Let's Restore Eyesight for Cocker Spaniels Daphne and Daisy!

For: Beautiful & Young Cocker Spaniels Daisy Mae and Daphne Moon!
Olympia, WA
Organizer: Annemarie Juhlian
Let's Restore Eyesight for Cocker Spaniels Daphne and Daisy! (Beautiful & Young Cocker Spaniels Daisy Mae and Daphne Moon!)
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The Story

It often takes a village to save a dog.

A village stepped up to save cocker spaniel girls, Daisy Mae and Daphne Moon, from certain death.

Here is their story. 

Here is how URGENT EYE SURGERY can help Daisy and Daphne see again.

Here is how YOU can HELP with a kind donation to make this possible.

These two beautiful and cocker spaniel girls were tied up in the middle of the right outside of the County Animal Services/Control building in Olympia.  I know!  Who the heck does this?!

No note.  No history.  Nothing.  Nobody looked for them.  No one claimed them week after week after week.

They languished in a small kennel for over 6 weeks, with no medical care, no grooming/bathing, no exercise. Nothing. Awaiting a fate we'd rather not talk about.

Nameless, they were passed over time and time again. 

Why?  Because of their eyes and their almost blindness.  Because their mouths were a wreck - rotten teeth, gum issues, infected teeth.  Their ears were coated with crud and their coats were a mess with mats and other horribleness.

Worst of all, both girls are almost blind.

They have juvenile cataracts and because their former person didn't get them proper veterinary care for their eyes, both girls have pretty much lost most of their eyesight.  Who would do this?  Who would allow these girls to go nearly blind when there was opportunity to take care of their eyes over the years?

A Volunteer with Second Chance Dogs heard about the plight of these 2 cocker spaniel girls and knowing their time was short, she worked hard to find a foster home.

Remarkably, a most beautiful foster family (in Olympia) stepped forward and on one fine day, the girls were released from their cage of 6 weeks at Animal Services.

With the support of Second Chance Dogs, a non-profit animal rescue organization based in the South Sound, both girls made an immediate visit to an eye doctor.

It's a long and complicated medical story and here is the short of it.
  • Daisy Mae (the black girl) needs to have one eye removed and sight restored in the other (cataract surgery).  The pressure in her bad eye is 42 - this girl is in great pain and has been for a very long time.  
  • Daphne Moon (the brown girl) needs to have cataract surgery in both eyes to restore eyesight.  The pressure in her eyes is stable.
OUR ASK:  Please help us fund urgent eye surgery for both girls.  

Simply, Second Chance Dogs has a short timeline to raise funds. We are a small animal rescue organization and given the enormous needs of these girls, we are reaching out to our dog loving community.

Please know that every dollar donated goes to these girls and their eye surgery expenses.

Daisy Mae and Daphne June are sweet girls.  They are affectionate, darling and so deserving of a 2nd chance.  Given their condition when they were dumped at Animal Services, we can only imagine the lack of veterinary and medical care they have endured over time. Because of a generous and immediate donation, we were able to get prompt veterinary care, medicine, and both girls have received a dental cleaning and extractions (Daphne had 8 rotten teeth taken out!).

Together, we save them!

Thank you,

The Dog Loving Team At Second Chance Dogs


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 29, 2017

Posted on November 29, 2017

I am thrilled to share that Daphne Moon received her double eye cataract surgery on 11/21.  She is resting during her important 2 week recovery with her lovely foster family and goes back for a re-check on 12/4.  Together, we save them!  Thank you so much for your generosity to insure Daphne got her much needed eye surgery.

Posted on October 25, 2017

Posted on October 25, 2017

Best news!  Daisy Mae has had her eye surgery!  Funds were raised between several websites and sources, and with grateful hearts we are excited to share that Daisy Mae is doing well.  Her painful left eye was removed and eyesight is slowing returning to her compromised right eye, which had cataract surgery.  Daisy Mae goes back for her re-check in Seattle on 10/31.  More then!

Daphne Moon is scheduled for eye surgery on 11/21.  We are raising funds for her double eye cataract surgery.  

Together, we save them!

Posted on October 3, 2017

Posted on October 3, 2017

On behalf of Daphne and Daisy, thank you for your encouragement and support.  These girls have been through a lot and we're not going to let them down.  Daisy is scheduled for eye surgery in October and Daphne in November.  Thank you for your incredibly kind and generous donations to make all of this healing goodness happen!  More to come!  Annemarie, Volunteer, Second Chance Dogs.

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Let's Restore Eyesight for Cocker Spaniels Daphne and Daisy!

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