How To Create A Funeral Expense Fundraising Page

by JesseW April 25, 2013
How to write a funeral fundraiser

Creating an online fundraiser can be difficult especially when it comes to fundraising for a touchy subject like funeral and memorial expenses. There are hundreds of questions that come up like should it be somber and respectful or more lighthearted? Should you fundraise only for funeral costs, or should you include a donation for the families losses? In this post we are going to discus how to go about creating a funeral fundraiser that is unique to your specific case. 


There are really two different types of funeral fundraisers, ones which are created by the family and those that are created for the family. Most of the time if the fundraiser is created by the family they will already know what is appropriate and what is not. But, for those who are creating for the family there are a lot of things which should  be considered. 


First, determine how much you would like to raise for the family. You can base this off of which expenses you feel need to be covered and wether or not you will take up a donation for the families loss. The average funeral will cost from $10,000-$20,000 so anything above that would be able to go to the family. Every case is different, often times if the death occurred in a young family which depended on the member to help support them, a donation is appropriate to help the remaining family get back on their feet. Some times donations are raised to create  a trust fund for the children of the deceased, or to support a widowed mother. 


Second, it is important to know how to word your fundraiser. Many times the creator will write their fundraiser in a way that expresses the personality of the person being remembered. In other cases it is more important to write in a way that expresses more honor to the family who experienced the loss. Make sure to take the time and communicate with the family about how they would like the fundraiser to be written and expressed to supporters. 

In Memory Of Brian Meissner
is a great example of a funeral fundraiser set up by friends of Brian's. They were able to bring in a little bit of Brian's personality through how they worded the description and through the picture the chose. He was a father, so they are planing on giving a large donation to his family and are even throwing a party in his honor, and because it is what he loved to do. This is a great example of an online funeral fundraiser that is honoring towards the family.

Last, remember that even though an online fundraiser may be an excellent way to show your care for a family, no amount of money could ever replace a loved one.