Ten Best Charities to Donate to in 2018

Charitable giving is trending. Individuals were the leading source of charitable giving in 2014, according to the National Philanthropic Trust. This rising trend reflects our human nature to give back. Supporting charities is one simple way for individuals to tap into their compassionate nature. But how do you find the best charities to donate to?

There is no shortage of charitable organizations. In fact, there are more than 1.5 million charitable organizations in the U.S. alone. The number of charities gives you the opportunity to pick a cause that resonates with your specific concerns and interests. Once you find your favorite cause, consider launching a crowdfunding campaign to help support the cause.

Here are the best charities to donate to this year

1. Partners in Health

Partners in Health focuses on forming lifelong ties with sister organizations in impoverished regions with the intent of providing the option of modern medical care to those without access. This organization is invested in extending healthcare resources, advising patients in treatment courses, working with governments to further develop medical resources, and remaining faithful to communities with long-term relationships. Partners in Health have made great headway since its beginning in 1987 with projects set up across the world.

2. The Sierra Club Foundation

As the environment has been steadily changing, The Sierra Club Foundation has been working to create a social movement to inspire a transition to clean energy that is both more resource-efficient and better for the environment. All of its funds go toward discovering new solutions for our climate, such as renewable energy resources, defending wildlife habitats, supporting environmental legal action, and promoting conservation.

3. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Providing support those who served in the line of duty, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes (IFHF) Fund is dedicated to helping individuals for their service. It has various programs in place that aid wounded military personnel, the families of lost military personnel and veterans. The IFHF has also built rehabilitation centers as well as research institutes to find treatments for traumatic brain injuries and provide psychological help as a part of its mission to relieve trauma and stress in those who have served in the military.

4. PAWS Chicago

What started as an event for adoption sprouted into a charity devoted to helping animals, specifically homeless pets. PAWS Chicago has worked continuously to support the homeless animal population by building adoption centers, opening spay, and neuter clinics, working to pass human euthanasia legislation, creating a foster program, and launching a dog training center all with an intention of building no-kill communities. PAWS Chicago is fueled by its compassion for all people and animals and has big plans to raise the bar for the way animals are treated.

5. Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute is unique in its objective to utilize the immune system’s natural potential to defeat different types of cancer. CRI supports leading research universities and clinics across the globe by awarding grants to scientists so that they can research new treatments. The CRI aided in the development of a new category of treatments called cancer immunotherapy, which strengthens the immune system’s natural capacity to destroy cancer cells. This charity is dedicated to helping the human body fight back against a disease with its natural weapons.

6. The Trevor Project

In 1994, the short film Trevor was released and it soon altered the way society looked at mental health. The film gained buzz from its recognition on the Ellen DeGeneres show and HBO quickly understood the significance of the film and used it as a jumping-off point to establish the first 24-hour intervention and suicide prevention hotline in 1998 for LGBTQ youth. Today, The Trevor Project has various resources, including hotlines, education workshops, ally training and a support center for individuals in need.

7. The Children’s Defense Fund

The Children’s Defense Fund may be recognized by its notable slogan, Leave No Child Behind®. Since the organization’s beginning in 1973, they’ve advocated for children who cannot yet vote or have a voice to ensure they are given equal opportunities throughout their childhood. So far, the organization has been successful in passing several acts of legislation regarding children’s education, welfare, and healthcare. The organization also works toward youth leadership, gun control and ending child poverty.

8. International Planned Parenthood Federation

Since the charity’s inception in 1952, the International Planned Parenthood Federation has successfully works in 172 countries with 65,000 service points globally in its mission to establish family planning as a human right. The organization advocates for sexual and reproductive health rights and works to provide safety to women during childbirth, to eradicate the spread of sexually transmitted illnesses, to provide contraceptives and to ensure women have the right to make their own choice regarding abortion.

9. Brain and Behavior Research Institution

Through contributions to scientific research, the Brain and Behavior Institution has the goal of better comprehending mental illnesses, lessening its symptoms, and finding new medical treatments for children and adults. The organization has a scientific council that decides which investors receive grants in order to further their research in three categories: basic research, new technologies, and next-generation therapies. Over the past 25 years, the Brain and Behavior Research Institute has helped generate advancements in all three categories.

10. Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is an international organization geared toward ending hunger. Principally, they respond to disasters and emergencies, but its humanitarian efforts don’t stop there. Action Against Hunger organizes feeding centers that help hungry children and prevent malnutrition by monitoring the children’s growth and providing public education. Since water is a vital part of life, the organization aids communities in finding sustainable and clean drinking water. Action Against Hunger also teaches communities about farming and ways to be self-sufficient.

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