How To Keep Your Fundraiser Simple And Effective

by JesseW March 7, 2013

How to have a simple fundraiser

Hosting your first online fundraising event is a big deal. But, first fundraisers have a tendency to easily become over-complicated, stressful, and ineffective quickly. To help, we have composed a quick guide to keeping your fundraiser simple and effective!


Use Good Planing. 


Have a goal for how much you want to raise, and how much time you want to spend raising it. Shorter fundraisers take less effort because they require less donor interactions, but are often unable to raise as much as a longer fundraiser. Longer fundraisers require more donor interactions, and are usually best partnered with a fundraising event. Here is a great blog on 8 tips on fundraising with your every day exercise routine.


Keep The Cost Down and The Excitement Up. 


Remember your goal is to raise money, not spend money. Look for things like Free Online Fundraising Sites to help you host your cause. Try asking local businesses to sponsor your fundraiser and match donations, and see if a newspaper will cover your story as advertisement. You can also create a Facebook page for your event, to help build excitement. 



Use The Tools Offered By Fundraising Sites. 


Online Fundraising sites offer many unique tools to help you fundraise more effectively. Make sure to take advantage of the social networking links they provide, or any fundraising advice. Some sites even offer a fundraising widget to help you link your fundraiser directly to your blog or personal web site and track donations.