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The Story

Hello, Friends!

We are looking for spiritual and monetary support for Bill Price. On May 1, 2018, he suffered a terrible accident. While working on the exterior of a home , the scaffolding gave way and Bill dropped over 20 feet landing on his feet. He severely broke his right leg, both fibula and tibia. The tibia broke in three places. The fibula broke just above a plate from a previous injury. Fortunately, across the street, a kind soul with some medical training was able to stay with Bill until the ambulance arrived. 

*Updated Information*

Bill was not working alone. His brother-in-law, Richard Palmer, was also up on the scaffolding, miraculously avoiding any major injuries. Richard managed to call the paramedics immediately after the fall. He suffered a fracture to his sternum, has an injured knee and moving, generally, is quite difficult. He and his wife would greatly appreciate your prayers for his speedy recovery. 

The procedures:

Bill was taken by ambulance to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. When he got to the ER, the trauma team put a temporary splint on his leg and took x-rays to assess the damage in his leg as well as other areas of his body. They found his foot and ankle unbroken but saw the obvious breaks to his tibia and fibula. They determined surgery would be necessary. An initial surgery took place on May 1st in order to put the bones in an alignment that will allow the swelling to subside enough to do a second (and hopefully final) surgery to fix his leg. The first surgery put an external fixation mechanism in place which uses large fiberglass pins to hold the bones in place from the outside of the leg. This is just a temporary fix in order to get the limb in better condition before doing the surgery which will fix the leg. 

What is to come:

Bill will need to be completely off his foot for one to two weeks while waiting for the swelling to subside enough to allow the surgeons to do the second surgery. Bill will also be fitted with a back brace which will go from his hips up to the middle of his chest in order to hold his spine in proper alignment to allow his fractured L1 vertebrae to heal. 

Once Bill has the second surgery we don’t yet know how long he will be off work. Unfortunately, Bill’s work situation is such that when he is not working, he does not get paid. Furthermore, his insurance policy currently covers anyone who works for him, but not himself directly. This means an immense financial burden will be put on Bill, only weeks before getting married. Any donations for Bill and his soon to be wife would be incredibly helpful in the coming weeks and months. 

Anyone that knows Bill is aware of his giving spirit. He is generous with his time, talent and money, helping family, church and friends with anything from car repairs, home improvements to starting a traditional latin schola for the benefit of his parish and the greater glory of God. 

Clearly, the goal is not enough to cover all his medical bills, but it's a place to start. Please, let us repay him for his generosity!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 15, 2018

Posted on June 15, 2018

This is from Sipkje!

Hi, everyone. Wednesday, Bill had his first post-op follow up appointment at the orthopedic center in Lansing. We knew a little bit of what to expect at the appointment based on what his surgeon told me just after Bill's surgery was wrapped up two weeks ago. Bill got his rather large plaster splint removed. This was the first time in over a month his leg has been completely free of any exterior objects, whether they be an external fixator and/or large splint. I could tell it was a strange yet freeing feeling for him. But, as soon as the splint and gauze were removed we both got a good look at the four incisions in his leg. At first sight they looked a bit Frankenstein-ish with all of the stitches still in each incision! But, as soon as the nurse who removed the splint saw his leg her reaction was "Your leg looks good!" because of how well his incisions are healing. She made efficient work of removing each of the stitches from Bill's leg. She didn't count them, but her best guess was that there were close to 40 stitches in total. She put steri-strips on his leg to help protect the incisions a bit more over the next few days and then we waited for the physicians assistant to come chat with us. She gave Bill a lot of good information about what to expect over the next 2-4 weeks until his next appointment. For the next month Bill has an Ace bandage wrapped around his leg and his previous "lambskin" lined aluminum splint to wear and that's all. Its far lighter than anything else, and this time he doesn't have the awkwardness of an external fixator to contend with. Bill is to wear that except for when he is getting dressed or showering, which he can do now! Bill's comment was that now he may being to feel human again. ;-) Ever since the second surgery, Bill has had issues with a tingling numbness on the top of his foot and the PA assured him this was, unfortunately, relatively normal because of where one of his primary nerves for that part of his foot crosses his lower leg and where one of his incisions cuts into that very spot. She encouraged him to work that out by using lotion and massaging the top of his foot as often as he was comfortable doing so in order to teach his nerves as they rebuild that all sensation is not bad sensation. Bill still cannot put any weight on his leg and for now the only movement he can do is to move his knee, which he has full range of motion with, and to wiggle his toes. He is not to move his ankle in anyway as the bone there is still very fragile and they do not want to compromise the healing that is beginning to take place. Much to my surprise they did not take any x-rays at today's appointment. But, as the PA explained, bone healing starts to take effect at the two week mark. Even if they were to take x-rays today, nothing significant enough to show up on x-rays would be present, so they save the radiation for later, as she said. Bill still has a good bit of swelling in his foot and ankle, and both the nurse and the PA said that is normal for this type of injury. The PA also warned that Bill will experience some swelling his foot and ankle for the next year to year and a half. This was not very heartening news and it made Bill even more determined to get back on his feet (no pun intended!) and move more to help move the swelling out. But, all in good time. He intends on being as patient as possible with this process. He knows that even though the large splint is off his leg is still quite fragile and will be taking great care with his leg. He does not want to set healing back at all. Its hard to believe we are now six weeks out from his initial injury. When this all began it was difficult to think we would ever get past it in any way. And here we are two weeks after surgery and Bill is taking on all sorts of projects. (More on some of those as they progress). He's even figured out a way to modify his stance in order to throw darts! So, all is not lost for this summer. Again, we are so thankful for everyone's prayers throughout all of this. We ask that you please keep up the prayers. There are still many hurdles left in this race. We'll still need many prayers and we are so grateful that so many are willing to do that for us. Thank you all!

Posted on May 31, 2018

Posted on May 31, 2018

Just in from Sipkje!

I am writing this update about a fiancé who now has a surgically fixed leg! The surgery, yesterday, went very well. Bill's doctor was pleased with how it all came together. I was able to speak with him just after he finished the procedure. He described, in very basic terms, what they did during the surgery and showed me x-ray images of all of the metal plates in his leg. There were four incisions made total in Bill's leg, in order to get all the metal plates put in place. Pictures of the x-rays will be added to the photo album above for you all to see. They aren't gruesome by any means! But, it shows you how much metal Bill now houses in his leg. 

Once Bill left recovery after surgery, he was moved to a room on the ortho floor where he stayed overnight. The nurses took excellent care of him and made sure his pain was managed throughout the evening. Very early this morning, Bill was able to speak with both the ortho intern and resident who took part in Bill's surgery and helped answer all of Bill's questions. They told us that as far as they were concerned Bill could be released that morning, which was great news for us both. We got a better idea of Bill's upcoming recovery activities after speaking with the ortho physicians assistant. He informed us that for the 36 to 72 hours after surgery Bill is to remain laying down with his leg elevated above heart level, as he has been for the last four weeks. Once we get beyond the 72 hour mark Bill is being encouraged, in fact required, to be up and moving around for 10-15 minutes at a time on his crutches every hour or two when he is awake. This will help stimulate circulation in his leg which will ultimately help the healing process. He will have to be cautious as to how long he is up at first and will need to rest, but I know his leg will tell him when that will need to happen. :) Bill will have his first follow up appointment in two weeks. At that appointment his current splint will be removed, all stitches/staples will come out of his skin, and a new brace will be put on. After that point, he may be able to begin some very basic range of motion exercises that do not apply any weight to his leg, but that will become clearer to us at his first follow up appointment.

I feel like a broken record when I say this, but we are both SO appreciative of everyone's prayers and support through all of this. Especially those who offered rosaries, Masses, and novenas on the day of Bill's surgery. We know our Lady has been with us throughout this entire ordeal and we know She will be with us as we move forward. There is still a long road ahead, but in many ways the worst seems to be behind us. 


Posted on May 24, 2018

Posted on May 24, 2018

Hello, everyone,

It has been just over one week since I last updated and things have been progressing as well as can be expected at this point. Knowing when surgery will be has been a help to us both. But its also makes us both a bit sad knowing that the first time he'll even be able to put any weight whatsoever on his leg is in August , if all goes well. 

We have been trying to do as many activities that Bill enjoyed before his accident as we can with the constrictions he has had to follow. He's been reading, chatting about all sorts of topics, listening to the Lord of the Rings audio book, learning to sight sing and applying that skill to learning new choral music, watching shows and movies on Amazon Prime, praying, and playing rummy and Monopoly with myself and his brother-in-law, Rick. We       have even been able to make it to daily Mass twice now this past week. Fortunately the local parish has seating that makes it possible for Bill to be able to attend without being in a lot of discomfort. Bill has even found ways to keep up with exercising, making modifications as needed to work around his leg. Of course, for right now, that means only doing upper body exercises. And not for a very long period of time as he       doesn't want to make his leg sweat! There are also less desirable activities he has been forced to do, one of which includes making all sorts of phone calls regarding medical related things - bills, appointments, pre-surgery prep and information regarding how to be most ready for surgery next week. As he says, he wants to be able to put this time to good use. He is already thinking ahead to what comes next and what he may be able to do once he doesn't need to have his leg elevated all the time. 

As usual, thank you all for your support. Prayers mean the most to Bill right now, especially with surgery just around the corner. This isn't exactly how we'd both imagined spending our Memorial Day weekend. But, I personally am glad I get to spend it with Bill in any capacity, especially when I think about how much worse the accident could have been. 

Thank you all for your continued support!


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