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God has impressed on our family’s heart to adopt an 11 year old boy named Yura. Yura is a unique individual who simply wants a family to share his life with. The purpose for the orphans being brought here to the U.S., is for us to share faith and life with them. We don’t have all the answers, we don’t know where the road will lead us, so we’re asking our friends and family to simply pray for us. Whatever God impresses on your heart. We believe God has His hand on this mission to bring Yura home to us and that He will supply all of our needs according to His riches of His Glory.(Philippians 4:19). Thank you for being a part of this with us and we look forward to the day you can finally meet our son Yura.

James 1:27
Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

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Posted on January 24, 2014

Posted on January 24, 2014

War within....

As many of you know or have seen post about the happenings in Ukraine. There is so much being said.So many families praying for this beautiful country where alot of us have children waiting.Our sons and daughters that we are trusting to be in God's care right now,under his protection, and in his timing put in our families. We have friends there who we have grown to love like family. This country really does need our prayers. 
However, one of my biggest struggles is worry...I have to work on this ALOT. I worry and stress alot. Seeing and reading everything placed me into a panic mode. My greatest fear at this point in my life would be something going wrong and Yura not coming home. I pray for this child DAILY, several times,along with Tyler and Anna. I can honestly say God is teaching me so much through this journey and I have said it much I am NOT in control. I can't control what is being done in Ukraine right now, I can pray,ask for prayer, share post,etc but at the end of the day GOD is in control and eithier I have to trust that or not. The current events were beginning to get the best of me,the devil was wiggling his way in my thoughts and causing so much doubt and fear ,I could not hardly function . I caught myself just constantly thinking and reading about everything that is going on...crying continously...I finally ,with a pep talk from Scott, had to just STOP. Stop reading, and refocus on who my trust lies in! I say it all the time and will continue to say it. God will win the battle, claim the victory,our children are coming home! We dont know when or the trials through the process but God will prevail and to God be all the glory! 
In order to keep focused I have to stay in the word, pray,and I even have little reminders wrote on things in my house ,like "Whom Shall I Fear?" If God is for us, who can be against us? I just wanted to share what I read today that I one else..ME but just in case you are having the same struggles I wanted to share! This is a section from Francis Chan book Crazy Love:
WORRY implies that we don't quite trust God is big enough,powerful enough,or loving enough to take care of what's happeningin our lives.
STRESS says that the things we are involved in are important enough to merit our impatience ,our lack of grace toward others,or our tight grip of control.
Basically, these two behaviors communicate that it's okay to sin and not trust God because the stuff in my life is somehow exceptional.Both worry and stress reek of arrogance.They declare our tendency to forget that we've been forgiven,that our lives here are brief,that we are headed to a place where we won't be lonely ,afriad,or hurt ever again,and that in the context of God's strength ,our problems are small,indeed...Francis Chan 

So to my friends and family ,please continue to pray for Ukraine and trusting God is going to do great things and work this out.Pray as we wait for May to go and bring Yura home.Protection over our adoption process. 

To my adopting families ,that are like a diffrent set of family :) . Don't even give the devil any credit! Keep praying, Keep looking up and keep trusting our children will be home soon!! 

Posted on December 23, 2013

Posted on December 23, 2013

God's Plan...God's Will...God's PERFECT timing

6 months today , is how long it has been since I have seen, touched, hugged,spent time with my oldest son who is waiting on his family in Ukraine. Life has been crazy,hard,busy,but we have been counting the days because we knew it was getting so close. Adoption Fee money is raised, PRAISE the Lord, He always provides, never let money be an excuse for opening your heart and home to a child that needs a loving home, Yura's room is ready, and we were told mid-late January we would be coming to get Yura. I have been spending so much time in prayer ,preparing my heart to leave my kids for 6-8 weeks ,and for the ones that know me, know it's only a call from God that would keep me from them this long. We were ready...ready and waiting for the date to GO!

BUT GOD had a diffrent plan...Friday we received a e-mail at 5:45 am , that caused my world to stop ...My facilitator informed me "I'm sorry to inform you ,but Yura will not be available for adoption until May" WHAT!?!?!?!? WHY!?!?! and the tears started flowing...and flowing and flowing..I could literally feel my heart breaking into. Holidays have been hard but I held on to the Hope I would see him soon,but now 5 more months of waiting....5 MONTHS...I first met Yura in May ,now it will be a year before we go to bring him back. 

After all the breakdowns, and even during them I clinged to God I put this in your hands from the begining , you know best. You can see what I can not and you have paved the way. I can honestly say, during it all ,I have had a peace within. So I will trust and wait ,and focus on the positives! See it will be late May when we go, soooo blessing #1 my kids can travel with us! Maybe God knew my heart could not take a 6-8 week seperation. YES we will be back to the fundraising road to raise their ticket money. Tickets are about 1500.00 per person. We will give you all time to recover from the holidays BUT if you are our friend,our family ,we need your help. We have 5 months to raise the extra money we need help. 

Blessing #2...We have been given permission to suprise Yura on his birthday with a visit. January 7 is his 12th birthday and Ukraines Chirstmas so we will get to have both of these special occasions with him! We are excited and thrilled!!! Please be in prayer as we travel, we will depart from Atlanta Jan. 4 and head to see our son after 6 months. Please pray we choose the right words to say when we have to explain it will be another 5 months and peace and understanding for Yura! We are so happy for this oppurtunity! 

Thanks to all who have shown your love and support through this journey..until you travel have no idea how hard the road is. We keep peace in knowing this is all God's plan! Through the good and the bad ,we give God all the glory and praise and we could not do it without him carrying us through! Praise You In The Storm!!

Habakkuk 2:3 Message Version

And then God answered :" Write This."
Write what you see
Write it out in big block letters
So that it can be read on the run.

This vision-message is a witness
pointing to what's coming.
It aches for the coming-it can hardly wait!
And it doesn't lie.
If it seems slow in coming,wait.
It's on its way.It will come right on time!

Posted on December 20, 2013

Posted on December 20, 2013

Gothard Family Adoption is asking for all you prayer warriors to please say a prayer for us. We have received some very unexpected news early this morning and just seeking God's will,peace and understanding. Waiting on further info but please pray continously as we await our next steps! Even among the storms ,GOD is at work! Thanks! 

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