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The Story

In 2017, Barkleyworld paid over $70,000 in vet services to assist 60+ families with pets in need.  We know firsthand how expensive vet bills can be.  We did all we could for our own pup Diego, and we cannot imagine not having the funds to do everything in our power to save him.   And even though it was a losing battle, we have no regrets for trying.  So very many people do not have these funds and their pets do not have this chance.  Their only choice is euthanasia.  My heart breaks for them and that is why Barkleyworld is here.  Families do not expect help—they are just reaching out and humbly asking. They have exhausted their resources and are sending out a desperate plea for help that is hard for us to ignore.

All emergency vets and most regular vets demand payment before services are rendered and if there are no funds in Barkleyworld’s account, we cannot help a family when they call.  It is certainly not your obligation or responsibility to help any of these families, and that’s what makes you all so very special!!  Every dollar helps and shows your support and kindness to those in need.  If you can’t donate, please say a prayer for all the families with pets in need, and please pray that Barkleyworld will be able to continue providing help for those that humbly ask.  Our pets are family too.  We rely solely on donations to keep doing what we’re doing.   Thank you all for your generosity and compassion.

Current 2018 Pet Projects:

Dollar – A precious 12 year old pup diagnosed with tumors in the spleen.  A splenectomy was performed on January 11th and Dollar is now home recuperating!

Abby – An adorable 12 year old Chihuahua diagnosed with mammary gland tumors.  Abby’s mom Christina is battling ovarian cancer and sent a heart wrenching email to Barkleyworld asking for help for her baby Abby.  With our assurance of help, Christina had surgery on January 11th with peace of mind that Abby too would have surgery soon and they would heal together.  The largest of Abby’s tumors was removed on January 10th, and Abby is home waiting for her mom to be released from the hospital.  Abby will undergo further evaluation and treatment beginning on January 17th.   We are waiting on results of the biopsy of the first tumor.

Mattie – Update: Sadly, precious Mattie passed away this morning at home.A biopsy had been performed 2 days ago by Dr. Hultman and we are still awaiting results that just don’t matter anymore.  We knew this tumor was very aggressive and time was precious but  Mattie exhibited some positive signs that kept the family’s hopes alive and they wanted to continue treatment and analysis as long as Mattie was comfortable and until we had more data.  She chose her time to go—at home—with her family—in her bed.  We have offered to help Mattie’s family with cremation/burial arrangements if they so choose.

History:  This delightful 8 year old Shih Tzu developed a very fast growing tumor on her hind leg.  Barkleyworld had her evaluated at Central Animal Hospital where it was determined that the tumor is an aggressive mast cell tumor.  Xrays are being further evaluated and if no more cancer cells are detected in the body, Mattie will be scheduled for a leg amputation as soon as possible.  If cancer cells are detected, then a decision will be made regarding viable options by Mattie’s parents in the best interest of their beloved pup.

Shady - Barkleyworld proudly continues to assist Shady on his cancer journey.  February marks the 1 year anniversary since Shady’s diagnosis of cancer in his right anal gland. He’s done wonderfully through all of his treatments!  His quality of life is excellent.  Shady is due for an ultrasound and x-ray to check for any possible metastasis to his lymph nodes or lungs. This is needed to insure his chemo is still the best treatment. If it has metastasized anywhere that means his chemo has failed and should not be continued. His tumor has shrunk and is almost completely gone so we are confidently hopeful that no cancer will be detected!  Then the decision to continue chemo or not will be decided.

Herbie – Barkleyworld is partnering with I Am Dog Rescue to help Herbie the Doxie  with 3 needed surgeries.   The first surgery was performed in October to correct calcified discs in his back.  The second and third surgeries needed are for ligaments in both knees.  These surgeries will be scheduled after Herbie recovers from his back surgery.  His rehab is going well and he continues to get stronger daily!  Mike with I Am Dog Rescue states they are training Herbie to use a cart before his first ACL surgery is performed so his left leg will not be under great stress. 

Binky – Barkleyworld continues to support Binky through his cancer journey after being diagnosed with adrenal gland cancer a year ago in December.  There is no cure but because of your generous donations for chemo and all the testing and staging that accompanies this treatment, Binky has surpassed the one year mark and is doing well.  Binky’s mom Marisol sent us this sweet message on Thanksgiving:  “Thank you for giving me Binky for many more Thanksgivings! God bless you always Karen and Barkleyworld!".  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 9, 2017

Posted on June 9, 2017

Nala had surgery yesterday to remove her crushed leg. She is relaxing comfortably and eating well today. Thank you all for your prayers, support and donations for Nala and for all pets in need thru Barkleyworld!!

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Ongoing Vet Bills for Barkleyworld Pets

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