A Great Free Alternative To ChipIn For Animal Rescue Fundraising

by JesseW February 1, 2013

 ChipIn Alternative


In the animal rescue world, ChipIn.com was the largest site for raising funds online for animals in need. Unfortunately, ChipIn has recently announced the closing of its doors to all future fundraisers. With this in mind, many people have begun to research for alternatives to ChipIn.



ILoveRescueAnimals.org, recently posted a very helpful article on Five Alternatives to ChipIn. The article lists YouCaring.com, as "an answer to the ChipIn issue." mainly because it is completely free, uses PayPal, and is easily compatible with social media. 

YouCaring.com offers many great tools for animal rescue fundraising. It is easy to use, easily compatible with social networking sites, and best of all completely free. It only take s a few minutes to set up your personal fundraising profile, and with our great fundraising advice blog your fundraiser can be more sucessful than ever before!

If you are looking for a new and free alternative to ChipIn, to raise money for animal rescue, or any other types of fundraising. Check out YouCaring.com!