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Support Barbara Johanson and her fight against cancer! (Barbara Johanson)
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The Story

How do you tell your friends, family and colleagues that you have breast cancer? It’s crossed the mind of many before her.  In a short but very heartfelt post, our 2018 “Egg Hunt for Hope” recipient, Barbara Johanson, did just that. Here is what she said:  

“I’ve been wondering how to write this, or if to write this. But, I’ll steal a recent quote from JLD. “One in eight women get breast cancer; today it’s me”. She continued with “It is me today, but we found out two weeks ago and I had my first chemo session a week ago this past Friday. Why, because it’s Stage II, triple negative, fast growing, so chemo before surgery. My treatment plan is to have 8 chemo sessions total (fingers crossed) every other Friday. I know we will conquer this as so many before me have and life will be back to “normal” in no time. I ask that if you have time to spare, keep me in your good thoughts and prayers, send your karma, whatever you’ve got, I’ll take as I know it takes a cancer army to beat this. Thank you to all my family and friends. I love you all!!!” 

Barbara Johanson (Barb, as many of her friends call her), is the one…the one that takes care of everyone else. And now, all of those that have been on the receiving end of her kind heart, giving nature, her quick reassurance that all will be"ok" and her willingness to “always” make sure her friends, family and others in need are taken care of, WE now have the ability to give back to her.

And how will we give back?  Barb has volunteered hundreds of hours at the annual "Egg Hunt for Hope" event, so the committee unanimously agreed that Barb should be our 2018 recipient. 

Barb, her husband Jeff, and her daughters Claire and Grace, met with the committee members last Sunday and as each member handed Barb a pink rose and gave her a hug, it was clear, through tears and laughter, that the right choice had been made. This event can not only provide some financial relief for the annual recipient, but more important, it provides the community support that carries people through one of the more difficult fights of their life! 

Barb started a new job in January of this year, after having worked for a larger Oregon company for 17 years. Her new company is very supportive of the road Barb has ahead of her, but with that being said, Barb will need to take time away from work that will be unpaid. As she navigates through the medical world of treatments and surgeries, she and her family will have expenses that won’t be covered by insurance, taking a toll on the family’s resources and ability to continue to thrive, as stress free as possible, down this road.  There will be meals cooked, rides for the girls, packages and flowers delivered to Barb’s door and hugs needed. This online and Egg Hunt fundraising effort however, will be the avenue to ease the burden that should never weigh heavy on someone fighting this disease!  

Our event has a goal of raising $25,000 through this site and other sponsorship opportunities.   Please help us reach our goal by donating here or visiting our "Egg Hunt for Hope" Facebook page to find out more information about how to get involved. 

Thank you for your donation and any encouraging words you may leave for Barb and her family. 


Erica Lindsley

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 27, 2018

Posted on March 27, 2018

Barb finished up her chemo rounds a couple of weeks ago and now is on to the next stage in her continued fight.   Scans have been completed and surgeries will be scheduled soon.    Our "Egg Hunt" event is this weekend (March 31) at Sherwood High School.   Find all of the details on our Facebook page and join us if you are in town.   We have some great items in the raffle and silent auction and hunts for all ages!     

If you are not able to attend, please consider making a small donation here to help us continue to meet our $25,000 goal for fundraising.  We are getting close between the amount we have received here and through sponsors of our event.   

Every dollar Barb and her family has received has gone towards co-payments and other health care needs.  These expenses will continue through her surgery as well as missed wages for work. 

Thank you for your support.   #barbsarmy 

Posted on February 26, 2018

Posted on February 26, 2018

We had a great time with Barb this weekend at an event where we played games, had great food and wine and were able to visit with her and raise a little money.    Barb's positive attitude and approach to "everything" is an inspiritation.  

Barb is headed towards her last chemo session here in another week and next steps are an assessment and testing to determine what choices the doctors recommend from here.    We are crossing our finges that  the additional chemo has continued to do the work it is purposed for.   With the Egg Hunt event quickly approaching (March 31) and Barb getting ready to face possibly one or two surgeries, please take a moment to make any contribution you can.  Continued co-pays and unpaid time off are hopefully financial expenses we can help off-set to reduce any stress or worry for the family.   

Thank you for your support!  #barbsarmy 

Posted on January 30, 2018


Posted on January 30, 2018

Hi Everyone-

Sorry for the long delay in-between postings here on YouCaring.  Things have been progressing pretty well and Barbara is more than half-way through her  second round of chemo.  Surgery dates are tentative right now but we're targeting the first week in April for her first.  Prior to that she will have a full-body PET scan to ensure that the cancer hasn't strayed.  As she finishes up chemo, this scan is our next large hurdle to overcome.  As we get closer I'll share more.

Though the first seven weeks of this particular drug have gone well, it's starting to catch up with her a bit (as her doctor warned it would) and she's starting to feel it more - tired and not quite feeling well.  

Though I know she's sent thank you notes, I want to say thank you again to everyone who has contributed to this fund.  Every dollar spent to this point has gone toward medical expenses as intended.

My best to everyone and thank you again.  You're all a tremendous source of strength and support.  We are very, very appreciative.

- Jeff

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