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The Story

Emergencies aren’t scheduled—they happen---and usually after 6 pm, on weekends, or on holidays!!  So sad to leave a family with a sick/hurt pet without any resources and no choices but to let the pet suffer and hopefully recover on its own or worse…. None of us can cover EVERY need, but together we CAN cover MOST needs. Many times we don’t know the extent of illness and injuries and are blindsided by the huge vet bills incurred.  Because a vet bill has been paid, you may think it’s a done deal and no problem!   Yes PROBLEM.  Barkleyworld tries to keep funds in reserve for emergencies, but when you have a whole load of emergencies, and you spend all your funds on a pet that  you promised to help, there is nothing left for any other pet in need. Yes, THIS pet is covered, but not the next nor the next.  Please pay it forward by making even a small donation to help the next pet in need.  If we were able to help you in the past, can you pay it forward to help someone else that was in your shoes?  If you’ve been lucky enough to not be in this situation, can you donate a little to someone who is?    Barkleyworld is a small rescue that depends solely on donations---just think if no one cared—and then think if everyone cared—that’s much better!!   Below are just a FEW of the most recent pets that have come into Barkleyworld in just the past few weeks!!  We are helping on a wing and a prayer and the kindness of strangers reaching out to help other strangers!!   Let’s all help each other by donating just a little--please.  Donations also gratefully accepted thru our website at

Westin is an adorable 8 year old Jack Russell terrier who escaped his home and incurred a horrific jaw injury from an altercation with another animal.  A portion of the lower jaw had to be amputated on 8-8-17.  Dogs are resilient creatures and Westin is home and his recovery is going well.  Westin’s family who have recently fallen on hard times are very grateful for the love and support from Barkleyworld.  After exhausting all of their funds and raising almost $1,000 for Westin’s care, they reached out for help to Barkleyworld for additional help and thru your generous donations, we were able to answer their call!!

Belle was found by the side of a road by a good Samaritan named Miranda who thought this pup, laying alongside another pup, were both dead.  When the pup raised her head, Miranda stopped to help.  This pup, later named Belle, was standing guard over her deceased companion but limped to Miranda when called.  Miranda posted on facebook trying to find the pups’ owner but to no avail.  Not needing another dog, Miranda could not turn her back on Belle but did not have funds to take her to the vet for an obviously broken leg.  So she reached out to Barkleyworld and we agreed to help.  Indeed Belle did have a broken leg that is now in a splint and we are hoping it will heal without surgery. So far so good but further exams will be made to check the progress. By this time, Miranda could not let Belle go, so Belle now has a forever home with the kind stranger who helped her. 

Chance and Stella are 2 adorable dogs with serious medical issues that drained their owner Sherry’s finances.  Chance had an eye tumor removed in 2016 and began recently having seizures. It was thought that some cells may have metastasized in his brain stem down to his spine area causing these painful seizures. It was recommended that Chance see a neurologist to get an MRI.  Having exhausted all of her funds, Sherry reached out to Barkleyworld and we put Chance under our rescue vet, Dr. Hultman, at Central Animal Hospital.  Sadly, the seizures became more frequent and with the pain Chance was enduring, and with the support of Dr. Hultman, Sherry lovingly made the decision to put Chance out of his pain. Our condolences are with Sherry and Chance’s life-long 4 legged companion Stella who has issues of her own…… Stella was diagnosed with Cushings, high blood pressure and a heart murmur. We placed Stella too under Barkleyworld at Central Animal Hospital where she is being monitored and treated for her ailments.  She is missing her companion Chance but both Stella and Sherry thank all the Barkleyworld supporters who reached out to help them.

Shady – Shady, an 11 year old cattle dog heeler, was diagnosed with anal sac cancer in February and underwent 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation.  Shady’s Mom Katrina totally ran out of funds during ongoing radiation treatments at VSNT and reached out to Barkleyworld for assistance and we agreed to help her raise funds.  Thanks to the generosity of Barkleyworld supporters, we were able to raise money to complete radiation only to be told that chemo would also be needed!!!  Katrina was able to obtain some grant money from the Mosby Foundation, Texas Cattle Dog Rescue and from Canine Cancer Awareness in addition to Barkleyworld’s support so there was no interruption in Shady’s chemo treatments!  He was recently awarded the “Super Dog” cape by the chemo staff at VSNT.  Barkleyworld and Katrina continue to fundraise to complete Shady’s chemo thru the end of September.  Donations greatly appreciated for Super Dog Shady!!! 

BanditBandit is a 2 ½ year old small Pit Bull  mix sweetheart!!  He was rescued from undesirable conditions at 4 weeks old and has been part of Teresa’s family ever since.  He blended with the family kittens and earned the title of “Dog Daddy”.  Recently Bandit was diagnosed with a torn cranial cruciate ligament requiring surgery.  Bandit was referred to Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital for a clinical study and if qualified, more than half of the surgery cost would be refunded at the end of the year.  Sadly, it was discovered that Bandit needs 2 TPLO surgeries on 2 legs, so was not eligible for this program. Barkleyworld had already committed to helping Bandit thru A&M so when this offer collapsed, Barkleyworld’s offer stood firm.  Bandit had the first of his surgeries at Central Animal Hospital on July 25th and his rehab is going very well. As soon as he is able to put weight on this leg, then the 2nd surgery will be scheduled at CAH. Thanks to all who donated to Barkleyworld for Bandit.  Expenses for the 2 surgeries were far more than we budgeted, so donations for Bandit are still greatly needed and appreciated thru Barkleyworld! 

Precious: On July 10th,  Patti Chiaramonte with Don’t Forget to Feed Me (DF2FM) contacted Barkleyworld regarding a very sad story for assistance from the Ft. Worth Fire Department involving an elderly woman (100 years old) and her pup Precious who were victims of their house fire. Precious was found unconscious in a bedroom by a firefighter and taken to a local vet for emergency care. The firefighters association donated to Precious’ vet care but more funds were needed so Barkleyworld immediately agreed to help with a donation to Hulen Hills Animal Clinic and arranged to have Precious transported to Barkleyworld’s rescue vet, Central Animal Hospital, for longer term care.  Precious mainly suffered from smoke inhalation with injury to her lungs, and some minor injuries to her eyes.  Precious’ mom, who was uninjured,  received assistance from friends and the Red Cross.  She was joyfully reunited with Precious on July 14th!!  Thanks to everyone who came together for this family---The Fort Worth Fire Dept., The Fort Worth Firefighters Association, Don’t Forget to Feed Me, Hulen Hills Animal Clinic AND Central Animal Hospital!! Barkleyworld is very proud to partner with everyone involved in this rescue!! 

Darby:  Darby is an 8 year old Schnauzer who escaped from his home and was hit by a car.  Lying paralyzed on the side of the road for 36 hours, he was thankfully finally found by his frantic Dad, Blake, and taken to an emergency vet clinic.  Darby was paralyzed in his hind quarters and after reviewing the x ray,  there were concerns with the spinal cord.  Consultation with specialized surgeons determined that Darby needed surgery immediately and it was decided that the Texas A&M Emergency Vet Clinic in College Station was the best choice.   Barkleyworld was contacted for support and we pledged to help Blake with expenses at A&M clinic…. and so the journey began.  Blake and Darby left for College Station late night on April 29th  and Darby underwent surgery on May 1st.   Darby had a metal plate inserted into his back to stabilize the fractured spine.  He remained in ICU until May 4th.  He was measured for a custom wheelchair that will give him the mobility to move around.  We still remain hopeful that he will regain use of his hind legs although the chances are not favorable.  Darby received his custom fitted wagon on May 19th and he has adjusted with no problem!   We are still hopeful he WILL walk again!!  Thank you to Barkleyworld’s  magnanimous supporters for reaching out to help Blake and Darby.  

Darby’s journey is still not over---- Darby returned to Texas A&M for a follow-up surgery to replace 2 of the main pins that secure the metal plate as one had come undone! While doing this, at the request of my rescue vet, Dr. Hultman, a suspicious tumor was removed which tested to be a mast cell cancer tumor.  Dr. Hultman has taken over Darby’s care  at this point and has requested more analysis and is discussing options with Texas A&M and with Blake.  Prayers for this poor little dog and his owner.  In the meantime, Darby and Blake are living life in the moment as dogs always do! 

Binky:  Binky is a 12 year old Shih Tzu diagnosed with adrenal gland tumor cancer in January resulting in a series of radiation treatments performed at VSNT with much success.  Although there is not a cure for this type of cancer, there is hope to extend Binky’s life.  Binky continues to do well after his recheck on  August 9th at VSNT where radiographs and a sonogram showed shrinkage of the tumor and no new concerns!!   These rechecks are vital every 3 months for a year following radiation treatment and then every 6 months after that. So Binky’s saga continues and Barkleyworld’s commitment to try and raise funds for these rechecks stands firm.   Mom Marisol continues to fundraise along with Barkleyworld!  Thanks to all Barkleyworld’s supporters for donations to help Binky!!  These tests will be repeated in November and February at a cost of $1,000 for each visit.  Cost for the remainder of these tests will be a total of $2,000!  Binky’s journey is not over but we are so thankful he is doing so well.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 9, 2017

Posted on June 9, 2017

Nala had surgery yesterday to remove her crushed leg. She is relaxing comfortably and eating well today. Thank you all for your prayers, support and donations for Nala and for all pets in need thru Barkleyworld!!

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