Poor Abandoned Booties Needs Surgery and Needs Your Help

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Greenville, SC
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Poor Abandoned Booties Needs Surgery and Needs Your Help (Bootsie's Surgery Fund)
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The Story

This is Bootsie.  Bootsie was abandoned in Greenville, SC a couple of weeks ago when his owners packed up and pulled away in a U-Haul.  There was poor Bootsie, sitting in his driveway for weeks until some new people moved in. Then Bootsie guessed they were not coming back for him.

Bootsie's owners never treated him for eat mites he got way back in September of last year.  A hematoma and horrible scar tissue has rendered him with a lot of constant pain and scratching.  The canal which is bent normally is so thin and convoluted that no medicine can get in to help bring him some relief.  Can you even imagine?

Vets I have taken him to said the ear drum may rupture, which would be excruciatingly painful, but there is nothing more they can do for him.  Then I researched a surgery called a TECA (total ear canal ablation). The ear canal and ear drum are removed.  Upstate vets is the only one I have found that can do it at a cost of $1,800 to $2,000 dollars.

Everytime I see him he is desperately rubbing his ear on the street and he shakes his head and paws his ear all day long without cease.  I cannot stand to watch it and am putting in a steroid, but I know it is not getting down to do anything to help this poor fellow.  His ear is always full of infection.

I would like to be able to raise the money to do this surgery to help him.  He is an awesome kitty loves everybody and very affectionate, he deserves better than what he got.  Just so you know he has been passed off by three other houses before he was abandoned by the last one.
Bootsie's surgery is scheduled for August 15th.  Yes, you can help.  You can donate and I assure you, no amount is too small.  If you can't donate right now, believe me, I totally understand.  But can you please share this fundraiser?  Bootsie really needs this help, now.  
Thanks everyone.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 21, 2015

Posted on October 21, 2015

GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS - The latest update from Jenna:

Dropped him off yesterday for the TECA. Several hours later I received a call from Dr. Capra. She had good news and bad news. I asked for the good first. She did not do the TECA because she felt that it would be too much for him to handle body and immune wise. His ear drum was perfect and no sign of infection, however the ear canal was full of wax and debris she could not get to and very contorted and convoluted. It should have been straightened but even that causes facial paralysis and infection complications.

The bad news is his Bowen’s cancer has spread beyond the nose area. He had two rather large lesions on his front pads of his paws. One was very swollen and infected, how did I not find this, in that I am always looking at him checking him over, but not even the oncologist found it and it must have been there when I took him to Athens. She lanced it and drained it. She gave him steroid and antibiotic injections. She said the nose would have to be done in Athens with radiation if I chose to do that, the other lesions would have to be taken off manually as they appear.

She guessed him to have a year before the cancer would get a lot worse but she said she really didn’t now for sure.

She said if he were mine, I would do exactly what you are doing and lets just take one day at a time. I am keeping him on very high quality food and two kinds of immune boosters to try and help his body heal on its own. I am a great believer of letting your body heal as it should.

He just had such a rough many years of his life we are trying to correct so much at this late stage. However, he looks soon much better than he did and is one happy kitty. Who could ask for anything more. I am so very grateful for you and for everyone providing help for him. To know I have had this kind of support both financially and with love and prayers along the way and emails that encourage me has helped me to pull along.

Posted on October 11, 2015

Posted on October 11, 2015

THE TECA IS ON.  Here's the latest update from Jenna about dear Bootsie:

Well, I have decided to go ahead with the TECA for sure.  Boots is scratching more and more and seems uncomfortable a bit with it.  I know it will not get any better but I have been beefing him up with vitamins galore to try and get his WBC count up and ready to fight this thing.  It is scheduled here with Dr. Capra at Rockey Creek in Simpsonville.  She is one third the cost of Georgia and she knows his ear and him well.  I really trust her. 

Not dealing with the cancer, which will have to be done at Athens, but one thing at a time.


Posted on October 7, 2015

Posted on October 7, 2015


Here is a quick update from Jenna:

I did not take the appointment but cancelled it. It is a lot of money and he seems comfortable at present and a happy boy. The TECA with Bulla osteotomy is horrific surgery which could leave him so much worse off than he is now, and the radiation strontium of the nose is not without its faults as well. He is just so happy and content hate to do something to him right now I will regret later.

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Poor Abandoned Booties Needs Surgery and Needs Your Help

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