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The Story

Hey! My name is Regina, and I started this YouCaring page for my sister. She is absolutely the most amazing, selfless person I've known. She takes things on head first, always rising to the occasion and coming through for the people who need her most. In the last few years she has grown in ways I can't even put in to words. She, along with her business partner, successfully launched a start up delivery business in their community - the Roaring Fork Valley. Starting a business is a rough (although often fun) road to ride, and she's done so without giving up.

As if that isn't enough, she is single handedly raising her son, my nephew, to be a respectful, respectable young man. He holds doors, greets people brightly, is smart as a whip, says please and thank you, and enjoys talking about all of the things that interest little boys! 

Wait, there is more. This supermom extraordinaire also felt called to care for kids in the foster care system. This step of faith looked like a leap to her for a while as she processed how to fit fostering in to her life - but she doesn't balk at a leap for long, she makes a plan and takes the jump, which is exactly what she did with this, too. With such a great need in her community, she was picked for kids quite quickly once she completed all of the requirements. 

I don't know about you, but I believe we have a real enemy, that God has a real enemy, and that when someone hears God's call on their life, and responds, the enemy moves against them. As is the case with my sweet sister. She started to do the very work God called her to and there have been hiccups. The most noteworthy is with her vehicle situation. The motor in her Prius gave up - but she owes a lot on the vehicle still. A temporary fix was put in place - an older Blazer that sucks fuel down, but it doesn't have what it takes to withstand 300+ miles a day to keep up with her job. Plus the whole fuel mileage thing puts a real cramp on things. 

This is where you and I come in. See, I want to be able to help. In fact, I wish I could buy the motor ($6000) for the Prius and pay the dang thing off for her (roughly $10000), but I can't. But I will donate what I can, and I am hoping you will too. If you can't donate, please say a prayer for her, and share this page and let's rally around a young woman who is making a huge impact on her community and make a huge impact in her life!!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 14, 2017

Posted on August 14, 2017

Regina here, with a bad news update on Adriane's car situation. She got the Prius back (with a huge credit card bill to work on paying off), for it to go back in the shop shortly thereafter for another large repair bill. It's sitting at the dealership waiting for her to approve the work, but with no way of paying for it at this time, she is just letting it sit in their parking lot. Mind you, she still has to make the payment every month.
She purchased a van to be able tote around all of her sweet kids, because she likes to take them on outtings as often as possible. On one of those great outtings - a camping trip to Mt. Rushmore - the van decided to die. The professionals say it threw a rod and needs a whole new motor. Of course, she still has to make this car payment too. (She was responsible and found a used van for a much lower price than a new one, but the payments have to be made whether they run or not.)

Tank, her blue Blazer, is running but she's exhausted her funds trying to get the ball joints, tie rods, plugs, wires, etc. all done so that it continues down the road dependably. In the process of making those repairs, her mechanic found 3 separate leaks in her radiator and said she should replace it sooner, rather than later.

Meanwhile, it's August and school is starting, and that means clothes, shoes, back packs, etc. for all of the kids she is caring for. 

This is a lot for any one person to handle, and I am so proud of the way she keeps her head up and continues working hard, and finding new ways to operate her business without being out on the road every day. 

I thought I'd see if we could rally once more and help her out again. The first round of donations all went toward the credit card bill for the Prius. She's trying to be as wise as she can with the help she's received.

Thank you for reading my update. 

Posted on May 6, 2017


Posted on May 6, 2017

Hey folks!

I'm sorry for the delay in my update on this page. We've posted several to Facebook, but it is time to update you here. We have been reaching out to local news outlets and reporters, hoping someone would pick up Adriane's story and run it. It looks like we'll get to run a letter to the editor in the Post Independent. This is great news!

I'm attaching the bill from Toyota to this update, so you can see that we aren't asking for more than the repair bill really is. For the immediate and to get the car on the road, our parents have used their credit card to pay for the repairs - with the understanding that now Adriane has to meet the minimum monthly payment requirements. I am still hoping we can raise enough money to pay this off for her, because the minimum monthly payment on a $6000+ credit card bill is a total budget changer. And Adriane is working her tail end off, already making the payment on her car every month. 

This update comes with a personal challenge. It's the $10 and 10 challenge. I challenge you to give $10 today, and then to tag 10 of your friends to each do the same. If you'll take my challenge, then we could get this repair fully paid for in a matter of hours on this lovely Saturday. Are you in? I am!

(Youcaring automatically cropped the photo for this update, but the full photo is in the gallery.)

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