Top 5 Online Fundraising Sites

 Choosing the best online site to host your fundraiser can be a tricky decision. We want to help narrow down the search to just the top 5 online fundraising sites, so you can make the best choice. 


Top Rated Online Fundraising SItes

When picking a site, it is important to remember that no two online fundraising sites are exactly the same. They differ in price, features, usability, and even the types of fundraisers they host.

First lets look at YouCaring is a well established fundraising site and the only free website on the list. The users will pay a credit card fee from WePay or PayPal of 2.9%, but as far as website fees – there are none. YouCaring has a well diversified fundraising platform, offering fundraising in multiple categories and even providing a fundraising widget for its users which can be integrated into their personal sites. The site is visually appealing and user friendly.

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Next there is Pledgie has been around for years.  It is more basic than some of the other sites listed. They charge 3.0% of every donation to help maintain the site, and also offers a very wide range of fundraising opportunities. Pledgie has a fundraising badge which can be shared on supporters personal pages. If you’re looking for something very simple, Pledgie could be just right for you.

Another option is Indegogo is among one of the more unique fundraising sites. They charge a 4% fee and a 3% third-party fee, but you do get what you pay for. Indegogo is easy to use and very visually appealing as well. If you are looking for a more creative fundraising platform and don’t mind paying a little more, check out Fundly has been around for a while. They a many price structures – the most basic being 7.5%, and has a very similar feel to Facebook. Fundly pages seem to be the most user friendly when it comes to customization, and also allow for more interaction. If pictures mean a lot to you, you may want to look into Fundly.

Last there is Gofundme is one of the larger fundraising sites, it is very well established and has all of the basic fundraising tools. There is a 5% fee (plus the credit card fee) on every donation made through gofundme. If you’re looking for the classic fundraising site, gofundme might be just right for you.

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