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The Story

12 Days of Giving 2016

It's been a fantastic 2016 at All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. (AAE), but we had our share of unexpected and unusual veterinary issues. Therefore, AAE is focusing our YEAR END GIVING CAMPAIGN on replenishing our veterinary fund so we have a better ability to manage those unexpected veterinary needs as we move into 2017.

Over the next 12 days, we will share some of our 2016 horse stories including the related veterinary needs so you can see what some of your past funding supported.  Please visit daily to look for updates and help us pay it forward into 2017.

The horses and all of us at AAE truly appreciate your support!

Day 12 - MACI
Maci came to AAE after an auction rescue by another organization.  She unloaded from the trailer lame, and you could see discomfort throughout her substantial suspensory injury and fractured sesmoid in her front right and body.  After substantial diagnostics, her issues were multi-fold.  She had an Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) in at least three of four fetlock joints.  OCD is a relatively common developmental disease that affects the cartilage and bone in the joints of horses.  Maci would need two surgeries, hinds, then fronts.  After several months of stall rest, Maci had her first surgery in January and the second in February.  Stall rest continued; by summer, Maci’s space and exercised increased gradually until Fall, when she she was able to increase her daily turnout to the sandy arena.  Maci has made a remarkable recovery.  She loves her turnout, and she moves around the arena as if nothing happened.  Her prognosis was upgraded from companion to potentially light riding based upon her progress with exercise.  Maci’s veterinary costs this year were over $4200, although a good portion of the surgery costs were raised in an past fundraiser.  However, that did not cover all costs: hospitalization, medication, bandaging/supplies, and related aftercare expenses.  Maci has the most amazing personality, and she’s waiting for her own special person.

Day 11 - EASTON
Easton is a big filly, about 14-months old.  She was picked up by a local animal control as a stray back in March 2016.  She had been abandoned and was very lame on her right hind, basically non-weight bearing.  Imagine the little gal, she was a stray, out alone on the country roads and probably had not felt safe enough to rest.  Once in a paddock at animal control, she laid down, but couldn't get up.  We took her in at AAE.  Upon extensive evaluation and radiographs by our vet, we learned that Easton had a fractured pelvis.  Her prognosis was questionable, but despite the fracture, she was a very happy, otherwise healthy, friendly, and outgoing filly with youth on her side.  She was hospitalized for a week or so for night-time monitoring, as she was having a tough time getting up once she laid down.  After discussing all options, we decided to give her 60-days to see how she progressed.  Easton is a fighter; she did quite well.  She was closely monitored on stall rest for another four months.  She reached a milestone at six months, and her hip radiographs look GOOD!  However, she has had one setback over the last couple months of her stall rest.  She had grown like a weed.  She is a very large yearling, and her rapid growth coupled with confinement due to the fracture resulted in contracted tendons that cause her to "knuckle" over her front fetlocks when she walked.  We were hoping the turnout will help relax the tendons and increase her muscle strength, but it did not.  Although, she thoroughly enjoyed her turnout experience after stall confinement for so long.  Another hurdle for this always smiling lil filly; she needed check ligament surgery to help release or relax the tendons in her front legs.  It's been almost a month since surgery, and Easton is doing great.  Between initial diagnostics at intake and recent surgery, along with meds, bandages, aftercare, follow up visits,  etc., Easton's vet costs are over $4500.  This filly is a special girl that has touched many of AAE's volunteers!

Day 10 - MAGIC
Mr. Magic, an AAE volunteer favorite, has been on a long and challenging journey at AAE, but he's not giving up yet.  He came to AAE with his special friend, LOVE, after they had been abandoned by their owner.  Although she was more emaciated and raised more concern, it's been Magic whose story has touched so many.  This guy covered with sarcoids and other tumors, some bloody and very painful.  Although thin and ragged looking, he was in reasonably good health, so once his weight and condition improved, he was hospitalized for removal of the sarcoids and tumors.  All healed well, and it seemed things were going great... until one sarcoid returned.  That one sarcoid has been an off and on battle over the last couple years.  We have tried a multitude of treatments and two surgeries that were unsuccessful. All the while, Magic has been a warrior.  He's healthy, he's happy, and he's ever forgiving.  

This good-lookin' guy has captured the heart of soooo many of our volunteers because of his spirit-ful personality.  He is an absolute character. He has recently been on a course of immunotherapy drugs to treat the sarcoid, and he was making progress, as the sarcoid lesion was reducing in size and becoming less "angry".  However,  not long ago, this brave guy looked over, and his lower eyelid was puffy/swollen. After trying a little eye ointment and fly mask, the swelling persisted, and veterinary exam revealed an abnormal lesion behind the corner of his eye.  

An initial biopsy did not detect any cancerous cells in the tissue collected.  The eye was treated with ointment for a couple weeks, but the lesion was still not normal looking.  The concern was it was a cancerous growth.  Magic was seen by the ophthalmologist.  We discussed the lesion, the possibilities, the prior biopsy, and the options.  Because there were so many uncertainties, we opted for another biopsy since we were at the clinic, and hoped we could get a better tissue sample.  We hoped it would come back negative a second time and offer some confidence in no further treatment; however, Magic was not so lucky, and the news was disappointing, to say the least.  The cells were neoplastic (cancerous), but the lab could not determine what type of cancer. Without knowing what type of cell, we did not know how to treat it.  Additional diagnostics were done, and the results were devastating, hemangiosarcoma.  

The tumor was fairly thick and deep, maybe too deep to remove it all.  This is a rare and aggressive cancer.  Due to the location and bony structure, it was difficult to evaluate.  Magic's most hopeful option was to remove the eye and hope we could remove the entire tumor.  In other words, no guarantees.  The other options were to let the tumor take it's course until it affected his quality of life, then help him to cross the rainbow bridge......or not wait and send him across the rainbow bridge.  Well, for those of us that believe every life matters, and the hope of giving this guy the best chance we could, we opted for hope. Hope the doc could get the entire tumor.  It would be different if this brave warrior was not so happy and full of life.  He deserved a chance.  

Surgery went very well, and Magic is adapting very well to the loss of vision.  As if that wasn't enough, Magic battled more.  About two weeks after surgery, he had a bout of laminitis.  It was touch and go for a bit, and the question was pondered over a few days, but once again, Magic's fighting spirit carried him forward and he is doing incredibly well.  His vet costs this year have been about $5800, some of which was supported by a few of his biggest fans.  This guy has come so far, and we only hope he continues to be the happy character he is, reminding us all, never give up.

Day 9 - KIWI
Kiwi is a young (2 y/o) mustang filly whose owner lost interest in her.  Kiwi arrived at AAE a bit neglected.  She was thin, and she had severely club hooves with steep coffin bone angles in all four hooves.  She will need surgery on her front legs, and possibly the hind legs to release her check ligaments and potentially her deep digital tendons so she can be more comfortable.  The sad thing is that with proper care and intervention when she was younger, this was correctable without surgery.  Her post-op care will include longer term bandage changes, wraps, and exercise.  Surgery costs will run $1600-1800 each for fronts and hinds (if needed) or $3200 to $3600.  Additional costs will include hospitalization, medications, bandaging/supplies, and other aftercare needs.

Day 8 - REBA
Reba was found lying down in the pasture one day, and she was suffering from a bout of colic.  Reba was transported to the clinic where she was treated with fluids and mineral oil.  She was hospitalized for overnight monitoring and returned back to AAE.  Reba’s vet costs were over $700.

Day 7 - KANE

Kane came to AAE as a young colt.  He and his buddy, Haggard, were gelded, but Kane experienced uncommon complications from the procedure.  Kane was hospitalized twice before things resolved.  He's an adorable and resilient little guy that was showered with attention while away from AAE.  Shortly after he returned to AAE, he was adopted by one of his equine vets.  How lucky is he!!  Kane's veterinary costs exceeded $2000.

Day 6 - NAILAH
Nailah is an older, I mean mature, Arabian mare whose teeth are not so exquisite as she.  Nailah experienced a choke episode shortly after feeding one evening, and she was transported to the clinic where she was treated and hospitalized so she could be monitored overnight.  Nailah’s vet costs were just over $650.

Day 5 - FINN
Horses will be horses, and Finn is definitely one of those horses.  Finn is Mr. Instigator and loves to romp around the pasture and pay no attention to hazards, obstacles, or other things that might be in his way, like other horses.  Finn has had his share of bumps, bruises, and lacerations this year….yes, multiple vet visits included.  He also had a mystery illness early in the year, but seems absolutely fine now.  His vet costs this year are just over $1,400.  Finn is our most beloved lil’ knucklehead!

Day 4 - AZIZA
Quick background, Aziza came to AAE with three herdmates after the death of her owner.  She had lived on 80-acres of lush green pasture, and she had dealt with chronic laminitis and founder.  Her hooves had been horribly neglected, and they have been a work in progress since arrival.  She was doing amazingly well.  Overnight, Aziza developed an enormous abscess over her left chest/shoulder.  The dreaded Pigeon Fever resulted in immediate isolation. Since AAE’s beginning, we have had only three other cases of PF, very minor in comparison.  Aziza’s veterinary treatment involved waiting a few days for the abscess to “ripen”, opening and draining the abscess (there were four pockets), flushing the pocket, installing a drain, and starting on a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory/pain meds.  Ongoing care included daily cleaning and flushing the area, and applying an abundance fly products.  Aziza's abscess healed, but shortly after treatment was completed, laminitis struck!  Radiographs showed one of her coffin bones appeared to rotate a tiny bit more than when initially radiographed at intake.  She’s been on a little roller coaster, but she finally seems to be over the hump with her laminitis, and the PF is resolving after a second course of antibiotics.  It’s been a bit of a setback, but she is making great improvement and looking forward to joining her herdmates in the big pasture (dry).  Aziza’s vet costs this year are over $1500.

Day 3 - DIERKS
Dierks, a two-year old gelding, came to AAE with a fairly large umbilical hernia.  The hernia had not healed properly, and some of his abdominal tissue was extending through a small opening in the abdominal wall. The hernia was painful to touch, and surgery was done to assure Dierks would have a pain free future.  Surgery went very well, and he is all healed up.  Dierks was adopted by someone who loves him beyond words, and he is on his path to a wonderful life!  Dierks vet costs for his surgery and post op care were just over $1,000.

Day 2 - RIO

Shortly after arrival at AAE, Rio, a very handsome yearling colt was showing signs of constipation/colic.  Veterinary exam revealed a large,softball-sized peri-rectal abscess pushing into his rectum, blocking passage of feces. Uncommon, yes!  The little guy needed hospitalization and surgery to open and drain the abscess, and surgery was successful.  Due to the location of the abscess and the drain and the need to keep things draining, his stayed in the hospital several days.  This handsome little dude is healing well and back to the playful guy he was.  Rio’s vet costs were nearly $2,000.  He is looking for his forever family!!!

Day 1 - ANGUS
Angus is a 20-ish Shire gelding that came to AAE with several issues.  Veterinary evaluation identified chronic uveitis in both eyes, a swollen knee from infection, and chronic progressive lymphedema (CPL or "scratches") with extensive skin lesions on his front legs.  During his intake exam, he was sedated so we could treat his legs.  They were clipped, medicated and bandaged.  A few days later, bandages were removed, the areas were bathed/cleaned and clipped more.  His leg sores improved tremendously, reducing the pain, but they will require ongoing treatment (cleansing, clipping, medicating) throughout the rest of his life.  Angus' eye condition was painful, and he had lost significant vision in his left eye.  His eyes were initially treated with an ophthalmic ointment with antibiotics and a steroid in hopes they would improve.  One eye improved, but the other did not.  After multiple near misses with his eye and a fence, his eye and a branch, and his eye and a post, we opted to remove the eye before he injured it and would need emergency treatment.  More importantly, removal of his eye would also resolve the chronic pain caused by the uveitis, and it would minimize the ongoing care/treatment the eye would need.  The surgery was a success, and Angus is doing amazingly well.  What a relief for him.  Along with his antibiotic treatment that accompanied his eye care, and new shoes placed on his front hooves, his swollen knee has pretty well resolved, and the big guy is moving along very well!!  Angus’ vet costs to date exceed $2200.

The cases above were all in addition to our routine veterinary care including intake exams, intake and maintenance hoof care, initial and maintenance dentals, vaccine updates, de-worming, and other routine care for the 35 to 45 horses typically in our care.

Please help us in raising funds for our emergency veterinary fund, so we can continue to help those horses that need a little more love and attention.  Our goal is always to rescue and rehabilitate to improve quality of life and find forever homes for these amazing animals.  

Your donation will fund our emergency veterinary fund, but as previously mentioned.  Any funds raised over and above our goal will apply to our general veterinary fund.  

Thank you so much for your support. Without it, we could not continue doing what we do...for the love of horses.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 30, 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016

The AAE 12 Days of Giving may be over, but we have a couple more horses that want to share their stories before the end of the year. Thank you generosity and kindness supporting us! We've reached our year end goal of $15,000 for our Veterinary Fund!

We gladly welcome your year end contributions to support our rescue and rehabilitation operations throughout the year, so let the season of giving continue to 2017.  Happy New Year!

Posted on December 22, 2016


Posted on December 22, 2016

Let's make magic happen this giving season!!!  Meet our Magic for the 10th day of giving!!!  Thank you for your support! Spread the word! 

Posted on December 19, 2016

Posted on December 19, 2016

Your generosity during this season is inspiring! Thank you for all your support!  Please continue to spread the word!  Please meet Kane on this 7th day of giving!! 

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