Help Bill Dingledine overcome serious spinal cord injury

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The Story

On March 20, 2018, Bill Dingledine lost control of his bicycle while riding in Paris Mountain State Park and he smashed headfirst into a tree. Unconscious and on life support, Bill was airlifted to an ICU where doctors confirmed a fractured neck vertebra, spinal cord damage and paralysis below his shoulders. Breathing was a big question mark. Water pooled around his lungs; a chest tube was installed; a lung infection followed; and one of his lungs began collapsing.   

Throughout this experience, Bill remained cheerful, smiling and “talking” with his eyes while the life support tube stayed down his throat for days. Friends and family rallied around him. With characteristic determination, Bill fought his way back and started breathing on his own. Every day since, he has continued to make tiny improvements – a thumb wiggle here, a pointed toe there – yet the outcome remains uncertain.     

Bill’s fight has been incredible, but it is far from over. Medical costs for Bill’s care and rehabilitation are extraordinary, and will be ongoing for the rest of his life. This is especially poignant because he lacks long-term care insurance. It’s expected that all of Bill and Dale’s carefully saved retirement nest egg will be depleted in less than one year. It’s also expected that Medicare coverage will not provide for the amount and intensity of rehabilitation that Bill is likely to require. All funds raised for Bill will go to helping pay for his ongoing medical expenses, intense rehabilitation therapies, and necessary assistive technologies.    

Bill’s grit and determination brought him back to cycling after a traumatic brain injury eight years ago. This time, his positive attitude and remarkable physical fitness so impressed his nurses and doctors that he was admitted early to the Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital in Greenville, SC. It is the Dingledine family’s sincere hope that Bill will once again walk among us, volunteering at the local soup kitchen and giving out handshakes, hugs, and guidance to family members, colleagues, and students. Bill’s full rehabilitation is possible through the generosity of those who love him.  

Thank you for your contributions, prayers and encouragement.   

With deepest appreciation, 

Bill’s Friends and Family     

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 23, 2018


Posted on April 23, 2018

Happy Birthday, Bill!!

Photo and a message from Bill: "When a cyclist is having a hard time going up a hill, another rider will ride up alongside and gently put a hand on your back to encourage you along. Right now, I feel like I have a thousand hands on my back. Thank you to everyone!" 

Today is Bill's birthday, so please post a comment on the YouCaring site to wish him well as he continues to push forward with unwavering determination.

Bill's daughter reports that, "With great concentration, Bill lifted his hand up to feed himself 3 bites of pound cake, and then picked up a cup of iced tea and took some sips from it!! There was much celebrating. These basic movements still take a lot of effort, and he can't always replicate them on command, but we're so thrilled."

Thank you so much for your financial support and your prayers and well wishes. Bill's journey is buoyed by your generous outpouring of love and concern.

Posted on April 12, 2018


Posted on April 12, 2018

Photo: In the hospital, Bill is growing a beard for the first time in his life! 

Bill continues to make small improvements in movement and ability and is still in good spirits. His body is very tense, but all he can feel is an achy neck and head. He's been able engage some core muscles in his neck to lift the back of his head off the bed -- tiny crunches!

Nurses are lifting Bill to standing position and holding him up for brief periods. The good news is muscles are firing even though Bill cannot tell if he is moving his legs since he has no sensation in them. With great concentration, Bill was able to lift his left arm to almost shoulder height -- PROGRESS!

Bill is surrounded by excellent care, both from his nursing staff and friends and family. A steady flow of visitors has been so good for him, and he has really enjoyed having Grace (his daughter) read him your emails of appreciation and encouragement.   

Thank you so much for your support and please share Bill's story on social media and through your network of friends and colleagues: -- This will make all the difference in Bill's recovery! Let's help him walk again!

Posted on April 9, 2018

Posted on April 9, 2018

On April 4, Bill was able to lift an arm off the bed! It's far too soon to make predictions, but doctors are impressed by Bill's progress so far and are hopeful for his mobility.

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Help Bill Dingledine overcome serious spinal cord injury

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