How To Bring Christmas Cheer To Children in Need

by JesseW December 9, 2012
Holiday Christmas Fundraiser

Christmas is a magical time for children, for many kids its the single most important time of the year. Christmas brings a sense of family, joy, and of course the thrill of unwrapping new gifts. Unfortunately, there are those children who are less fortunate than others. These are the ones who depend on the selfless acts of kindness, given from good samaritans around the world. In this post we wanted to feature a good samaritan, and how they are using online fundraising to spread Christmas cheer to children in need. 


Meet Ashley, Ashley is an amazing woman who had an idea last Christmas to give presents directly to children in need , instead of just giving them to an organization. To fund this extravagant idea, Ashley asked her friends and family to donate what they would have spent on her for Christmas, and if she could use what she would have spent on their gifts as well. That year Ashley was able to raise $500 and deliver over 40 presents to children in NC and GA. This year Ashely in in South America, and wants to make an even bigger impact. She is looking to raise $1,000 and has almost meet her goal already! Ashely will be able to make a massive impact in the lives of many children with this much money and support. This is because in South America just a few U.S. Dollars can go a very long way. Ashely is keeping her supporters up to date by using her YouCaring.comprofile page, and also email updates with pictures and videos. To help support Ashely's mission to bring Christmas to children in need go to 2nd Annual Christmas Project.