Top Reasons to Use Fundraising Websites

by JesseW November 3, 2012

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Top Reasons to Use Fundraising Websites


Fundraising websites are quickly redefining the way we look at raising money. But, with these major changes many people are still hesitant to change the way that they fundraise. Here are he top reasons to use fundraising websites to raise money for your cause. 


Fundraising websites offer many advantages that were never available to fundraisers in the past. The biggest and most obvious advantage is being able to reach donors and supporters from all over the world. With the help of online fundraising, donors are able to give funds using online money transferring companies like PayPal.   This creates a safe and secure way to give from any where in the world, and the money goes directly into the designated account. 


The second advantage that fundraising websites offer, is the ability to directly interact with donors. Many sites offer personal pages that allow donors to leave comments and to track the fundraiser's progress. These personal pages allow fundraisers the ability to communicate with their supporters using video, social networking, and posting updates. 


Another reason to use online fundraising is the simplicity that it brings to a fundraiser. Everyone knows that organizing a fundraiser can be long, tiering, and require the help of many people. But, with free online fundraising creating a fundraiser only takes a few minutes, and you can start fundraising the same day. Online Fundraising sites even offer tools to help you spread the news about your fundraiser, and informational pages to help you have an even successful fundraiser than ever before. 


With all of these great reasons to use fundraising websites, why not start your free online fundraiser today!