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The Story

Hello, Friends!

We are looking for spiritual and monetary support for Bill Price. On May 1, 2018, he suffered a terrible accident. While working on the exterior of a home , the scaffolding gave way and Bill dropped over 20 feet landing on his feet. He severely broke his right leg, both fibula and tibia. The tibia broke in three places. The fibula broke just above a plate from a previous injury. Fortunately, across the street, a kind soul with some medical training was able to stay with Bill until the ambulance arrived. 

*Updated Information*

Bill was not working alone. His brother-in-law, Richard Palmer, was also up on the scaffolding, miraculously avoiding any major injuries. Richard managed to call the paramedics immediately after the fall. He suffered a fracture to his sternum, has an injured knee and moving, generally, is quite difficult. He and his wife would greatly appreciate your prayers for his speedy recovery. 

The procedures:

Bill was taken by ambulance to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. When he got to the ER, the trauma team put a temporary splint on his leg and took x-rays to assess the damage in his leg as well as other areas of his body. They found his foot and ankle unbroken but saw the obvious breaks to his tibia and fibula. They determined surgery would be necessary. An initial surgery took place on May 1st in order to put the bones in an alignment that will allow the swelling to subside enough to do a second (and hopefully final) surgery to fix his leg. The first surgery put an external fixation mechanism in place which uses large fiberglass pins to hold the bones in place from the outside of the leg. This is just a temporary fix in order to get the limb in better condition before doing the surgery which will fix the leg. 

What is to come:

Bill will need to be completely off his foot for one to two weeks while waiting for the swelling to subside enough to allow the surgeons to do the second surgery. Bill will also be fitted with a back brace which will go from his hips up to the middle of his chest in order to hold his spine in proper alignment to allow his fractured L1 vertebrae to heal. 

Once Bill has the second surgery we don’t yet know how long he will be off work. Unfortunately, Bill’s work situation is such that when he is not working, he does not get paid. Furthermore, his insurance policy currently covers anyone who works for him, but not himself directly. This means an immense financial burden will be put on Bill, only weeks before getting married. Any donations for Bill and his soon to be wife would be incredibly helpful in the coming weeks and months. 

Anyone that knows Bill is aware of his giving spirit. He is generous with his time, talent and money, helping family, church and friends with anything from car repairs, home improvements to starting a traditional latin schola for the benefit of his parish and the greater glory of God. 

Clearly, the goal is not enough to cover all his medical bills, but it's a place to start. Please, let us repay him for his generosity!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 16, 2018

Posted on May 16, 2018

This, just in, from Sipkje. 

We had Bill’s second follow up appointment in Lansing today. Finding out what we did last week in regards to not having a clear knowledge of when surgery might happen really added a weight to the situation, making this past week not the easiest of weeks, by any means. And what added to that is that we had to postpone our wedding to sometime later this fall. Still not sure what date yet,  but it was clear to us we could not have our wedding this June as  we had been planning. But, moving it takes some added stress out of the equation with trying to get last minute plans in order while also focusing on getting Bill back to his usual self. 

At Bill’s appointment today the doctor had a chance to look at his leg to see how well the swelling reduced. Bill’s leg got wrapped in gauze and an Ace bandage at his appointment last week, so although we could see his leg better without the giant plaster of paris splint he had on at the hospital, we still really couldn’t get a good look at things on our own. After unwrapping       Bill’s leg today it seemed to my eyes that the swelling had reduced in some areas (his toes, the top of his foot, and the upper part of his calf especially) and the doctor confirmed that it had. In fact, based on how things have progressed over this past week he is confident we can go forward with surgery and has scheduled Bill for surgery on Tuesday, May 29. Getting that news was much more of a relief than I was expecting. This means we can       start to get a little bit of an idea as to approximately how long Bill’s road to recovery will be. 

We both are so appreciative of everyone’s support through all of this. Of course we are ever so thankful for donations given to us by friends, family, and acquaintances. But we are especially  touched by those folks who have sent donations, big and small, who we have never met before. Please know that Bill and I remember all of you in our prayers everyday. Please pray for our continued strength throughout all of this. We still have a long road ahead of us, but at least now we know when the next big step will be. 


Posted on May 9, 2018

Posted on May 9, 2018

This just in from Sipkje, Bill's fiancee. 

Today, May 9, Bill had his first follow up appointment with the       orthopedic surgeon who will eventually be doing Bill’s surgery. We       learned a lot at this visit. First, Bill suffered a pilon fracture. This type of fracture involves the ankle literally smashing into the lower part of the tibia. In Bill’s case he has one very long fracture up his tibia and the base of his tibia is broken into about 5 small pieces. Right now we are playing the       waiting game. The surgery cannot happen until the swelling is almost entirely gone. As of today we do not have a go ahead to do any surgery and will be checking back with the doctor next Wednesday. The doctor said once swelling begins to reduce it will happen quickly, but none of us can know whether that will be in 3 days... or 3 weeks. 

We did get insight as to what to expect post-surgery. Bill will need to be in bed with his leg elevated above heart level for 1-2 weeks after surgery. After that it will be around 10-12 weeks before he will be able to put weight on his leg. This is a huge blow for Bill who loves being active. Not only that, it means another 3-4 months of no work at this point. 

Posted on May 6, 2018

Posted on May 6, 2018


Bill is acclimating to being home and the challenges and adjustments are, indeed, great.  His faithful fiance has been a ray of sunshine, helping him with these difficult changes. It's going to be a bumpy road, but he has the great benefit of family and his soon to be wife to assist him on this demanding jaunt that has been put before him. 

One of the most galling aspects to all this is not knowing when he will be able to work again. For a man to not be able to provide for his soon to be wife is a real weight upon his shoulders. Besides this, Bill is always working at something....and not just his job! Home projects, writing music, outdoor pursuits and tinkering on his work truck, just to name a few. There isn't enough time in the day for this guy! He is a doer. :)

So, keep up those prayers friends! He needs all he can get, for a healed body and strong spirits! We know he will get there, but let's help him along!

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