Help me register my cat as my Emotional Support Animal!

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Help me register my cat as my Emotional Support Animal! (Alaska Reinford)
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The Story

Hello! My name is Alaska Reinford and I suffer from Severe Panic Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and PTSD when it comes to riding in cars due to being in a car accident in 2005. I've been hospitalized for these issues and so overly medicated, yet no relief. As embarrassing as it is to talk about, I have these panic attacks that throw me into hysterical crying, self-loathing, and self-harming for at least 4+ hours. My psychiatrists have prescribed me every benzodiazepine in the book. Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, you name it - and none of them have given me any relief. I'm currently on 8 medications for all of my issues, mental and physical. My doctors believe that some of my chronic pain and chronic migraines are caused by stress. Typical coping mechanisms like counting to 10, grounding yourself using your surroundings, deep breathing and many many others, don't work for me. The constant pain and emotional anguish that come with dealing with these chronic illnesses have influenced my suicidal thoughts and self injurious behaviors return. My therapists are as at a lost as I am considering how to help me. A friend of mine is involved in service dogs and explained to me that there are emotional assistance animals that are other than dogs. This information was a godsent to me. My cat Emily and I have such a tight bond. Whenever I'm having an attack and I'm home alone she will sit on my chest and rub my face with her nose until I calm down. The sweet thing sometimes does it for hours. Just sitting and petting my cat calms me down enough to continue on with my day. Before this, if I had a panic attack I'd be out of commission the whole day. Emily gives me the motivation to get out and get my life back. With her being more accessible to me, I can get off these awful medications that only give me side effects and no relief. 

I'm an only child who is not only physically and mentally disabled, but my mother cannot work due to severe Fibromyalgia which was brought on by my family getting hit by a drunk driver.  My father who works 3 jobs just makes enough for us to have food and to just barely pay the mortgage. My parents care about me very much and they want me to get better, but we just can't afford much of anything. I want to recover from my anxiety so I can step up and do my part to help out my parents. My Emily has given me relief from my anxiety that no other medication has given me. 

The National Service Animal Registryhas a very easy application process that costs 64.95$ plus 45.95$ for a vest for my cat. As I said before, my family's finances are used for mortgage payments, food, and necessary antidepressants and pain medication for not only me, but my mother. I understand this just sounds like another one of your sob stories, but even just the littlest bit you can give will mean the world to me. 

Thank you.

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Help me register my cat as my Emotional Support Animal!

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