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The Story

Imagine, if you can, you are a highly educated and brilliant professional, and IT Engineer, married with children, a happy home, life is good.

Suddenly, you are struck with MS, a devastating auto-immune disease. In short order you lose your job, your mobility, you are confined to a wheel chair, with little hope of recovery.

Paralyzed, you are without financial resources, and cannot even bathe yourself without help. It seems your life is over at age 50.

This is Algis, a dear friend of ours. He is a Belgian national, living in Taiwan since the late 1980’s, when he came to work on the first mass transit system on the island. Once athletic and a motorcycle racer, Algis must now rely on the support of friends and sometimes, strangers, for his basic needs.

[Meet Algis Here] [中文] [À Propos d'Algis]

Now, a window of possibility has opened. With the latest developments in stem-cell therapy, he could be cured and restored to health and mobility. Yes, he can get his life back.

Good News. With the help of friends, Algis has been accepted into a program of cutting-edge stem-cell treatment and the only thing standing in his way is US$30,000 to pay for the therapy. He is now awaiting a 3-week course of stem-cell transplants at an international hospital that can give him back his life. Time is of the essence. His chances for a full recovery will never be better than now.

The sooner he gets treatment, the more likely he will have a complete recovery. Many miracles have already happened that demonstrate the effectiveness of stem-cell therapy in treating multiple sclerosis. Your support can make that happen for him now.

With your help, Algis can recover his health and go on to make a difference in the world. His dream is to recover and go on to help others. We, a group of close friends, are opening our hearts and our wallets to help Algis. I’m wondering if you will help us help Algis to achieve his dream of recovery and a new life. And, we are asking that you do that now.

Why should you help? Because we all want to make a difference. We can all do something greater than zero to reach out and touch this person, to give him back his life. It only takes a little help from a lot of people to make this happen.

Were you in his position, wouldn’t you be willing to humble yourself and accept the support of strangers to regain your life? Would you?

As Friends of Algis, we humbly and respectfully ask you to help us raise the money to make this happen now. We ask you to donate whatever you can, now.

And, we ask your help to share this possibility with others and encourage them to also give what they can. Your influence and your network can also make a difference.

Because, with enough networking and support, Algis will soon be able to get the life-saving treatment he desperately wants and needs. His life is waiting and we ask you to bring it to him with your contribution.

Will you help us now? Algis’ life hangs in the balance. Any amount you contribute will make a difference. Please, make a donation now to restore life and possibility to a treasured member of our community.

With deep gratitude for your support we ask you to please make your donation now.

With Love,

Friends of Algis

Interview March 25th

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 31, 2017


Posted on August 31, 2017

Physical Therapy is now on full scale at Taida Hospital in Taipei. I apologize for the lack of updates since my return from Beijing but there was setbacks (explained on the main site and then the difficulty in finding a valuable replacement for the physical therapy that was given to me daily at PuHua Beijing.

I will regroup and refresh all  that! Thank you all!


Posted on July 8, 2017


Posted on July 8, 2017

Updates will be placed on the website's blog due to the complexity of the matter throughout YouCaring and the PRC tecoms

Posted on July 8, 2017


Posted on July 8, 2017

The 3rd of July it is. “THE”Day. As we booked an early flight in order to arrive on the first day as early as we could; we had to wake up accordingly.

We arrive at the Taoyuan Int’l Airport a bit before 7:00AM. We utilized the usual Van Service which was on time. The Airport personnel was aware of our arrival and waited to help use registering and weighting the luggages. I flew in the past with China Airlines; the “real Taiwan Airlines” and always have praised their services but this time was really Premium! I can not tell how much good care they took of me and my Daughter Mikalina who accompany me for this adventure. Wheelchair from the counter to the plane’s seat. Since we arrived first they had plenty of time to accommodate us with all we needed.

The flight was hyper-smooth. At this time of the day most voyagers continue their sleep during the 2:45 hours of the trip from Taiwan to Beijing and all is quiet and comfortable. Both of us were too excited to sleep tho and we watched a movie; listen to radio or read some e-book on our phone. The seats in the plane are a bit tight for me but for 3 hours it is not of major concern. The Economy Class of a 747-400 as they all are.

At arrival; the same care awaited us and we were taken from the airplane seat to the exit door by the airline/airport services where my own wheelchair waited, extracted from the cargo along with our luggages. The airport of Beijing is huge and between the terminal and the luggage kiosk there is a ~5 minutes ride in a transit system (on tyres by Siemens for the curious).

At Taoyuan departure as well as at Beijing Arrival; we were passed throughout the “Diplomatic Doors and Checking” so all those procedures were very fast and without any bump.

Temperature was of 28ºC in Beijing. No blue sky, a kind of ‘low ceiling’ but I can not determine if it was haze or pollution. The Coordinator of PuHua Hospital (Kathy) was waiting for us as promised. We got to the bus where I had some difficulties because I suppose the fact that I even cannot stand was forgotten and it has been necessary to haul me in the back seat. The driver was skillful but not particularly strong so it has been a bit hard. But well, small issue. Ride was less than an hour, we arrived about noon at Tiantan Road; PuHua Hospital. I was unloaded from the van by a much more trained man and we were directly lead to the room.

Kathy left us for an hour to rest and cool down; wash a bit and take refreshments. Around 3:00PM; we have been introduced to some personnel; nurses and care givers, some administrative talks and papers. After that; the Doctor saw me for a brief talk, just the premises and a general layout of what was gonna happen to me.

I have been seen by 3 neurologists, 2 chiropractors, 1 TCM Doctor and I got my first acupuncture treatment: needles in the arms, legs and belly.

It quickly arrived time to eat dinner and Kathy helped Mikalina (my Daughter) to find a very close food stand where she bought us each pork noodles and we feast on it. We could connect directly to the public wifi of the hospital but in PRC China all communications like Facebook; Google, Line are banned so we had to reset many communication channels before being able to connect. But I will try to make a separate post about connecting and computers.

Emptying luggages; re-insuring friends and family and we were ready for the start of the whole stuff: Day +1 – Next time…

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