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The Story

Amanda & Jason lost their home to fire on Sunday, June 11th, 2017.  They lost their home and belongings but not their faith or each other.

There is so much to tell but for now we just need to set the site up because many are asking how they can help.  What is important to know:

Jason and Amanda are both in the major burn unit at the hospital.  Jason saved Amanda's life by running through the fire to get to her and lead her to safety.  He then dowsed their skin with water and drove them to a neighbors house so they could be taken to hospital.  While Amanda's burns have been downgraded to only 10% of her body (1st and 2nd degree burns), her burns are on her hands, arms, chest, face and back.  Amanda never came into contact with flames.  Jason on the other hand went through the fire to get to her, he sustained 3rd degree burns on 80% of his body.  He had his first surgery yesterday morning.

Jason is expected to be in the major burn unit for several months, then months of rehabilitation afterwards.  After Amanda is released, she will need to stay in Edmonton to help care for Jason.  In the meantime,  Amanda is from Oregon in the USA and her immigration papers have not completed yet (they are filed, it takes a while), so she is not covered under Canadian health care. 

These funds will be used to take care of her immediate needs and her housing, food and clothing for the interim. As Jason's healing progresses, additional needs will arise.  Right now we want to make sure that Amanda has what she needs to get her through since she should be released within the next two weeks. A room has already been reserved for her across from the hospital (at and excellent rate) so she can be with Jason daily.  Amanda's voice has been able to help calm him and bring his vitals down when needed.  She is medicine for him, hospital staff believe this also.

I am her mother and I am sitting in the hospital with her now.  Things are crazy busy and there seems to always be a flurry of activity surrounding the two of them but mostly Jason since his condition is critical.

Jason is intubated so he is unable to communicate with Amanda other than to slightly turn his head towards the sound of her voice or move his limbs. His eyes are healing from the smoke so he is also unable to open them or see right now.  They have a very strong faith in God and have put there complete and total trust in him.  We are believing for a miraculous out come for the both of them. 

We thank you for your prayers. They mean everything!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 14, 2017


Posted on August 14, 2017

June 11th 2017…. around 3:30am I was in and out of sleep. Feeling like I was suffocating, but thinking I was just dreaming. It was silent in the house…no alarms. Nothing. Surely, I was just dreaming.  Trying hard to fall back asleep, the Lord physically sat me up in bed and told me to “Wake Up”. It was then, that I realized this was not a dream. I could not breathe. Jason was fast asleep, after having to shake him, he finally woke up. Jay sat up in bed and for a brief second, we looked around and noticed our room was black…. filled with smoke. The feeling that came over my body in that very moment, I don’t even know how to describe…it goes far beyond fight or flight…beyond fear, beyond panic.

“We are NOT dying going to burn alive” ...Jason instantly grabbed me and pulled me out of bed. First instinct is to see what is happening. Still no alarms going off…

Still holding onto each other, we run into the kitchen, to see if there is a clear path to our doors. There it was…raging fire coming up the stairs and engulfing our kitchen. Flames keeping us from both of our doors out. Our house was black, so filled with smoke that the burning from that alone, was enough to make you drop to your knees. The brief second that we stepped into the kitchen, is when the heat first seared our skin.

Still no alarms…

At that point, the heat was so intense that I could no longer breathe or feel if Jason was still holding onto me. That’s we got separated. I turned around and ran to the furthest bedroom to try and knock a window out…thinking Jay was right behind me. The heat and the smoke was just moments away from keeping me from getting out. I could feel it physically pulling me down to the ground. If I didn’t not get out NOW, then there was no way I was going to make it.

I heard a hug bang and glass shatter. I scream as loud as I can for Jay, realizing that he is not with me. Did something explode? Did he pass out? Did he make it out? Is he still alive?!

Within a matter of seconds, I hear him running down the hallway, towards me. There he was. Alive, right there next to me. It was so Smokey in the house though, that I could not actually see him. I heard him and felt him grab onto me. We get the window open quickly, and he helps me out. It was the second the cool air outside touched our skin, that the pain hit. I just remember being on my hands and knees in the grass, trying to breathe…just trying to get some air in my lungs. Running my fingers through the grass trying to convince myself we are okay, you are outside. “Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus”. That’s all I could say.

Still, no alarms going off in the house.

Jason climbs out a few seconds later, scoops me up into his arms, and carries me over to a rain puddle to try and cool our skin down with cold water. Both of us calling out the name of Jesus over and over and over. “Thank you, Jesus! We are out. We are alive. Our lungs are clear in Jesus name. Our bodies are healed in Jesus name. WE ARE HEALED IN JESUS NAME” Jason prayed.

That is just a brief glimpse into what happened that morning. For those wondering, Jason and I have been renovating our home since November of 2016. We were nearly finished. The electrical was updated and all the smoke detectors/alarms were brand new and professionally installed. Not a single alarm went off. That is how Jason and I got trapped and did not get out sooner. The smoke alone, could have taken us in our sleep. The Lord had numerous people awake praying that night, specifically praying for us, without even knowing what for. My mother was one of those people. She was woken up at 1:30am to pray that morning, without knowing what she was praying for, she stayed awake for hours just being obedient to her call to pray. It was just 30minutes after going back to bed, that my mom got the phone call. She instantly knew what she, was than, praying for.

There is still no word on the cause of the fire. We have our assumptions, but for legal reasons, we are not discussing anything for the time being. We have not been given a living allowance yet, from insurance, so it has been all your financial support, that has been housing me and providing food and clothing for us. I cannot express enough, how greatly Jason and I (and our families) appreciate all of the support and prayers. To be covered in so much love, during such a tragic time, is so comforting. It is a very strange feeling, to have no home, and none of your belongings. But it is such a wonderful feeling to be alive. To have each other and be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family.

As far as Jason’s recover goes, there has been unheard of progress. As of Monday, July 31st, Jason is finished with skin grafting surgeries! He has defied all the odds, and has been the talk of the burn unit, since he got there. Now staff and doctors are admitting that he is a miracle. That they are just tools, in his case. But that the Grace of God has healed him at a miraculous pace. They have seen nothing like him. These doctors have worked on thousands of patients and have seen the worst of the worst. Nurses have been working in the unit for 40+ years, and are in awe of him. The last patient who was even less severe than Jay (other patient 80% burn) was in the burn unit for 15 months, before leaving for rehab. I am so proud and so excited to say that the next phase of recovery has started. Jason is now at Glenrose Rehabilitation Center.

Jason has learned how to walk again, how to use his hands again, and is becoming more independent with each day that comes. While its frustrating and very painful at times, as one can imagine, to learn how to do the little AND the big things all over again, he is encouraged with his progress and is motivated to gain his strength, weight, health and mobility back. Jason holds the record for the quickest “admitted and discharged” acute burn patient at the U of A.

There is so much to tell. So many miracles and are intertwined throughout the past 9 weeks. As the days go by, I will tell you more about that morning, and the miracles, as well as keep you up to date on Jason’s progress. This next phase is going to require a lot of focus from both Jason and I, but we know we are not doing it alone. God has been so faithful, He is not going to stop now. He is going to see us through and get ALL the praise.

Jason has still respectfully requested that he be given more time to heal, before visitors start to come. His days are now very long, tiring, and honestly, it is still a sensitive time. Though he would love to see you all, he is easily exhausted, and just needs more time. He has lost a decent amount of weight, and there is a lot of constant discomfort that comes with recovering from such a severe burn. When Jason is ready, please trust that we will let you know.

Posted on July 26, 2017


Posted on July 26, 2017

(July 11th update)

Jason Reece: My husband, my best friend, my hero… now known as the miracle patient, in 3C2 Firefighters Burn Unit, at the U of A hospital in Edmonton. When we arrived at the burn unit on June 11th, Jason’s body had sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 90% of his body. He was in critical condition. I was told, there was a high probability that he would not survive his injuries. Never, did I ever think those were words I would ever hear in my lifetime. In that moment, my heart and flesh were broken. I was weak and in despair over what had happened, overwhelmed with what was being spoken about my husband. My flesh saw nothing but insurmountable mountains before me. In the heart of a violent, unrelenting storm, I stood. Then there was my spirit. My born-again spirit instantly rose up within me, and stood tall in the face of that storm and declared, nothing was/is mightier than my God. Fear HAD to leave. In that moment, the Lord brought to mind, 2 Timothy 1:7, God said. “I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” I REFUSED to cross the bridge of death. I did not allow my heart or spirit to be distracted or dismayed by what was happening in the natural. The Lord kept bringing scripture to my mind, Luke 10:19; “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” That Promise still stands. I knew He would not fail us now. Supernaturally, I could not believe in anything but LIFE, and life more abundantly for my husband. Being one flesh with Jason, I knew that is where I needed to stand, In Faith. In Jesus Christ’s promise of life. Fast forward to today…the 11th of July, 4 weeks later. Jason has under gone 4 surgeries now, all of which, have gone better than planned or expected by his doctors. Jason’s skin has been regenerating and healing and a pace that is unheard of. His skin healing so quickly, his donor sites can produce more skin to graft over his open skin. One month ago, 90% of his body was exposed, as of yesterday, he is now down to only 10%! To put that into perspective, one of his doctors explained to me yesterday, that for every 1% of the body that is burned, it takes 1-2 days to heal. Every day, our prayer warriors have specifically prayed for NEW SKIN REGERATION. We have also prayed that the process would mark his doctors, that they would marvel and be in awe of his recovery. Jason’s original estimated time to be discharge, IF he was to survive, was projected to be 90-180 days in the hospital…. Here we are, day 30, and not only has he survived, he beat a very aggressive blood infection and nasty bacteria bugs, and has had one successful surgery after another. Not only that, but this past week he has been standing and walking (with assistance) and making months’ worth of progress in physical therapy. IT HAS ONLY BEEN 4 WEEKS! The doctors and staff here, are in awe of him. The evidence of the miracles of Jesus Christ, are all around. What the enemy has meant for our harm, the Lord is turning into good! We declare HIS Victory over sickness, disease and death! To God be all the honor, glory and praise!
There is so much more to this story, of which someday I will make a video to share, but for now, this is it in a nut shell; Miracles are happening every single day and there are no words to describe it. Even the doctors say they are in awe and speechless in what they have seen and witnessed with Jason. They do not have an answer for his recovery. They have NEVER seen anything like it… EVER! To everyone who has been praying for us, we cannot say it enough…Thank you. Keep them coming, your prayers are precious to us. They hold us up and give us strength for the day. It is so exciting to see how God is moving, not just in our lives, but in the lives of others throughout this journey. We pray that God continues to bless you all. We pray for miracles to happen in your lives, in your finances, in your relationships, in the midst of your storms and in your walk with Christ. From the big things, to the small things…there is nothing too difficult for him, no storm too strong, no mountain to high. He has overcome the world, and He made the ultimate sacrifice for us, so that we won’t ever have to be alone. For it is He who lives in us, that makes us strong. You don’t have to pray the right prayer, say the right words, or know every scripture in the Bible. He just asks for you to accept Him into your heart, and believe on the name of His son Jesus. Seek after Him and you will find Him. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is a faithful God and He keeps His promises! He never left Jason and I. He simply asked us to trust and believe in Him. He is the author and the finisher of our faith.

Also, many of you have expressed your desire to come visit Jason. We respectfully ask that you hold off for a bit. Though things are going very well, Jason is exhausted much of the time. The pain that comes with the severity of his burns, is beyond the average "injury". Medication dulls the pain, it does not eliminate it. He is also burning calories at an unimaginable rate to heal and therefore isn't up for company now, other than his immediate family. I promise to let you know when he is up for visitors.
If you would like to send letter or cards for us to read to Jay, that is a great alternative for right now! Or you can of course send me a private message, and I will share it with him.

Stay tuned, for more miraculous updates!

Posted on July 10, 2017

Posted on July 10, 2017

Hello all, Amanda here!
So my updates today will be a bit spread. It is easier for me to individually talk about the wonderful things taking place, through this storm.

Right now, I'd like to show you how far my healing has come, in just 4 weeks.
There are a few graphic photos in the slide show so it may not be appropriate for younger ones, or those with weak stomachs. I have only chosen a few photos, to show you, but you will see just how good God has been.

When I was admitted to the burn unit on June 11th, 16% of my body had 2nd degree burns, and 4% 1st degree. 
My face, chest, arms, hands, and back were burnt. 
I never came in contact with the flames. I was standing about 8feet from the fire, for a split second...it was the heat the seared my skin.

My hair is looking a little funny these days, but it's just hair. It will grow. The fact that my hair was down, saved the sides of my face, and part of my upper back.  So, I guess you could say it served its purpose!

I am sharing this, to show you how good God is. And while I will not be sharing photos of Jason (because his burns are extremely graphic, and it's a bit more of a private matter) BUT know , the same miraculous healing, continues to take place in his body.

Right now, my recovery process consists of a lot of hand exercises. Physical therapy everyday, helps gain mobility back in my hands and fingers. Due to deep burns, the scar tissue naturally wants to adhere to the tendons. It impedes the gliding movement in my hands and fingers. 
Scar massage helps a lot, with helping break up the scar tissue. The next 6 months will be very crucial to making sure the scar tissue does not permanently stick. 
I have special burn garments that I wear to help with pain, scaring and sensitivity.

I am having to train my nerve ending to feel again, on my arms, top of hands and finger tips. That, as well, will take hard work and a few months to get complete feeling back. BUT hey, God can do anything. So I am believing for an even quicker outcome😊

I am going to leave you with this for now. Yes it is hard to look at, but be blessed by it. Your prays and faith have been heard and this is one way, that God has been proving his presence.

After all...He is the God of all flesh 😊

click on the link bellow, for the slideshow.

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