Bagel, Chloe & Toby medical care to heal years of neglect

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Westbury, NY
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Bagel, Chloe & Toby medical care to heal years of neglect (Bagel, Chloe & Toby)
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The Story

Bagel, a 13 year old Chow mix, Chloe, a 8-9 year old German Shepherd and Toby, a 5 year old cat were living together in neglect for years. They have been suffering in silence while their owners had watched on and did nothing to help them. It takes a village to save these animals and we can’t continue to do this work without the support of the community.

Road to Home Rescue Support and Pets4Luv Foundation have joined forces to save these 3. After years of neglect all 3 are in a safe place but in desperate need extensive medical attention and TLC.

All 3 will be housed at Pets4Luv while they recover from many years of neglect.

Road to Home became aware of these animals plight through a good samaritan, they in turn reached out to their fellow rescuers, Pets4Luv. There was not a moment’s hesitation about teaming up to help get these animals to safety & nurse them back to health. Working together, they were able to pick them up this morning and immediately take to the vet. Bagel and Chloe are both suffering from severe malnutrition (the 2 dogs are about 20lbs underweight) and severe skin and ear infections. The infections have been untreated for so long that their skin has blackened & hardened. It is amazing, that given the poor condition they are both in, they are very loving and seek attention. This is proof that they love so unconditionally. Toby suffers from partial paralysis in his hindquarters. We will be doing all necessary tests to determine the cause and what treatments will be available for him. We will have full blood results back next week on all of them, so we will have more information regarding all of their conditions.

Bagel & Chloe’s initial medical services were generously donated by 2 veterinarians that we work with. Unfortunately, we have no idea what their future medical costs will be and are asking for your help. Our goal is to get them all healthy, free of infection and back up to normal weight. Eventually they will be ready to go into a Loving Home, but now we need to get them healthy.

We will update everyone as soon as we know more on their condition. Please donate towards their care

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 30, 2016

Posted on May 30, 2016

Toby, Bagel & Chloe have been at Pets4Luv for almost 2 months and all 3 have shown great strides in recovery. Bagel & Chloe are now infection & worm free. Their skin is much improved but they still have sections which have not healed yet. Toby is almost recovered from his 1st knee surgery & will be going in for his 2nd knee once we raise enough money for the surgery. Chloe has a few more pounds of muscle weight to gain before she can go in to have her hips & front shoulders tested, it is believed that she has hip dysplasia & arthritis, and to have her teeth checked. They are all wonderful, loving animals who have won a special place in our volunteers hearts.

A huge thank you to all who have donated! We would not be able to continue our work without your support.

Posted on April 13, 2016

Posted on April 13, 2016

Toby's knees were much worse then anticipated. The vet has completed the surgery on his left knee as it would have been too much to do both knees at the same time. As his left was much worse that was done first and in approximately 3 months he will be recovered enough to do his right. They repaired/rebuilt his left kneecap and repaired the cruciate ligament.

Bagel and Chloe are steadily improving. They have finished their first round of medication to deal with the whipworms. They are still on their medication to help with the severe skin infections. They are steadily gaining weight and strength with the steady meals, medications and a lot of TLC. Their spirits have come back. Bagel wants nothing more then to chase birds on his walks. While Chloe enjoys the walks she equally enjoys going back inside and laying on her huge, comfy bed.

Thank you to everyone who has donated towards their medical care. We have only started and it will be a long, expensive road but all 3 are improving daily.

Posted on April 2, 2016

Posted on April 2, 2016

Thank you to all who have generously donated to help the Islip 3.

Toby has been diagnosed with Medial Patella Luxation and will require surgery on both knees. This is painful and he has probably had this for a long while.  He will require surgery on both knees and the estimate for him is $3,700.00. The recovery is long but he will be so happy once he is pain free.

Bagel and Chole are both starting to feel better from the help of their medicated baths and medications. We are so pleased that they are both HW negative and negative of any tick borne illnesses! The levels from their senior panels were in normal range. Their white blood cell counts are high but this is to be expected given their severe skin and ear infections. They have already started treatment for whipworms. They will require continued care but thankfully all is very promising. Their spirits are much better and they are feeling Loved!

Please continue to share and donate as we can’t do this without your support!

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Bagel, Chloe & Toby medical care to heal years of neglect

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