Successful Online Fundraiser for Service Dog

successful online fundraiser for service dogThe saying, “Dog is man’s best friend.” is never more true for those who depend on service dogs. A service dog can make a huge difference in the life of a person in need. They allow freedom and independence as well as a sense of security and trust to their masters. These service dogs can be used as early detection for diabetes patients, a guide for the blind, a hearing alert for the deaf, and a much more.

Unfortunately, these dogs require intense training that can cost thousands of dollars on top of the usual pet care expenses. To help people afford their service dog many families have been turning to free online fundraising for service animals.

Meet Mickey Milo, Mickey is a young enthusiastic boy who is struggling with type 1 diabetes. At this stage in life Mickey’s doctors have given his parents two options, they either double the medical equipment that he carries around or he gets a blood sugar detecting service dog. The service dog is not only more convenient, but it is also less painful, and can detect Mickeys blood sugar at night allowing him a full nights rest.

The family soon decided to go with a service dog and put their name on a long waiting list. Finally a well known trainer has been able to secure a puppy, which will be born in February of 2013, as long as they can secure the funds for the first year of training. The family quickly created a free online fundraiser, and not long after met their goal of $5,660.

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