Help Build 'A Home For Ashima' in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Help Build 'A Home For Ashima' in Kathmandu, Nepal (Ashima & Family)
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The Story

Updated 15th April: A total of $12,550 was raised. Funds were for material cost, workers salary, food, other expenses, transportation and some funds from friends were used for payments of my accommodation.  All billing and credits to suppliers PAID!! Project is complete and house is ready! 



Feb 2018: We realised the material cost in Nepal is not as cheap as other Asian countries as most prices has gone up since the Earthquake, contractors taking advantage of earthquake by making more profits. Good material that will survive an earthquake cost a little more. Most spend money on - red bricks, iron rods/structural beams, sal wood, cement mix. 


I met Narayan in 2015 after the earthquake. That’s him sitting with his wife Saraswati, daughter who is 14, and son who is 8 now. Narayan works as the kitchen staff, at the guesthouse that I stayed in during the disaster relief. He took care of me and my needs, always there for me. Narayan is an honest man, living a simple life. It’s been two years since I’ve seen Narayan, and he was the first to greet me when I came back here again. But this time things were different.

Soon I found out, Narayan left his apartment due to financial issues, since the Earthquake many locals suffered with lower income, no basic needs and poverty. With the help of a friend from Holland, they took a small loan and purchase some materials, which were not enough to build a proper home with land, just a zinc (tin) shelter. As I was told, Narayan only earns about RS9,000 (US$90) a month as a waiter here. .

The girl sitting beside him is his daughter, Ashima. She is 14 now. A few days ago, I met her for the first time and we spoke for a little while, she was looking very sad and numb.

“Do you go to school here?”
“Yes I do.. a school close to the city”
“And your dad, is he okay with this? How did you end up living here?”

At this moment tears started flowing down her cheeks. 

“I would like to help build you a better home, can I do it here and rebuild this place?” Her eyes glanced directly at me by now. “Yes sir, please if you can help my dad. My education is being sponsored now by a very nice lady from Holland, but we cannot afford a new brick house. This is a good family who has lend us this little land, and I hope you can help my dad too.”

“I will see what I can do okay.” I gave her a pat of her back, and left knowing that I will build them a new home. This family deserved it. Ashima is an intelligent girl, spoke English well and has a bright future.



The idea is not just to build a brick shelter but comfortable home, with a sustainable incomefor the family. We have a few phases of this build.


1st Phase – Materials for brick house, 3 rooms, 1 living, bathroom, wash area. (US$8500) COMPLETED! 
2nd Phase – Roofing, windows, doors. Water source. Power grid would be with solar panels. (US$4500) PARTIAL COMPLETED.
3rd Phase – A sustainable income (Cooking classes/ Homestay)(US$1500) ON HOLD

Since Narayan has the experience working in a guesthouse (The Yellow House) for many years, he will be able to manage travellers looking for apeaceful quiet farm house.Maybe Ashima’s Homestay/Cooking Classes? We will share this idea soon after the house is completed. 

They live in a metal zinc and tarp shelter, which is leaking, with no electricity, dark and dusty, no proper water system, no proper bathroom or living space. Ashima and the mother has to shower outside in the open space. All their belongings are just stuffed into this small 6 x 10 space.



To provide Ashima and her family of four a living space they can call home, a sustaining income for a comfortable life. To raise US$13500 or more to complete this project by end of February 2018. 


1. Send funds internationally direct to my Paypal account via
(mobile friendly)

2. or for International Malaysian Bank Transfers:
Bank Name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Bank Address: 66 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Postcode: 59200

Beneficiary/Personal Name : iMKIRAN Nation  
Address: 14 Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Postcode: 59200
Account Number : 514123632561
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL

Hey friends! Let’s build a sustaining home! Please SHARE!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 12, 2018


Posted on February 12, 2018

Here we are... ! #Home4Ashimaproject updates...

It's been 3 months since we started this little idea, from a little tin zinc shelter, ideas that brought many together and it grew to something we all never expected! A Home for Ashima is nearly ready!! They family will move in very soon in this next few days... BUT... what's missing?

There is one more thing remaining for this phase, WINDOWS & DOORS.

We have not much funds left for the wood... yes. That's our reality here... and they cannot install them if we don't pay the suppliers/carpentar. And the family cannot move in without doors or windows. Reality too. (They still live in the barn with the cows)

Balance funds needed to pay wood carpentar: $1225 (RS126,168 / MYR4770). 7 window panels, window glass, 6 doors, 1 main door. So my personal request and wishes to all of you, my friends, my universe, if each of you lovely souls 🌻💚donated $5/$10, we can get it done in 2 days and finally give this family a HOME!

Please take 5 mins of your time to read, donate and do a little something.

Posted on January 31, 2018


Posted on January 31, 2018

It's house painting time! So we got our paint brushes out, a local sherpa who is going to give this house some color and a few days more to go till we give the family this new home!

The idea, 'A Home for Ashima' started three months ago with a little dream to give this deserving family a sustainable home, today we are getting to the final days of making this wish come through for Narayan and his family.

We still have a few more things to complete, a little more to do, to share the flow of what is becoming and to learn from what is created. You, me and everyone who got involved here, times like this is when we know that we came together for the same purpose.

So give us a little more of this time of yours, be here with us till the finish line, form time where we can share this purpose. Where we may use this paper currency to give it a better value towards humanity.

Here you can send us this paper currency, for us to put it into good use for this family.. We are still behind our target of another US$2080 (MYR8138.00) needed to complete this.

(Cost for: Labour, Paint, Windows, Doors, Solar Panel, Expenses)

Donate via my Malaysian account:

Bank Name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Beneficiary/Personal Name : iMKIRAN Nation 
Account Number : 514123632561
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL

Or Paypal:
International Paypal account via friendly)

Official link:


Love & Light,


Posted on January 9, 2018


Posted on January 9, 2018

They finally have a Roof! A blue roof! 🙏🏾🌎

Four months ago, this was just a little idea to build a simple brick house for this family but after almost 3 months into it, knowing the family more as my own, having a little sister here to care for, we decided to create a sustaining home.

And I know the cost has gone up, the timeline is longer. I know I had a target of $5000 and now its up to $12,500 to complete this idea, because I also know that I can just build another little brick shelter for them, it's not a home. We want to give them a sustaining home and a better future. So I am still here, with another month to go.

Every little new idea makes a difference, a strong earthquake structure, a working kitchen, a separate room for a teenage daughter, light source, water source, water proofing and space for this simple family with all the basic needs to start a new sustaining life here. This will cost a little more, but this family deserves it.

So here I am calling out to you, all my travel friends, those I crossed paths with, my sisters and brothers, all my friends that supported this project since the beginning.

Please SHARE this again, please Donate one more time, please tell another friend about it... we have about $3300 more to raise to get this done.

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Help Build 'A Home For Ashima' in Kathmandu, Nepal

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