Helping Betty Roberts get her laptop back.

For: Betty Roberts
Inglewood, CA
Organizer: Josie Horne
Helping Betty Roberts get her laptop back. (Betty Roberts)
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The Story

Yesterday Betty wrote on her Facebook fan page this message.
I am done! We had a slight power outage, the compute was connected to the wall and it surged...I have lost EVERYTHING and I mean computer is basically at factory settings, not even an operating system. My drawings that are not yet inked, my inked images for the past two years, history on my lap top where I sign in and out of things...EVERYTHING is gone. I am in tears and I am about ready to throw in the towel. I am trying to answer some private messages, it kicks me out, flickers and then boots me off Facebook, I have to sign on again. I am done...night ladies and gents, I have a tremendous headache and I am about to brawl with my husband because I am so stressed....I mean STRESSED beyond words....
So we waited and prayed for good news but it wasn’t to be….
I do not have good news, so I am going to go home, site and cry for a few hours. The surge fried the hard disk, no worries, I can replace it but I have lost everything for sure. OR I can buy a brand new one, in which case I still don't have all my important documents, digs, photos, inked images I was going to upload when all of each set were repairs for HUGE bucks, or a new laptop for even BIGGER bucks...which I have non for!
I can't even offer or sketch up any new fundraisers, cause, well, I don't have a laptop! Rio's laptop I am working off right now will have to do until I can figure something out, but it’s so old I can't erase her data as it's her homework and school work and such to work on my stuff. I am in one hell of a pickle. Rio keeps nudging me trying to make me smile but I just want to cry. She wants to go out to a movie, my favorite thing in the world instead of me going home to cry and be in a bad mood, but I am just not in the mood.
Pray we get home safe ladies and gents; I'm angry, sad, and distracted. The roads are icy but I have to get home safe! I will get home safe I know that...maybe by the time I get there I will have let it go. Maybe something will come to me like a light bulb DING!
Time to wipe my tears, stand up, dust off and resolve it yeah? Well after I get home and rest cause damn I feel like I was put through the ringer, and again over some silly computer...but please know that silly computer with my efforts has gotten me through some difficult times. It puts clothes on my kids backs, it puts food on our table, without it what comes from my imagination and pencil couldn't be put out there.

So now it is our turn to pay a little back to Betty for all the free digi’s she has given us over the last year.
Lets raise enough to replace the laptop not just repair the one that got damaged.
A new Mac Book Pro 15 inch costs around $2000 entry level. 
Join me in donating to this very worthy lady.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 20, 2015

Posted on December 20, 2015

Betty and I would like to let everyone know that with the help of her family and all of the people who donated through this fund and the other fundraising activities, she now has enough money to have her computer repaired, with extra external storage and a new hard drive and the labour fees.
This is wonderful news and we can only say thank you. 

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Helping Betty Roberts get her laptop back.

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