Help Raise Money for A Child With Cancer

Nicholas Pedone

It is always a tragedy when a childs life turns into a battle against a life threatening disease. Not only does it effect the childs life but also the who family, many times requiring the parents to leave work and care for their child. In these cases the family is often left with costly medical expenses and no way to pay for their childs care. To help, many families have been turning to online medical expense fundraising for children, as a way to raise money for their childs care.

Meet Nicholas Pedone
Nicholas is a sweet seven year old boy, who has been batteling stage 3 neuroblastoma. It all started on October 23rd, 2012 when Nicholas was diagnosed with neuroblastoma after multiple tests and trips to the ER. Neuroblastoma is a rare form of childhood cancer that commonly effects children five years old and younger. It happens due to immature nerve cells found in the body, most commonly around the adrinal gland.

By the 25th of October the doctors had scheduled a surgery to remove the mass from his abdomen as well as his right adrinal gland. It took Nicholas eight days to recover, and they have now formed an agressive plan to help save Nicholas’ life. Their plan will take one and a half years, and include six rounds of chemotherepy, a possible second surgery and radiation.

Along with this recovery plan the family has begun fundraising online for Nicholas’ medical expenses. Their goal is to raise $150,000. This money will go directly to insurance, medical payments, non-covered benifits and medications, travel costs, chemo drugs, and supliments. The family has also created an online site entirely for Nicholas and his cause. To visit it go to Nicholas’s Story. You can also visit his free online fundraiser and donate today!