Create a rainforest reserve and plant Ayahuasca vines!

For: Amazon forest and the Ayahuasca plant
Santa Clara, Pastaza Province, Ecuador
Organizer: Jan Rostlinka
Create a rainforest reserve and plant Ayahuasca vines! (Amazon forest and the Ayahuasca plant)
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The Story

Ayahuasca is one of the most valuable medicinal plants on Earth. Unfortunately it is disappearing, because people consume much more than they plant. Ayahuasca is only rarely found in wilderness, it needs to be planted by humans if we consume so much. Help us to purchase 10 hectares of fertile land in the Upper Amazon in Ecuador which could otherwise become a cow pasture. Our goal is to plant 1000 Ayahuasca babies there, among other medicinal trees and plants. The cost of planting 1 Ayahuasca baby on 10 square meters is $50 and we need your help!

Giving back to the Spirit of the Medicine

Donating to this project enables you to give back to the vine that you have drank in your ceremonies and at the same time save a piece of rain forest. Become not only a consumer, but also a giver! 

Who are we?

Jan Rostlinka, the founder of this project, has been living in the Napo-Pastaza region in Ecuador since 2008. He has studied Ayahuasca shamanism under several teachers, including the chief president of Amazonian shamans Don Fidel Andi. He also apprenticed with Shipibo tribe in Peru, including the Mateo Arévalo's family. Jan works as a healer and Earth protector in several projects and guarantees the integrity of this fundraiser. In his activities, Jan is accompanied by the indigenous Kichwa family of his wife and also by numerous volunteers from all around the world. More about Jan at   

Where is the plantation?

Jan's property, called Sacred River, is on the border of the Llanganatis ("Beautiful Mountain") national park. This area is also known as the Amazonian Headwaters. The Piatua river at the property is considered one of the purest rivers on Earth by some scientists. However, cow breeding, logging, mining and other activities are a serious threat to this area. The Rainforest Protection and Ayahuasca reforestation is helping to save this pristine ambient and also provide work for the locals, including the Kichwa tribe. We have the chance to purchase adjacent property of around 300 hectars, of which the majority is primary forest and party it is a secondary forest where which we want to reforest with medicinal trees and plants, apart from Ayahuasca. You can see the activities of the center at and if you want come as a volunteer to plant your Ayahuasca baby personally! 

How does the Ayahuasca plantation looks like?

First of all, no rain forest trees are cut for the sake of planting Ayahuasca. It is a plant which needs to grow on trees. Often we take advantage of an old tree falling down naturally which creates a section where the sun shines. Then we need to clear the soil on the spot where we are going to plant. We use previously rooted Ayahuasca sections. After planting, all Ayahuasca babies are numbered and registered. 

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Create a rainforest reserve and plant Ayahuasca vines!

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