Help Ari With Transition Costs - Time frame is Urgent!

For: Ariana Danielle Wojcik
Chicago, IL
Organizer: Ariana Danielle Wojcik
Help Ari With Transition Costs - Time frame is Urgent! (Ariana Danielle Wojcik)
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The Story

To my tumblr, twitter, twitch, and personal website followers.. I am asking for your assistance. I have a potentially very narrow window of opportunity to complete a surgery this calendar year. Recent rumors say that the Trump Administration may attempt to repeal specific transgender coverage requirements of the ACA rather than attempting a full repeal. My insurance only began covering this procedure just this calendar year because of the ACA. I have been doing all I can to prepare and save for it on my own with the goal of completing the surgery as soon as possible. My insurance just approved coverage, but I fear it will only truly happen if the procedure is completed before the end of 2017. My insurance may drop the inclusion of transgender health care as prior to 2017 it specifically called it out as an EXCLUSION. Thanks to my pre-approved insurance coverage (that may end after this year), I do not need to come up with as much money as many other transgender people need to raise for necessary surgeries. I am very grateful for where I find myself at this point. I have come so far in my transition and have been able to do so while simultaneously dealing with a separation where I financially supported two households, followed by a divorce. Due to the divorce, I had to file for bankruptcy as the money spent supporting two households, coupled with existing family debt and the legal costs of divorce finally destroyed my financial status. My credit is slowly being repaired through a bankruptcy repayment agreement. Over the past nearly three years of my transition, I chose to become very public about it. I saw very early on how important some of my posts were to fellow transgender people out in the world. I made a decision to stay public and to promote advocacy for transgender people while allowing my life to be an example to the world that transgender people do successfully transition and can have lives that are just as happy and productive as any non-transgender person. Using Google Analytics, I can see that my website has been viewed in 98 countries around the world. The most popular pages are my transition timeline and 500 picture gender reveal pictorial. The goal of both my website and tumblr blog are to be able to tell my story and provide an example of what a transgender life really looks like. It is free from the troubled reporting and poor representation that the media often gives us. I have also contributed articles to the Huffington Post and have ideas for many more articles that I want to write. I receive messages of thanks and of encouragement each week. Some are thanking me for giving them an example to point their families to as they attempt to come out. Some are thanking me for showing them that you can transition late in life and be very successful with it, while maintaining a positive attitude even during horrible circumstances. Some reach out and need advice or to just talk to someone and I offer what I can. My point is.. I have been able to handle an awful lot on my own and I have come very far. I have been through stress, pain, and hurt that is difficult to accurately describe and I had to go through it simply by choosing to no longer lie to the world about who I have always been. I am not discounting the occasional tight spots that my parents and other family members helped me through, but the truth is, I have had to do nearly all of this largely on my own. However, due to the time-frame and my current financial situation. I am asking for those that I have helped and those who appreciate my story to think about donating. If you can do so, then please consider helping me beat the clock and get this surgery in this year. Thank you so much!
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Help Ari With Transition Costs - Time frame is Urgent!

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