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The Story

We need your help to get Barney to his Forever Home from Zagreb to Canada. Yes, it's a very long way. But if you watch the video on this fundraiser, you will see why Barney deserves this chance at a new life. We hope you will not give up on Barney now, because he did not give up on us. We have learned so much from Barney. Hope. Love. Belief. Determination. Resilience. Most of all, we have learned that strangers are just friends we are about to meet.

This is the story of a street dog named Barney - the miracle dog - the beaten, battered and broken street dog from Sarajevo who captured all our hearts. This is Barney's miraculous story of how he cheated death more times than we could count. With his will to survive, bravery and infectious personality and love of humans, his story is one that will stay with you forever. Y

But it's not just about how we helped Barney. This story is also about what Barney taught us, as humans.

Barney challenged us to believe, to have hope, to never give up. He bought people together from all over the world and showed us what friendship means. He showed us the meaning of real love - if we join as one, with no borders or boundaries.

Barney's story begins on the 20 October 2015... you can read the full version of Barney's story in our blog on In Memory of Vucko, but here is a shorter version of what happened....

Animal Welfare Advocates and Rescuers, Edina Pasic and Fahrudin Caki Bravo, from Sarajevo, Bosnia, went out as usual to feed the street dogs of Sarajevo. But today, they noticed something unusual.

Edina writes:
One of the dogs we have been feeding for a long time (now called Barney) lay on the ground and looked like he was sleeping. When he heard us, he lifted his head and then the rest of his body. Then he stopped and just looked at us for a few minutes. I wondered what was wrong with him because he's always the first to run up to us. Then the darling tried to come over to us. He was limping very badly.

We talked to a guard at the factory where these dogs where living. He told us that some monster hit the big dog with his car. Then, instead of helping him, he kicked both him and another dog and beat them with a bat.The guard ran out after the the man when this happened, but he wasn't fast enough to stop it. The guard said that the dogs weren't doing anything wrong. They weren't running after the car.”

AWABosnia asked Edina to rescue him. We would somehow find the money for treatment and care. She did. (And she also rescued the white dog, a female dog, also hurt by this terrible man.)

She named the big dog “Barney.”

After an initial vet consultation in Sarajevo, the vet concluded that Barney's injuries were very complicated and could not be treated in Sarajevo. He would have to go to specialist vet clinic in Zagreb or risk having his leg amputated. Barney was transported to Zagreb. So many supporters donated to cover the costs.

As soon as the vet examined Barney, he said Barney had been shot at some point in the past. The bullet fragments had made a big mess of his leg. X-rays revealed there were still bullet fragments in Barneys leg. He had a broken bone on the same leg and a broken toe on his front leg.

Barney's operation lasted 5 hours and it was successful. It was a difficult and complicated surgery and we would now be relying on Barney's ability to heal.

1 November 2015: THE WORST NEWS EVER - 1 day after surgery!

Barney had escaped from the vet clinic. His escape was captured on the vet clinic’s CCTV. From the footage we could see had some fun in the vet office and made a bit of a mess before he jumped out of the window!

Immediately, Edina and Caki drove to Zagreb Facebook was ablaze with posts and urgent pleas for volunteers to help find Barney. With the support of other rescuers and volunteers, they began a search that would last more than four months. Little did Barney know just how famous he was and how many fans he had. But we think Barney had something to teach us. Please follow the story to the end.

The greatest concern was for Barney's survival after surgery. Barney was 1 day out of a very aggressive surgery and had a leg full of screws. He would surely contract sepsis if he wasn't found soon. He would not survive in that state.

So many people came together to help find Barney. He made headlines in the Zagreb newspapers. Flyers were posted all over town, on car windscreens, light poles, shop windows - EVERYWHERE. Facebook posts were being shared and re-posted over and over. Barney HAD TO BE FOUND!

By this time, so many people, from all over the world, thousands of people, were rallying together, meeting each other for the first time, to HELP FIND BARNEY. Barney was bringing people together. Did he know it? Was this his purpose in life?

In February 2016, after a long period with no sightings, the team had a lucky break with a sighting of Barney several kilometers south of the Sava river in a semi-rural area near the Zagreb airport.

The team (which was constantly growing in numbers) established a feeding station that Barney visited regularly and custom made a suitable trap. The trap and feeding station needed twice daily visits and, once "set", continuous observation throughout every night!

4 March 2016:
AND THEN … the news we had all been waiting to hear:


6 March 2016: Barney had a preliminary vet check. Lots of ticks (about 70) had been removed, and he was given antibiotics for the infection to his leg. He had a wound on his ear that wasn't serious and would also be treated with antibiotics. Meanwhile, Barney was treated to a bath and manicure!

7 March 2016:
After x-rays and blood tests, the vet declared Barney a PHENOMENON. He did not have Sepsis and considering he had no medication for 4 months, Barney was in reasonably good condition. Barney would need antibiotics for his leg infection and ear wound.

Barney already had a temporary foster family in Zagreb waiting to take him home.

Edina wrote: “Barney is a lucky boy because he has Hari and Mirchi as his temporary foster family who are giving him love and support and they will take care of him. Our friends from Zagreb bought him a GPS which is built into his collar so as to be able to follow him at every turn via smart phone App (ALL OVER THE WORLD). THEY ARE AMAZING!”

Barney continued to receive veterinary treatment, because although his leg healed well he wasn’t using it at all, so he was prescribed a course of hydrotherapy sessions to help him regain use of his leg.

None of this could have happened without the generous support of Edina and Caki’s followers, of course. Barney had amassed more and more followers and fans by this time!

2 May 2015, Edina wrote: “Barney is doing OK and is now up to 42kg bodyweight, but the infection in his bone has caused a screw to come loose, so he has to have an operation to take it out.

When they removed the loose screw, Barney's leg was not looking good. They took a sample of that tissue and found out that his bone had started to dissolve because it was constantly infected by all screws and pieces of bullet in his elbow.

So they put him on very strong antibiotics for almost 2 months and decided to take all the screws out as well as bullet pieces.”

Barney had a long recovery (3 months) after that surgery, but he finally started using that leg again - more and more every day. “He is using it more than ever these days and he is extremely fast now!

21 September 2016, eleven months after his initial rescue and seven months after he was found after escaping the vet practise, BARNEY HAS A FOREVER HOME IN CANADA WAITING FOR HIM with an incredible family who fell in love with Barney from the start.

But once again we need your help to get him there. And this is why …

The most beautiful outcome of Barney's story is that most of the people involved in his story, did not know each other. So, thank you Barney for bringing people together and creating friendships that will last forever as a result of their love for you. You are a special boy, Barney. It is this reason why we feel so passionate about getting him to his forever home in Canada, he crosses continents with his love, with the people who love him.

What started as a Mission Impossible and concluded with an EPIC Mission Accomplished. We would like to thank all the people involved in Barney's story and we are sure that Barney would like to thank them also. You all know who you are. These people volunteered their time, money, resources, equipment, connections, networks and kept hope alive.

But most of, we want to thank all the people, from all over the world, who followed and supported Barney's story and who forged new friendships through Barney's story. His story will continue with his own Facebook Page very soon.

If you have learned anything from Barney or the people involved in Barney's life from watching his video story, then PLEASE help us raise the funds for Barney's travel costs so that Barney can finally be in his forever home in Canada.


If you would like to read BARNEY'S FULL STORY, please visit the blog on In Memory of Vucko.
Watch Barney's story on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHUd43yc72U

This is the breakdown for Barney's travel fees:
Transport Crate 163e
Flight Zagreb - Toronto 350e
Overnight stay in Toronto for connecting flight to Winnipeg 40e
Flight Toronto - Winnipeg 380e
Vaccines, Vet Certificate and Passport: 50e
Total for: 983e

You can donate here in this YouCaring fundraiser or if you prefer to donate directly via Paypal the address is [email protected] and mark it "Barney".  Thank you again and please help by sharing Barney's posts when you see them.


More about AWABosnia on Facebook:

More about the wonderful work Edina Pasic does on her Facebook Page

More about the wonderful work Caki Bravo does on his group Help Caki Dogs to Find Homes

Find out more about the horrors that strays experience in Bosnia please go to:
In Memory of Vucko


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Posted on September 28, 2016

Raised in RECORD time, thank you all so so so so much! BARNEY IS ON HIS WAY thanks to you!

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