Newly Mother & Purple Heart VET - Needs HELP to Build HOME

For: Aurita Maldonaldo
Puerto Rico
Organizer: Ozzy Ramos
Newly Mother & Purple Heart VET - Needs HELP to Build HOME  (Aurita Maldonaldo)
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The Story

A CALL FOR ACTION:   This "Pay it Forward" Housing Campaign" has been initiated in hopes of ENERGIZING 10K people to DONATE a minimum of $4.30 in order to reach our goal of $43,000 to help this Veteran HERO

4/11/18 - UPDATE: Aurita just gave birth to Baby David on April 8, 2018 - (4lbs - 15oz). Although he is 7 weeks earlier than expected, he is doing fine and will remain in the hospital until discharged sometime during May, 2018.   

BACKGROUND: A by chance and divine encounter with (former U. S. ARMY Staff Sergeant - Veteran) Aurita MALDONADO and a group of Good Samaritans took place at the Panaderia Viequense on January 8th, 2018 located on the island of Vieques, PR. While Aurita waited patiently to fill her craving for an Eclair “Long John” donut, the group discovered that she is a COMBAT Purple Heart & Disabled Veteran that was injured by a 200 lbs. IED blast while on patrol during her tour in Wardak Province, Afghanistan on October 6th, 2009.  

The group of Samaritans were already on the island in search of veterans needing assistance, began a conversation with her, and discovered that Aurita was totally displaced by the wrath of Hurricane Maria. At the time, she was 4 months pregnant with no immediate access to care. At the time, she was temporarily living with a family member and working outdoors doing lawn maintenance work with her husband in order to make ends meet. With Aurita’s permission, the Samaritans conducted a video interview of her story with a promise to share it on social media in hopes of gaining public attention to her story.     

As a result, the video was launched via the Facebook and YouTube platforms as a story for people to embrace. Many people have already gravitated towards her video resulting in over 15K views to date. Shortly after, another Samaritan descended who helped facilitate some of the great initiatives listed below and who also took the lead of her case. Since then, several other Samaritans have also joined her cause and contributed to these efforts . 

- A move for her and family to temporary quarters. (Now extended through May 22nd, 2018).   

- A purchase of a new generator for power.  

- A new cell phone for communication.  

- Flights to/from the island of Vieques, PR onto the mainland to attend her scheduled and prenatal care VA appointments.  

- The delivery of fresh foods, fruits, vegetables through a food voucher.   

- A surprise delivery of a newly donated washing machine.  

- The delivery of new garden tools equipment for lawn work. 

- An online baby shower.  

- A visit from State Senator Eric Correa  

- A site visit to select (2) 40ft containers that will be converted to a place that she'll soon call HOME. (Now delayed due to the LACK of Adequate FUNDING and the PURPOSE of this Pay it Forward Housing Campaign initiative).  

- Land has been clear, leveled, and awaiting to raise the first 10K to commence the first phase of work. 

CURRENT (UPDATED) SITUATION: Due to a misunderstanding, Aurita was recently made aware that her container home conversion initiative lacked the proper funding needed to move forward with her project. This has been an unfortunate and unforeseen dilemma for her to contend with on her own. Her initial thoughts and understanding was that the source of funding was already reserved and secured. She immediately contacted the original group of Samaritans that initially published her story for help and they immediately sprung into action by launching this official YouCaring fundraising page on behalf of Aurita's situation. The unanticipated early arrival of the birth of Baby David has now thrust this dilemma into a more critical need to get done as their temporary housing occupancy has been extended and will END on May 22, 2018. WE NEED YOUR HELP!     

FUNDING NEEDED:   A total of $43K is needed to secure all phases of this housing project in order to convert and customize (2) two 40 ft donated containers into a home for Aurita and family. 

BUSINESS PARTNERS AND SPONSOR SUPPORT ENCOURAGED:  Seeking Individual people, businesses, institutions, organizations, sponsors or any interested parties that will like to COLLABORATE or PARTNER up with us in making a difference with IMPACT! for this American HERO.

She put her life on the line for our country, now is time to PAY IT FORWARD back to her by supporting this cause. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (Aurita’s initial video) (Aurita’s Facebook Page) (Online Story on Aurita) (Jenny Jordan’s Interview) (Walmart Baby Registry)


This "Pay it Forward" Housing Campaign" has been initiated in hopes of ENERGIZING 10K people to DONATE a minimum of $4.30 in order to reach our goal.  

JOIN THE CAMPAIGN AND STEP FORWARD: The most self-sacrificing and genuine act of your GIVING also possesses the power to transform her life. Our Journey of a Thousand Miles MUST Begin with a Single STEP! Please consider becoming an AMBASSADOR and ADVOCATE for Aurita by donating to this effort and then SHARING her story. We thank you in advance. #SupportAuritaMaldonado #ChangeforaChange   

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Always Remaining, Semper Fidelis  

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 21, 2018


Posted on April 21, 2018

This moment. There has never been a moment in my life that has come close to #thismoment  . Not my first moments awake after my life was saved, not my first  steps after paralysis, not anything. This is the absolute definition of #beauty He nuzzled in and grabbed my finger before falling asleep... #babydavidalexis is everything. #woundedveteran #ratlungwormsurvivor #newmother #preemielove #ilovehim View and visit Walmart Registry for Baby David at:

Posted on April 13, 2018


Posted on April 13, 2018

NEWS FLASH: We have reached our first MILESTONE in raising a total of $10,000 so far in less than a month. An abundance of LOVE and APPRECIATION for all of our vested AMBASSADORS. We are moving forward with our 1st Phase of foundation work right away. Aurita and family have been extended at their temporary occupancy housing until May 22, 2018 (Courtesy of Erin Schrode-THANK YOU).  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining our most worthy Pay it Forward Housing Campaign. Please help us continue to spread the word for support.     

Posted on April 10, 2018


Posted on April 10, 2018

When I woke up on Sunday, April 8th, I felt "waves of back pain" and  thought..." this how early labor feels?" I relaxed, drank a ton  of water, and began timing my contractions. By 3PM, there was enough blood for me to tell Alexi Abreu...OK, it's time to go to the hospital. He called Jay Gonzalez,  who called an ambulance (because our car isn't working yet). And within  10 minutes, we were in the non sterile med tent in Las Maria, where the  doomsday gynecologist for the island (seeming like he had been drinking  before he got called in...) couldn't stop repeating how both #babydavidalexis  and I would be in bad shape, damaged, etc, because I was only 33 weeks  pregnant...pretty much telling everyone and their mother to expect the  worst...after they searched for the incubator...which was in pieces,  unprepared, and for which they could not even find the cord, they made  the executive decision to do exactly what they should have done from the  get, fly me to the hospital to which the VA referred me. 

So we get  to Presby, and they begin prepping me for childbirth. For some reason,  they are having Alexi wait outside, but Señor Negativity is there still,  telling me how damaged my child will not expect anything good.  Eventually, I told him two things...and he shut up.
1. That's not what you are supposed to tell me, bro.
2. My child WILL be healthy, back are not scaring me.
Eventually all of my, "Where's Alexi" And "Why isn't Alex here?" Wore them down, and he was brought into the room. That's when it happened, the doc realizes that the water had broken from the top, not the bottom, and chooses to break it... In the moment she does, she announces frantically, "His feet are  coming. Emergency C Section!!!" Then looks at Alex and me accusingly,  "The doc didn't tell you he wasn't in position?" For the next 2 minutes, I'm being rushed to another room, wiped down, and sedated...then I wake up...4+ hours later.

"So uh, we had some complications during your surgery...Your baby is  fine, but we cut open your bladder, sewed it back up, and now you are in  observation." Wait, you what?" Apparently #Babydavidalexis was  screaming, "I do what I want," as he tried to kick his way to freedom  from my womb. He even managed to get his feet out... I'm proud of him  already... breaking social norms. Declaring he will live life on his own  terms. Haha. So, welcome to this world, David Alexis Abreu  Maldonado...born at 5:50PM Sunday, April 8th, 4 lbs 15 oz...and 18  inches long. We love you sooo much already, it's unreal!!! 

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Newly Mother & Purple Heart VET - Needs HELP to Build HOME

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