Keeping our family together while Ryleigh fights cancer

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Keeping our family together while Ryleigh fights cancer (Ashley Burrus)
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The Story

As you all know, we had an appointment on Tuesday morning with Ryleigh's Neurologist to go over the results of her MRI that was done on Monday.

We were given the absolute worst news that a parent could ever get about their child. Our sweet girl, our bunny, our baby... has CANCER.

They found a large tumor in her pelvis. It's on her sacrum and is pushing up against her spine.

We were directly admitted to the Children's Hospital from the doctors office, and it's where we've been since Tuesday, and where we will remain for I don't know how long.

As soon as we were admitted, they began running more tests. (Labs and a CT to look for more tumors) We got the results on Wednesday for the CT and it shows NO more tumors. Just the one in her pelvis, which is great news considering the diagnoses!

She has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. Just based on the MRI and the characteristics of the tumor, they are diagnosing it.

Tomorrow, (hopefully) she will be undergoing a biopsy that will just confirm what we already know, and at the same time, a bone marrow biopsy to check for cancer there as well. They will then send the biopsy out and we will have results in about a week. The results will help them determine the best course of treatment for our sweet girl.

After the biopsy, she will end up in the PICU for pain management. They will keep her in there until she is comfortable enough to be moved back to her regular room.

As you all also know, I went through with my surgery on Wednesday. I need to be 100% in order to be there for our girl. So, the nurses have put it in her chart that I'm not allowed to lift her, and have all been SO sweet and helping. They've also been taking care of me and changing my bandages for me. They also called the Ronald McDonald House, and got me an apartment. That way I have somewhere close to the hospital to rest, and I can keep the big girls with me. This is our new "normal" for a long time, so we're doing the best we can with the hand we've been dealt.

Also, my amazing Mother in Law, Karen Bosley drove down on Wednesday to be with us, and said she will stay as long as we need her here. We couldn't ask for a better support system.

All I ask, is just pray for our sweet girl. She needs them more than ever. She WILL beat this! She has all of us cheering her on!
#FUCKCANCER #Neuroblastoma

While we do have amazing insurance, we are an hour round trip from home. While away from home, we will need to have extra gas money to go back and forth, especially once the big girls start school so we can keep our family together, and groceries/meals for our apartment at the Ronald McDonald house. All leftover money after using for needed expenses only will go towards donations for the Ronald McDonald House for their amazing hospitality. Any amount helps! Love and hugs to you all! 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 3, 2017

Posted on October 3, 2017

Ryleigh Update:  

Hi everyone. It's been a few days since I've posted anything. To be honest these past few days have been nerve wracking. Waiting for Ryleigh's MRI was pure torture. But, the wait is over.  

I am SO happy to announce that the MRI shows: "NO sign of reoccurence of pelvic mass" It's real this time. Our Ryleigh, our bunny, our baby has kicked cancers Ass!! No more chemo, no more blood transfusions, no more neutropenia!  

We go to the USS Hope Clinic on Thursday to further discuss the plan going forward in regards to what scans she will need and how often, but for now she's done with cancer!!  

Now that she is done with Neuroblastoma, our main focus will be IVIG and treating the Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome that the cancer caused. She had her first infusion when admitted last time, and it's honestly been amazing. She has better balance (although still a little wobbly), she's sitting up without falling, crawling and pulling herself up to standing. And it's been since the hospital admission that I've seen her eyes bounce. This is amazing!!  

She's rocked the first beast, and now she tackles the next. I don't know if their is a cure for the OMS. So, IVIG may be a lifelong thing for her, but that's okay because she's ALIVE and here to live her life!!  

Thank you everyone for the prayers, love, support and donations. You've all helped us tremendously through all of this so far. Sending you all our love and thanks! 

#RyleighStrong #FightLikeAGirl #OurGirlKickedCancersAss #StayGoneCancer #ItsGONE

Posted on September 29, 2017

Posted on September 29, 2017

Ryleigh Update: 

Halle-freaking-lujah!! While here for the MRI, we had labs drawn to make sure all of Ryleigh's counts were good. We had to ensure they were doing  what they were supposed to with her recently being neutropenic and having RSV. 

I am SO happy to announce that every lab is great!! She doesn't need blood, platelets, or anything!! So, when the MRI is done and we are given the go ahead on leaving, we get to go home!!

I'm still a big ball of nerves, but I will definitely call this a win for once!! Keep fighting bunny!! I love you SO much.  

#Fuckcancer #Neuroblastoma #RyleighStrong #FightLikeAGirl #OurGirlKickedCancersAss #StayGoneCancer #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth 

Posted on September 29, 2017

Posted on September 29, 2017

Ryleigh Update:

Well, today is the day I've been kind of dreading. Ryleigh's MRI. This is to look and make sure there are no more tumors and that the chemo did it a job of kicking the cancer out for good. 

To say I'm nervous is a total understatement. I'd also be lying if I said I wasn't scared. This test basically determines everything. Did she kick cancers ass, or does she still have more fighting to do? I'm a huge ball of emotions today.  

It also doesn't help that we don't see anyone for results until next Thursday. But, I'm impatient and will start calling on Monday for results because to me waiting 6 days is like an eternity.  

If you could please pray, send good thoughts, juju, whatever, send it all. Because we will need it to get us through until we know for sure Ryleigh is in the clear and the only obstacle she has left is the Opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome that the cancer caused. If you feel like sharing the youcaring, we wouldn't mind either. Thank you everyone for everything. We appreciate all of you! 💜 

#Fuckcancer #Neuroblastoma #RyleighStrong #FightLikeAGirl #OurGirlKickedCancersAss #StayGoneCancer #ChildhoodCancerAwarenessMonth 

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Keeping our family together while Ryleigh fights cancer

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