's Help" has decided to support a volunteer like Briac. So we kindly ask you to donate for Briac. Your donation will land in his pocket directly.


"Volunteer's Help" is private non-profit initiative which sponsors volunteers, who help people in need anywhere in the world. Volunteers will be reimbursed for their travel and accommodation costs.

This worldwide movement will open eyes, bring cultures and religions together and make this world a little bit more emphatic.


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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 10, 2017


Posted on June 10, 2017

Yesterday we received an update of Briac, one of our volunteers we sponsor by reimbursing the travel and accommodation costs. His story is fascinating. if you like this nice guy, please sponsor.
Thanks Briac, and keep up the good work you do! 

As the orphanage is still in construction, I helped them putting some concrete, finishing the decoration, building the furnitures, building the garden.....
And the rest of the photos are mainly how I play with the kids. As they usually live with nannies, they are happy to have a man playing with them, throwing them in the air, running with them, teaching them to share. I often give them my camera and most of the photos are taken by the kids themselves (I shouldn't tell that I delete almost 300 photos everyday^^). And when one knows how to take a picture nicely, I teach him how to zoom, and then how to show to others.....and they learn how to use the camera a bit more every day.
There is also a blind girl in the kids, and everybody takes really good care of her, the kids bring her wherever she wants, she sings a lot and loves to jump . I don't know why, when I throw her in the air she puts her fingers in the ears and laughs as much as possible. She is really lucky to be here, most of the blind people spend their life in the streets begging.
One day I came with tattoos (the ones for kids, with water). So I cut them into little pieces so that we can have for everyone and we tattooed flowers n their hands....they were sooo happy!!!
Yesterday, I went to eat with a poor family while they were installing electricity in their house......they were so happy that finally they could have a (very small) light for the night! It's a solar panel that they just put on the roof and it's linked to a bulb. Then the woman was begging her husband to invest 8€ more (which is huge for her) to have a place to charge her phone also!
But as you see, these poor people are very warm, as I told them I was going to look for food they invited me to eat with them, and we laugh a looot with these people!
Otherwise, I stay in a house where we have electricity but we don't have running water. So we buy big buckets of water, and use this water for everything (I can tell you that I shower much less than in Switzerland, we definitely feel that it's cold water!). I didn't understand why, but we never wash the dishes and some neighboring kids like to come and do it themselves (then they have a reason to come I imagine), so that's perfect for me...real comfort!
Every night, I like walking outside even though people say it's dangerous for a mzungu (white man) because the stars look awesome! As there is very little light we can see all of them and that's really beautiful! In the night, most of the women stay with the kids while the men go drink alcohol and play pool table. I was surprised as it seems that almost half of the family money goes in these night drinks, women shouldn't accept!
For the other projects, I already took contact again with a masai who knows very poor people and with whom we will give clothes (I brought 30kg of clothes to give away) in this area. I think we will also make a party at this time.
The guy I do this with is building a school now, and he is looking for volunteers to come help teaching English.....if you know some people who would like to come please tell me and I will connect them!
I also took contact with a few other masai who live in very dry areas where they would be really happy to have the machine that makes water...I'll go to see one of these villages Monday!

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Sponsor Briac who is volunteering in Tanzania

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