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The Story

We must do more.  So, that's what we are going to do.  

When I started ALIVE Rescue, I made a promise to myself and our community.  ALIVE Rescue's mission was to rescue dogs and cats that were at risk for euthanasia from Chicago open access shelters.  As long as Chicago was NOT no-kill, we would do our part to help dogs and cats locally.  In March of 2015 everything changed.  Canine influenza (CI) entered our shelters.  We were no longer able to rescue dogs locally and bring them to our adoption center, The Little Barn.  We were also no longer able to rescue dogs and place them into our foster homes.  Due to the highly contagious nature of CI, we had to re-think how we did rescue.  

We immediately began begging for ISO foster homes (homes with no other dogs or dogs who have already contracted CI).  Many amazing ISO foster homes stepped up to the plate (THANK YOU!!!).  Unfortunately, we still do not have a sufficient number of ISO foster homes to meet demand of dogs needing rescue from animal control. As time went on, we realized the magnitude of this epidemic.  Not only would we need many more ISO fosters, we would need to raise A LOT more money to give these dogs the care they needed to recover and become healthy again.  We are not the only one facing these challenges. Many of our rescue partners were similarly affected.  

As time went on, we watched as highly adoptable dogs sat at animal control begging for rescue.  Dogs that would have before been rescued immediately.  We watched as dogs were marked URGENT so much quicker than before.  We watched as many of these dogs were euthanized because the shelters had reached capacity.  We did what we could based on what our ISO foster home situation allowed.  However, we need to do more.  

ALIVE Rescue is lucky enough to have a small adoption center in the city called The Little Barn.  Up until this point the barn has served as a place for our long term residents, pregnant and nursing dogs, dogs requiring individualized training, adoption events, and for our cats.  The Little Barn has served as an essential part of our rescue and it's about to become a lot more vital.  

We are working hard to prepare and transform The Little Barn into a Special Isolation Center (SIC) for dogs exposed to canine influenza.  Over the coming weeks you will see many freedom rides from animal control to the barn.  The dogs will remain at the barn for a minimum of 21 days while we provide them with emergency care, medication, vetting and the love they need to get healthy and ready for adoption.  From here, they will go into foster homes if they are not already adopted in order to make room for more CI infected dogs that urgently need to be rescued.


1)  Make a tax-deductible DONATION to ALIVE Rescue to help cover the medical costs we will incur from this mass rescue.  

As a thank you, donors will receive the following for their donation:

$25.00 Donors = Will receive a personalized "Thank you" via email from one of our ISO pups.  

$50.00 Donors = Will receive a personalized video via email from one of the ISO dogs we rescue.

$100.00 Donors = ALIVE Rescue t-shirt  

$150.00 Donors = Name an ISO dog we rescue

$250.00 Donors = Personalized, Engraved "Lucky for Life" Horseshoe that will hang at The Little Barn (details at

$500.00 + Donors = Private tour of The Little Barn to meet all the ISO residents.  

2)  Consider becoming a FOSTER parent for one of these ISO pups once they are ready to leave the Special Isolation Center.  Apply to foster today at

3)  SHARE and spread the word about how we are trying to make a difference in Chicago.  

4)  Sign up to become a volunteer at The Little Barn ~ Special Isolation Center at  

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  You have no idea how much your support means to me and to all of the animals we are going to save thanks to your donation.  

Kristen Gerali
ALIVE Rescue, Founder

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 29, 2016

Posted on September 29, 2016

9/29/16 ~ We just left the ER and our hearts are breaking. Schmilco is having a difficult time fighting off the pneumonia. This is day 5 in the ER and instead of showing signs of progress, he is getting worse. He is now on oxygen to help him breathe. His appetite is gone. When we arrived he didn't even move in his kennel. No tail wags. He was happy to curl up in our laps and welcomed all the love we showered him with. We are worried. The doctors are worried. We do not plan on giving up on this guy and we hope he continues to fight. The doctor said if he makes it, he has a long road ahead. This means he will be in the ER a lot longer. We anticipate his bill to be over $10,000 if this continues. Thank you for all the positive energy you are sending his way. He needs it. ❤️❤️❤️

Posted on September 28, 2016

Posted on September 28, 2016

9/27/16 ~  Guys, we’re having a rough few days and really need your help. Schmilco and Chutzpah are in the ER with severe pneumonia and will likely remain there for a few days. It’s truly heartbreaking and we’re hoping to see some improvement soon.  Their combined bill to date is now over $7,500. We plan on visiting them again this evening like we did yesterday, bringing them roasted chicken and hamburgers to entice them.  They are still both barely eating and Schmilco is now on oxygen.  Please keep them in your thoughts.   

Posted on September 22, 2016

Posted on September 22, 2016

9/21/16 ~ WE DID IT!!!! With the massive amount of support from our donors and volunteers we were able to save 14 dogs from Chicago Animal Care and Control over the last few days. Our first residents are settled into The Little Barn Special Isolation Center and are already coming out of their shells. It's amazing to see the difference a few days of TLC can make and they are finally getting the unconditional love (and veterinary care) that they need and deserve! This is just the beginning. We will do so much more, but first, we're going to get to know these pups because we can't wait to tell you all about them!

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The Little Barn ~ Special Isolation Center

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