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The Story

How are you, my friends?
I hope well.

I'd like to thank all of you for the support shown to me. Your continued support will help The BOOK of M movie franchise to be funded and begin filming. We are inviting teams of like-minded, sovereign investors who resonate with the higher vision for the film. This is where the true journey begins. 

Our message, and one of the major themes discussed in the film, is FREE ENERGY. In my mind this holds the key to human evolution and the new paradigm we are in the process of shifting into. When The Book of M franchise concept came to me, I spent a great deal of time researching human origins, crystals, megalithic structures, consciousness, Nicola Tesla, free energy, etc. I resonate and have a deep connection to the spirit that is Tesla. That's a unique topic of discussion in itself. His contribution has and is an incredibly significant one to the forward progress of mankind. I believe what he gave his fellow man to be the greatest and most noble gift of all. He offered free energy to the entire world on a practical level, over a hundred years ago. When the banksters that funded him, found out what he really set out to accomplish, they immediately cut him off, ostracized him and left him in obscurity. Ironic how the greatest inventor that ever lived is not even taught to us in school today. Ever wonder how? This presentation by Mark Passio may shed some light on the how and the why.
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Can you also imagine our lives today if he succeeded? His legacy is more important and significant to us today, than it ever was in the last century. The question is, how can we each find a way to comprehend internally, what he created for the sake of forward progress. First we must be aware of this truth as a collective, only then can we utilize and benefit from the vision he left for us today. Our ancient ancestors also harnessed the natural generation of free energy. Just take a look at all the megalithic structures on Earth and follow the pyramid grid-line. Let's put an end to the corruption inspired world economy, based on oil, ravaging of our planet and suppression of energy. We no longer need to be suffering in stagnation, continually paying for what has always been available to us freely and everlastingly. Should we continue to allow a few greedy corporations to profit at everyone's expense? No! All human beings must be made aware of the free energy phenomena, it's true hidden history, its many practical applications and its relevance to the abundance that is available to humanity, right now. By taking the right steps and following a few simple measures, we can achieve unity consciousness like we once had, in the not too distant past. Tesla only awakened within us, the existence of our divine birthright.


The essence of The Book of M is to re-introduce that conversation, aiming at the significance and pointing to the solution of FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY for our world, through cinema. If implemented correctly, our vision and plan of action can have a MAJOR IMPACT in people's lives. We have three specific objectives in mind: The first is to entertain and inspire movie going audiences worldwide. The second is to stimulate the collective consciousness and bring about awareness. The third is raising enough money, once the movie is made and distributed, to provide ground level support and follow the UBUNTU-One Small Town initiative blueprint. Focused on creating a platform for a new health care haven and a new education center for all the world, which is rooted in universal principles of truth and echoes cosmic human divinity.

Movies are a powerful resource of communication for large audiences. Quite often movies can have a positive influence on people's imagination and consciousness. Movies are also able to unite people from all over the world. Today, all the major Hollywood movie studios continue to sell us the same old stories and same characters in remake after remake. What if there is a story we have not yet been presented with, nor explored on the silver screen? The Book of Mfranchise is offering something fresh and innovative. With the help of conscious, visionary investment partners, we desire to leave a lasting impression and can co-create the vehicle for positive, lasting changes we all want to see in the world! 

Thank you and blessings to everyone!!!

In unity and In resonance,
Zsolt B. Pataki


For more information about the film and budget, please visit:

For more information about the One Small Town initiative, as created by Michael Tellinger, please visit:


The Book of M: the 8th Corridor
(A feature film trilogy)

Story by, Zsolt B. Pataki & James Manera; Written by, James Manera

An archeologist, SAM COLE, and his 8 year old daughter, EMILY COLE, or “M”
as she is referred to, become caught up in something ancient, magical and so
incredibly difficult to comprehend… something of such immense proportion, that it
garners the interest of both; the university that is funding his Egyptian dig and their
benefactor, a wealthy Eastern corporation, whose motives are of substantial
concern to mankind on a global scale. Sam Cole’s archeological discovery is just the
tip of the pyramid so to speak.

M has discovered something in a woodland stream near her home –
something that will transport her into the underworld of ancient Egypt and into the
heart of danger. Once her father, Sam, realizes the magnitude of M’s find and the
transformation that takes place within his daughter as a result, he finds himself in
uncharted territory and must protect both; his daughter and their mutual assets
from falling into the wrong hands. What happens next is not only unexpected but,
extraordinary. The Book of M is based on fact, myth and the bizarre and will take us
on a journey into Egypt’s mysterious, secretive unknown. The Book of M is a trilogy
of adventure –this, its first episode.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 28, 2016

Posted on July 28, 2016

Just added in the Movie Poster and Concept Art for the film...
Three months of work. Please let me know what you guys think!

Our Film Franchise supports the idea that the time has now come for our planet to transition into an abundantly healthy community, which is populated by living men and women who are benefiting greatly from FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY being utilized in everyone's daily life.

If you can imagine such a reality, help support my movie getting made... "The Book of M:the 8th Corridor"...

Remember to share my page.

Thank you!

Posted on April 19, 2016

Posted on April 19, 2016

Stay tuned!...For the storyline that is...thanks - bobby z.

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