Blue and Lexie need YOUR help!

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Blue and Lexie need YOUR help! (Animals Can't Talk Animal Rescue)
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The Story

There has been much talk in the local rescue world about these two dogs. They were both rescued from being euthanized at the NYCACC by our rescue.  But their stories take a separate path from there.

Blue was transported to a foster, got deathly (seriously deathly - everyone, foster, rescue, veterinarian thought he would not make it) ill with double pneumonia.  He got through the pneumonia but that left a huge bill behind.  Luckily the rescue community came through for Blue and we were able to privately raise almost all it from our supporters. Hold this story here for a moment.

Lexie was pulled and on the morning of her transport had an incident with the transport person.  Yes - she bit, broke skin on the transporters thumb - and went on a ten day mandatory Department of Health hold.  Although the foster did not appear to have an issue taking Lexie, even after this, she thought about it and at the end of the hold, Lexie was left with no place to go.  We tried to find another foster, but clearly Lexie has some behavioral concerns and we did not find a situation we believed would fit her.  So Lexie stayed at the NYCACC, a lot of people talked and suggested we were not acting in Lexie's best interest.  We were trying.

So, back to Blue.  It is clear that he has been through a lot.  His behavior - too - was cause for concern. He seems to react badly to loud noises and sudden movements.  With all he has been through it's not surprising. It's always tough to know what the real past history is with any of these dogs!

So, this is where these two dogs and their stories come together.  It was decided that in both of these cases the best chance these dogs have for success is training.... Lexie for socialization and confidence building and Blue for socialization and impulse control.  So, Forever Home Rehabilitation Center, a place we know and love, has room to take both of these sweethearts.  They will each get what they need to be able to move on to happy, forever homes.

But the cost is not cheap.  If we could find fosters to take them after training is complete, the cost is $2000.00 per dog.  And if we allow FHRC to keep and place them.... the cost doubles to $4000.00 per dog.  That means our rescue needs to raise a minimum of $4000 and a max of $8000.  Plus, there are boarding and transport costs.

This fundraiser goal is set at TEN GRAND!!  Will we need it all?  Most likely not.  But we need to get over $4000.00.... and we need to do it FAST. Both dogs are scheduled to go on February 5th.  We would like to have raised at least 1/2 of what we need by then.  We would appreciate all of the shares - but if you would just donate $5 before you share.... we could reach our goal in no time.  Remember - this time when you donate, you are helping TWO death row survivors!!!

Remember - Animals Can't Talk is a 501c3 non-profit.  All donations for Blue or Lexie are tax deductible.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 23, 2017

Posted on January 23, 2017

So, we are elated to report Lexie made it to boarding - and she LOVES it!!  She is in boarding at Country Comfort Kennels in PA, and they have a "camp" like atmosphere.  And while we thought she would be too scared to participate.... we were WRONG!!  She has made friends with a staff member and LEXIE has been on nature walks and had a lot of time in the play yard so far.  That's a big step for her!  That also lets us at ACT know for sure that the rehabilitation center is a great choice for her.  She just needs her confidence back and she will be the great dog we know she can be.  While this fundraiser has fizzled - Lexie is making progress, and while we need the money knowing Lexie is happy where she is for the moment is priceless!!

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