Help Sidney the Chihuahua in His Fight Against Lung Cancer!

For: Amy Byrne & Todd Henderson, Sidney's Mom & Dad
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Help Sidney the Chihuahua in His Fight Against Lung Cancer! (Amy Byrne & Todd Henderson, Sidney's Mom & Dad)
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The Story

Sidney is a good boy who likes to play with his humans, cuddle with his dad, get belly rubs by his mom, and he licks anyone he can any chance he can get, and he has a special fondness for feet! He is best friends with his doggie sister Twinkie, who was rescued from a puppy mill. He has taken her under his paw, so to speak, and helps her to understand how to act like a dog. He loves to clean her eyes and face, and they can often be seen back to back snuggling with each other.

Amy and Todd need help in covering the expenses they've incurred in Sid's treatment, and also for ongoing treatment. They are true animal lovers and advocates, and do all they can to help others. They're committed to helping and adopting rescue dogs, and have a nice little pack of pups at home.

Sidney came into Amy's and Todd's lives on September 22, 2013 when they adopted him through Romeoville Humane Society. He was a stray, and his age was estimated to be around 5 years old. At his wellness exam after adopting, it was discovered that Sid had a slight heart murmur, but it was nothing to worry about at that point.

On July 5, 2017 at his annual exam he was given an x-ray because Amy & Todd noticed that his activity level had been significantly decreased, and he was coughing more - a sign of the heart murmur. His veterinarian, Dr. Lehal of Brookville Animal Clinic, noted a small mass, and Sid was referred to VCA Aurora cardiologist Dr. Soyden.

At his first appointment at VCA on July 26, 2017, Dr. Soyden noted that Sid had stage two degenerative heart disease, and that the mass was in his lung and had nothing to do with his heart. He was immediately referred to oncologist Dr. Leach who did an ultrasound and attempted to get a biopsy of what was now being called a tumor, but was unable to because of where it was located in his little body. The good news is that the tumor was contained to his lung, and had not spread anywhere else.

Dr. Leach had seen this before, and she was certain the tumor was a frontal lobe carcinoma = lung cancer. The tumor was fairly small, and Dr. Leach recommended a course of chemotherapy every two weeks for at least 10 weeks. This would slow down the growth of the cancer and help to prevent spreading.

As of September 25, 2017, Sidney has had five chemotherapy appointments at VCA Aurora, and will have at least five more at two week intervals. On his last appointment, Sidney was seen by a different oncologist, Dr. Book, who noted that the tumor had grown a small amount (we're talking millimeters), and that for some reason, he had not been getting the full dose of chemo meds. His dosage was increased, and it will continue to be increased.

Each time Amy and Todd take Sid to VCA Aurora, they're asked to rate Sid's quality of life on a scale of 1-10 (one being bad, 10 being great). Amy and Todd consistently rate him at an 8 because overall, that's how he acts. Of course, the day of and a few days after chemo, he's down, but then he's back to being himself. Bottom line is that there's a lot of life left in this boy!

About 1% of dogs get lung cancer, and they generally get it between the ages of 11-12. That's a bit older than they originally thought Sid was, so his age has been adjusted to 11 years old. Before he was found as a stray, he probably lived in a household where people smoked inside with him around. Dogs get cancer the same way humans do through secondhand smoke.

Please help Amy and Todd in covering the expenses they've incurred in Sid's treatment, and also for ongoing treatment. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 31, 2017


Posted on October 31, 2017

Hello Supporters of Sidney the Chihuahua,

Boy have we had a lousy 48 hours! Sidney had chemo a week ago, and the increase in the drug effected him. On Sunday we noticed he was slower moving and not quite himself. He didn’t move when we woke up Sunday morning, and Todd and I thought he was dead. Long story short, Sid ended up in the ER. His blood pressure dropped dramatically with the top number being 50....normal is 120, he had labored breathing and was wheezing, and we were told that he had bronchitis. He had to stay overnight to get an IV antibiotic and round the clock care.

Monday morning we learned he had a high temp that they got down, then it went back up, and they had difficulty getting down again. His respiration was better which was so good to hear. He ate at midnight between Sunday and Monday, but later vomited and wouldn’t eat again. Sid got a second, stronger antibiotic, as well as anti nausea meds so he will eat. He also received IV fluids, which is tricky for him since he has early stage 2 degenerative heart disease, and we have to be careful with the amount of fluids put into him. He tolerated the fluids which is a good thing since he’s been weak.

VCA Aurora has been great. Everyone there is so kind and friendly. I visited with Sidney Monday evening, and I had a private room to get on the floor with him and be able to cry without anyone else around. The vet tech carried him in, wrapped in a blanket. It was sad to see him that way - usually he’s Mr. Personality, strutting around saying Hi to everyone.

When he saw me he wagged his tail and struggled to get out of the tech’s arms. She put him on the floor, and he walked around, then got in my lap. He hasn’t eaten, so I brought his food from home. He wasn’t interested in eating it, but he did chow down on the special CBD treat that our friend Rhonda got for him! Rhonda runs Hedd Mutt Foundation, and she has sponsored this campaign which means that your donation is tax deductible.

Are you ready for some good news?! I talked with Sid’s oncologist and ICU doctor, and boy did they put our minds at ease!! With the information we had been given last night and this morning, we honestly thought we needed to plan for Sid’s passing sometime this week. 💔

Siddy does not have bronchitis, nor is he on death’s doorstep, and he will more than likely come home Tuesday!! The “blahness” he exhibited is perfectly normal a week out from chemo. He probably had some kind of infection that, given that he had chemo, he wasn’t able to fight off. They don’t know exactly where that infection is, but the GI tract is a possibility since he had mucous in his poo poo (Coincidentally, Twinkie does, too.).

Both of the above mentioned doctors are very confident that he will make a full recovery, and that we can relax. Todd and I have been wrecks! And I’m sure we will be many more times over the course of this disease. We will more than likely stop IV chemo and switch to chemo pills at home.

Please continue to think of him, his four legged sisters & brother, and us. This is super hard, and we are doing our best to do right by Sid. We have been so afraid, and thought we were going to have to put him down this week. It so good to know that is not the case!!

If you would please share his donation website, we would appreciate it. These 48 hours in ICU are very costly, and we could sure use help! ❤️🐾

Thank you for your support!

Sidney, Amy, Todd, Karma, Sweetie Pie, Jax, Zuzu, & Twinkie...more concisely known as “The Byrnderson Menagerie”

Posted on October 24, 2017


Posted on October 24, 2017

Sidney completed his 7th round of chemotherapy today - hooray! He was a real champ. Amy found a lump on his rear, right flank, and Sid’s oncologist determined it’s a benign cyst - phew!!!

Sid has a ritual when he’s done with chemo and we drive home. He likes to rub all over this Live Like Roo blanket before crashing for the rest of the car ride ❤️😂 This update won’t let me post the video of this, so here’s Sid & TODD being silly 🙃 

Thank you for supporting Sidney and us - we appreciate it! 😘😘😘

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