Help Nasons love their TRIPLETS home!!

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Help Nasons love their TRIPLETS home!!  (Nason family )
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The Story

Many of you know Matt and I have a heart for adoption and we are pasionate about giving voice to "the least of these." Our story has included both foster care and adoption as well as a "friend's family" for the local children's home. Our precious Brayden (3 yo) and Hannah (2.5 yo) were both adopted from foster care. Sydney is our beautiful (almost) 19 year old daughter who we established a relationship with during her time at the children's home here in Memphis. 
On March 18th 2015, Tiffany saw a short post on a FaceBook (crazy, right?) group about triplet boys being born the day prior with contact information for a local adoption agency: these boys need a mom and a dad, a family to love them. Oh my word. Triplets?? Boys?? Is this a plea for willing families?
In obedience to a VERY STRONG urging from the Spirit, Tiffany sent an innocent email to inquire about the boys. Maybe we knew "a" family or we could reach out to some connections, but The Lord had an even bigger plan. 

Matt and I began to pray for the birth family, for these precious 3 boys in the Med NICU born at 29 weeks, for the family who would call them sons, for the adoption agency, for the hospital staff who would care for them daily, for the support/encouragement from family/friends that would be required to raise triplets.  And all the while, the Lord continued to say, Listen. Be still. I am in control. Continue to be obedient. Seek wisdom. Discern. Pray with friends. Gain insight and voice concerns.

All the while, we continued to stay in contact with the agency. We turned in an initial application, a profile photo book, and within two weeks, we had conformation from the agency that WE ARE MOM AND DAD. THESE BOYS ARE OUR SONS. FOUR SHORT WEEKS PEOPLE!!!!

Are we excited? YES. Are we terrified? Absolutely. Do we know it is going to be hard? YES. But do we know He is in control? WITHOUT A DOUBT. 
The Lord is continuing to write our family's story which is part of a bigger story, His Story. 

That brings us to this moment. We are going to be transparent and vulnerable. This has been an expedited procress from Day 1: the financial requirement time frame is no exception. We need to raise a large sum of money for the placement fee in a VERY SHORT amount of time to bring our sons home.  The first son could come home in as little as THREE weeks. And we are asking for your help.

  • FIRST, we want you to pray for our family. This will be a huge transition for each family member in different ways. It will impact the dynamic and flow of our day to day life and it will be hard. We will post updates on our newly created facebook page  so everyone can stay in the loop and pray specific prayers!

  • SECOND, we ask that you SHARE our story. Email. Facebook. Twitter, Instagram. Blog World. Word of mouth. Whatever--we dont really care--just be a voice for these boys. 

  • THIRD, we have created a registry at Babies R Us---- this list is not all inclusive--but there are some items that frankly we just NEED. We dont need the specific item in the picture--this was the easiest way to create a "list" for anyone who may want to help. Feel free to find something at Target, Wal-Mart, Ross', TJ Max, Once upon a Child, etc. We dont really care where it comes from.

  • Lastly, we ask that you pray seriously about helping us financially. There is not any dollar amount that is too small. We know the Lord provides. We know He is able and He will equip us as a family to carry out the plan in which He has set into motion--We know He fed 5000+ with a few fish and loaves of bread.

We are grateful that you would spend a few minutes to dive into our story. There is so many amazing weaving of details we could share and we would be happy to if you would like to contact us directly. Ultimately this is for His glory and not our own. 

We are humbled and feel blessed to even be here in this moment. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Matt, Tiffany, Brayden, Hannah, Sydney, Jeffrey, Michael, and Jackson

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 19, 2015

Posted on April 19, 2015

BIG MAN'S FEEDING TUBE IS OUT!! HE IS WELL ON HIS WAY HOME....We are so thankful he is doing so well!! Praise Him! This also means he will be coming home soon and we have some more funds to raise!!

Posted on April 19, 2015

Posted on April 19, 2015

OVER 10000 raised in 2 days!!! Just incredible. we cannot even begin to express our gratitude. 

Posted on April 19, 2015

Posted on April 19, 2015


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Help Nasons love their TRIPLETS home!!

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