Which Fundraising Site Has The Lowest Fees?

Crowdfunding fees can vary widely. A crowdfunding site’s fees determine how much of the money raised reaches the beneficiary in need. With our simple guide, it’s easy for you to see the facts of which fundraising site has the lowest fees.

Which fundraising website has the lowest fees?

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Most websites charge platform fees that they deduct from donations. YouCaring does not charge you a penny. Thanks to donors who voluntarily support our operations, it’s absolutely free to conduct a YouCaring fundraiser.

A Comparison of Fees for Crowdfunding Platforms

Online fundraising does require third-party credit card processing fees. Donation processors ensure the safe collection and transfer of money, and they charge a small fee per transaction. Some sites bundle processor charges into their platform fee.


Platform fee: $0

Processor fee: 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (no charge when a fundraiser and a donor both use PayPal personal accounts)

Read about YouCaring fees here.


Platform fee: 5% of funds raised

Processor fee: 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction (varies slightly by country), or 4.25% for charities

Read about GoFundMe fees here.


Platform fee: 9% of funds raised; if you reach your goal, Indiegogo refunds 5%

Processor fee: 3% to 5%, plus currency exchange and wire fees may apply

Read about Indiegogo pricing here.


Platform fee: 7.9% of funds raised + $0.50 per transaction (includes processor fees)

Read about GiveForward fees here.


Personal fundraisers: 7.9% of funds raised (includes processor fees)

Charitable fundraisers: platform fee of 4.9% of funds raised, plus 2.0% plus $0.30 per credit card transaction

Read about Razoo pricing here.


Platform fee: 3% to 5% of funds raised

Processor fee: 2.9% plus $0.30

Read about CrowdRise costs here.


Platform fee: 4.9% of funds raised (discounts available for donations over $50,000)

Processor fee: 3% on average

Read about Fundly pricing here.


Platform fee: 4% of funds raised, if you reach your goal; 8% fee if you don’t

Processor fee: 4%

Read about RocketHub costs here.

Now that you can tell which fundraising site has the lowest fees, are you ready to get started? Create Your Fundraiser today!