What To Do When You Don't Reach Your Fundraising Goal?

by JesseW May 13, 2013
There are no guarantees when it comes to online fundraising, some fundraisers hit it out of the park while others just cant seem to gain any ground. Lets be honest, the second is just plain frustrating, and can be a real discouragement. So, what do you do when your fundraiser does not reach its goal... [More]

How To Make A Fundraiser For A Rescue Dog

by JesseW May 10, 2013
According to the ASPCA statistics, 5 to 7 million domestic pets will enter a shelter each year nation wide. Of those pets, 3 to 4 million will be euthanized. In this post we want to show you how to create an online fundraiser for a rescued dog.   Everyone knows that shelters just don't hav... [More]

How To Set Up An Online Fundraiser For A Service Dog

by JesseW May 8, 2013
Service dogs have the ability to change the way life is lived for many people who are in need of everyday assistance due to a physical or psychological disability. Unfortunately, service dogs can cost up to $30,000 to train leaving many people looking for ways to afford a service dog. In this post, ... [More]

How To Raise Donations For A Missions Trip To Africa

by JesseW May 4, 2013
    Missions trips can be a life changing experience, not only for those who participate but also for those who they reach. For the Wilson's who are leading a trip for the America World Adoption Association, those lives are young orphans from Kenya and Uganda.    Meet Joe a... [More]

Medical Expense Fundraiser For Preventive Surgery - Voice Actor Jerry Gelb

by JesseW May 2, 2013
Medicine in an ever progressing practice which can some times be an issue of trial and error. Treatments which seemed to be a cure at one point can later turn into something which requires more medical attention. Luckily, with advancements in modern medicine many after effects can be avoided and eve... [More]

Free Online Fundraising For Academics

by JesseW April 30, 2013
During the career of a student many opportunities will arise, they will open new doors, and even shape the destiny of a students life. Unfortunately many of these opportunities don't come cheep, and for one group of elementary students this means raising $8,000.    Destination Imagination ... [More]

Medical Expense Fundraiser For A Stabbing Victim

by JesseW April 27, 2013
It is always a tragedy when an outstanding member of a community becomes the victim of a violent attack. In this post we want to share how to raise support for someone who is left in a life threatening situation after being attacked and stabbed.    Meet Omar Bouzarari, Omar is a 30 year ol... [More]

New Site Records for Donations Raised & Free Online Fundraisers Started

by JesseW April 26, 2013
As always at YouCaring, with no fees to fundraisers or donors, and every dollar going to those who need it. [More]

How To Create A Funeral Expense Fundraising Page

by JesseW April 25, 2013
Creating an online fundraiser can be difficult especially when it comes to fundraising for a touchy subject like funeral and memorial expenses. There are hundreds of questions that come up like should it be somber and respectful or more lighthearted? Should you fundraise only for funeral costs, or s... [More]

Help Raise Money For Boston Marathon Explosion Victims

by JesseW April 17, 2013
    On Monday, April 15, just before the finish of The 2013 Boston Marathon, two explosions tragically ended the race early. At 3pm, a single explosion detonated quickly followed by a second explosion which severely injuring over 170 people, and killing 3.    The explosions had a... [More]

Medical Expense Fundraising For Children's Genome Testing

by JesseW April 14, 2013
Any parent would do anything to make sure that their child lives a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, there are times when children become ill for a reasons that are unexplainable, in those cases doctors turn to an expensive process called genome testing.    Genome testing is one of th... [More]

Fundraising Online Allows For Global Support

by JesseW April 3, 2013
When it comes to online fundraising, the larger your reach is the faster you can meet your fundraising goal. In this post we want to explore one of the major benefits of free online fundraising - Reaching donors from all over the world.    In the past, asking for support from countries lik... [More]

YouCaring Fundraiser Receives Support From The Chicago Bears Roberto Garza

by JesseW April 1, 2013
    On March 8th, the lives of a Chicago family were turned upside down by a house fire that claimed the life of 12 year old, Dayana Garcia from McHenery.    Dayana was a sweet young girl who was found in the back bedroom of her families two story house, on Friday night after a ... [More]

Veterinary Expense Fundraiser For A Dog In Need

by JesseW March 30, 2013
Animal rescue centers are built around people who give their life to care for animals who are neglected, abandoned, and in some cases badly injured or sick. Unlike an animal hospital or normal veterinary clinic, the animals who end up at rescue centers don't have an owner or someone who can pay to h... [More]

Help Raise Money For Cancer This Easter

by JesseW March 29, 2013
      Holiday fundraising is a great way to raise awareness and excitement about your free online fundraiser. With Easter just around the corner, we wanted to feature a medical expense fundraiser that is taking advantage of this holiday to build awareness for their cause.   ... [More]

3 Online Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid

by JesseW March 26, 2013
Online fundraising has many different aspects which can be easily over looked and lead to losing hundreds in donations. Today we want to cover some fundraising mistakes that can make all the difference in your ability to raise donations for your cause.    The first mistake that most people... [More]

How To Fundraise For Cat's Medical Care

by JesseW March 23, 2013
Featured Picture of Boris's Liver Surgery Fundraiser!     Pets create a special bond with their owners, a bond that makes them less of an animal and more of a family member. Because of this special bond, we are willing to do almost anything to see our furry friends happy, healthy, and liv... [More]

Wanted: Guest Bloggers - Animal Rescue And Pet Expenses

by JesseW March 22, 2013
Are you an incrediably passionate person who loves animals and has a skill of writing?  If so, YouCaring.com is looking for a number of passionate guest bloggers to write posts on the topics of animal rescue, animal medical care, pet expenses and general pet needs. The blogs will be published o... [More]

3 Quick Tips To Help You Fundraise Better

by JesseW March 19, 2013
The point of every fundraiser is to reach their fundraising goal. Unfortunately, it can be quite a challenge get the attention of donors and gain their support. In this post we wanted to give you 3 quick tips that will help you to fundraise better than ever by reaching your donors like a pro!  ... [More]

Have You Done Your Crowd-Funding Homework?

by JesseW March 17, 2013
Crowd-funding is growing in popularity every day through the success stories of projects and causes that have raised extraordinary amounts of money. But, is it really as easy as just creating a fundraiser? Or are there a few tricks involved in reaching you're fundraising goal?    Anyone wh... [More]

Successful Online Fundraiser For Jazz Legend - Julian Priester

by JesseW March 15, 2013
Here at YouCaring we love hearing about successful fundraisers! Today we wanted to feature a fundraiser that has far surpassed their personal medical fundraising goals.    The jazz community is a tight knit group of passionate and soulful people. It's not odd for a good jazz musician to pe... [More]

Boy Scout Uses Online Fundraising To Make A Difference

by JesseW March 13, 2013
It is always inspiring to hear about people who are giving their personal time and effort to make a difference in the lives of others. Today we wanted to feature a future eagle scout who is helping the Santa Anna Zoo in California, create a home for a bald eagle who was rescued in Alaska.  &nbs... [More]

Online Fundraiser For Sailer Killed At Sea

by JesseW March 11, 2013
Friday, March 8th, 2013 was a tragic day for the San Diego sailing community.    During the fourth annual Islands Race, one of the 40 competing sailboats experienced rudder failure, resulting in the loss of a crew member. The "Uncontrollable Urge" was a 32-foot sailboat which capsized off ... [More]

How To Create A Good Fundraising Community - Team Izzy

by JesseW March 9, 2013
Creating a good fundraising community is one of the most significant things to do for your online fundraiser.    The importance of having a good support community during your fundraiser makes a huge difference. They make you smile when you want to cry, and give you hope to press on when al... [More]

Help Raise Money For X-Fighter Eigo Sato

by JesseW March 8, 2013
X-Fighters put their lives on the line every day pushing the limits of their sport and risking it all, while doing what they love most.    Eigo Sato, was a top competing X-Fighter, a husband, and a loving father to two children. Tragically, on Thursday, February 28, Eigo died while tr... [More]

How To Keep Your Fundraiser Simple And Effective

by JesseW March 7, 2013
Hosting your first online fundraising event is a big deal. But, first fundraisers have a tendency to easily become over-complicated, stressful, and ineffective quickly. To help, we have composed a quick guide to keeping your fundraiser simple and effective!   Use Good Planing.    Have... [More]

How To Raise Donations For Children's Medical Expenses

by JesseW March 5, 2013
Every parent has a desire to do anything they can to provide care and a better life for their child. In this post we wanted to feature two families who are doing everything they can to raise donations for their children's medical procedures.    First meet, Gabriella Giovengo. Gabbi is a be... [More]

Unique Fundraising Idea To Fight Cancer

by JesseW March 3, 2013
College fraternity brothers share a unique and inseparable bond, and with that bond comes a desire to fight for each other.   Meet Adam and Oliver. Adam Jankowski and Oliver Bucknell are both part of the fraternity Theta Chi, at Florida State. Both Oliver and Adam have been under... [More]

Where To Turn When Medical Insurance Fails

by JesseW March 1, 2013
Most families who pay for health insurance, expect that their insurance will cover them in their time of need. Unfortunately, more and more people are finding that their health insurance is not what they thought it was. Because of this, many families are left in difficult situations unable to receiv... [More]

New Fundraising Widget From YouCaring.com

by JesseW February 27, 2013
With the popular fundraising site ChipIn.com closing, many fundraisers are looking for a comparable site which is free and allows them to fundraise like ChipIn had. ChipIn provided many of the same features offered by competing sites, except that it was free and provided the much loved "ChipIn Fundr... [More]

YouCaring.com's Most Successful Fundraisers

by JesseW February 25, 2013
Here at YouCaring we know that raising donations online can be frustrating and difficult. So, we compiled a short list of our top successful fundraisers as an encouragement along your fundraising journey. We hope this list will inspire you to keep pursuing your fundraising goals, and even give you a... [More]

YouCaring Now Helping With Pet Expenses & NonProfits!

by JesseW February 23, 2013
Currently YouCaring offers fundraising for Medical Expenses, Tuition and Education, Adoption Expenses, Funeral Expenses, and Missions Fundraising. YouCaring will be extending free online fundraising to Animal & Pet Fundraisers and Non-Profits... [More]

CrowdFunding Crosses The Borders Of Recreation and Education

by JesseW February 19, 2013
Most people would agree that Crowd-Funding is an amazing resource that allows people to reach their personal, and even recreational goals. But, lately Crowd-Funding has broken out of its conventional role, and begun to influence the academic and even scientific communities... [More]

Service Dogs Allow War Veterans To Maintain A Normal Life

by JesseW February 15, 2013
The heroes that serve our country in times of war go through the most unimaginable situations that a person could face. As a reward, they are give a metal and the gratitude of many citizens. But, they are often left with the fears, stress, and memories of their time of duty. [More]

Practical Advice To Help Your Volunteer Trip Fundraiser

by JesseW February 13, 2013
Gaining support for volunteering abroad can be difficult, and many people are unsure how to find supporters who are willing to give monthly. Here is some very practical advice to help you fund your volunteer trip. [More]

Children's Medical Expense Fundraisers On YouCaring

by JesseW February 11, 2013
Fighting for your child's life is one of the most heroic and difficult things any parent could do. In this post we want to feature a family who used free online fundraising to provide for their child's medical expense needs.      Meet Team Izzy. Team Izzy is comprised of the 5 me... [More]

YouCaring Is A Great Way To Fundraise For Animal Care

by JesseW February 7, 2013
Caring for animals can be very expensive. Most of the time, pet owners and animal lovers just don't have the personal funds available to provide everything that their animal needs. This is especially true if their pet needs medical attention or veterinary care, which can cost thousands of dollars.&n... [More]

Fundraising Alternative to ChipIn

by JesseW February 5, 2013
As of March 17, 2013 the ChipIn Fundraising Community will be shutting down. With the closing of ChipIn, many online crowd-funding users will need an alternative site to help raise money online.    Choosing a new online fundraising site can be difficult, especially after becoming fami... [More]

Raise Money Online For Animal Rescue And Animal Shelters

by JesseW February 3, 2013
With the financial pressure of struggling economy, many animals have been abandoned or even left to survive on their own. Most of these animals are rescued or taken in by shelters, that are under huge amounts of financial pressure already.    Every year 6-8 million cats and dogs are taken ... [More]

A Great Free Alternative To ChipIn For Animal Rescue Fundraising

by JesseW February 1, 2013
In the animal rescue world, ChipIn.com was the largest site for raising funds online for animals in need. Unfortunately, ChipIn has recently announced the closing of its doors to all future fundraisers. With this in mind, many people have begun to research for alternatives to ChipIn. [More]

How To Create A Great Support System

by JesseW January 31, 2013
    Everyone needs a great support system, people who they can run to, who they know they can trust in the hardest of times. In fact, people who have others around them in difficult times are far more likely to recover from their circumstances than those who try to do it alone.  &nbs... [More]

Don't Allow Medical Expenses To Stop Your Dreams

by JesseW January 29, 2013
Due to the rise of medical expense costs, more and more people are putting off retirement dreams for a secure future. Over the past 20 years, the number of people in the 75-plus age range has gone up 75%. This is due to the simple realization that with the rate that medical expense are rising, shoul... [More]

Fiscal-Cliff Bill Makes Adoption More Affordable

by JesseW January 27, 2013
Early this January, President Obama signed the "fiscal-cliff" bill which included multiple tax-breaks and credits in various categories. One exciting tax-credit is allowing an adoptive family to claim adoption expenses, up to $12,650 per child.    Adoption is a very expensive process, and ... [More]

Think You Can't Fundraise On Facebook? Think Again...

by JesseW January 25, 2013
  If fundraising emails and letters are your only plan, you might be missing out. In fact, in the past five years peer-to-peer fundraising has almost doubled to $1.8 billion annually.    This massive raise in peer-to-peer fundraising is due to an increase of ability to spread the new... [More]

The True Cost of A Funeral

by JesseW January 23, 2013
If you have ever experienced the loss of a close friend or a family member, you know that funerals are expensive. In fact, the National Funeral Directors Association estimates that the average funeral cost is $6,560... [More]

Medical Fundraising - The Only Choice for Most Americans

by JesseW January 21, 2013
Almost everyone can feel the pressure of raising medical costs, co-pays, and the cost of medical coverage. For most Americans, should a tragic medical circumstance occur, the only choice of payment is medical fundraising.    Medical costs have risen at a higher rate than household income l... [More]

Dodge Uses Crowd-Funding Concept For New 2013 Dodge Dart

by JesseW January 19, 2013
Crowd-Funding has been growing in popularity over the past few years thanks to the launch of popular crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter, YouCaring, and RocketHub. Which help people around the world raise money for business ideas, medical expenses, tuition expenses, and events like weddings or birt... [More]

Online Help With Rising Tuition Costs

by JesseW January 17, 2013
Its no secret that the cost of college tuition has risen drastically in the past few years, leaving thousands of american college graduates struggling to pay off their tuition. With a combined student loan debt of over $1 trillion dollars, many young american students are looking for a way to pay off their debt... [More]

Russian Adoption Ban Creates Difficulties For Americans Planning To Adopt

by JesseW January 15, 2013
Over 1,000 Russian children are adopted into American homes each year. Unfortunately for those families who were planning on adopting from Russia, or who have already begun the process have been cut off due to a recent ban passed by the Russian parliament... [More]

A Few Great Tips For Fundraising That Are Usually Not Discussed

by JesseW January 12, 2013
Setting up an online fundraising pagehas A LOT of different aspects. Some of these are very obvious, and some are just baffling. In this post we want to help your decisions on some topics that are rarely discussed.   Setting up a time limit for your fundraiser can be a tricky task. You don't wa... [More]